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    Unit Trusts

    The only reason I know about Afrifocus us because they are one of our white label clients [emoji14]
  2. Used to for short sprints (here a month, there a week or three). Only way I coped was bring young, knowing it wasn't permanent and that there is a bonus waiting. Sent from my LG-V490 using Tapatalk
  3. Go forth and createth thy thread...
  4. That said, I sold mine off and bought NFEMOM instead. They recently changed the underlying index it is tracking and it looks like it could be doing a very good job at identifying quality stocks instead if just looking at the 40/50 largest companies.
  5. CTOP50. Some companies deserve to have a bigger location in your portfolio. Also limited to 10% max weighting.
  6. Bandit

    Unit Trusts

    The woman from Sygnia write an article a while back explaining the fees if unit trusts vs. ETFs. ETF managers are good at selling ETF as cheap but there are other costs to take into account: STRATE, VAT, trading and brokerage costs, investor insurance. These can actually add up to a substantial amount. You also have no guarantee if liquidity even if they have a market maker. When you need to cash out your ETF it could take days for the transaction to complete (my one ETF I cashed out took 3 days, multiple trades and an email to CoreShares). So unit trusts may have management fees but they are a lot less hassle. And if you do your homework and the unit trust us not subject to initial fees or performance fees they may actually be cheaper.
  7. Bandit

    Unit Trusts

    It is relatively new. Buying a top 40 over and above the top 20 is a waste. Lots of duplication and, except for the equally weighted one, most top 40s have the top 4-5 companies making up most of the fund.
  8. Bandit

    Unit Trusts

    Glad to see I'm not the only one thinking this way. I've never really looked at the Sygnia UTs but I'll change that over the weekend Sent from my LG-V490 using Tapatalk
  9. So most of us here are probably ETF fanboys because "justonelap", "tannie Nerina" and EasyEquities being so damn cheap. I'll be honest, I own both ETFs and unit trusts although I've being neglecting the latter. So, the current trend seems to be people bashing them, saying they are too expensive blah blah blah and to a certain degree they are right. Well actually they are very right. Unit trusts have the benefit of you not being the "active manager" and hence probably a lot less stressful to invest in Anyway, whom of you guys own unit trusts, which ones do you own and how have they performed for you? Myself, I make use of Stanlib and I'm invested in they're Multi-Manager All Star Fund of Funds..erm.. fund. I prefer the multi managers - less risk of one guy making a mistake. Had a look and I reckon I'll go talk to my financial advisor and see how I can restructure and avoid/fix some of the duplication I have between my ETFs and unit trusts. I reckon something like their Absolute Income or Aggressive Income fund is also a much better proposition for keeping and building up an emergency fund than say a 32-day notice account (with some more risk but also more growth).
  10. 1. Laptop 2. Monitor 3. Other monitor 4. Mouse 5. Cellphone
  11. DIVTRX and property ETFs aren't doing too badly this year.
  12. You wish for too much. Best bet you have in the current conditions is for EE to get us access to foreign ETFs
  13. I wouldn't use EE for trading penny stocks unless you phone their call centre and talk to a trader. You have no control over the bid/offer. Sent from my LG-V490 using Tapatalk
  14. Am I reading this correctly? Has naspers a company who's share costs almost R3000 only paid out dividends of 480 cents!!!! That is like a 0.16% dividend yield to me that just seems greedy as fck balls. Companies doing well don't need to pay dividends.
  15. I would assume the stronger Rand and the looming downgrade which would weaken it again is the reason.
  16. That's my whole point look at DBXWD we buy DBXWD based on its past performance, but looking at the most recent years it's clear that that past momentum is no more. Point take regardless The reason why we always say that if you do not have 5+ years to wait then shares aren't for you.
  17. Next time you look at the performance graph of a stock do yourself a favour and zoom out so you can see the performance of the last 10-15 years instead of just the last 1-2 years. Sent from my LG-V490 using Tapatalk
  18. I ignored it previously in favour of SWIX (which was a very uninformed mistake my part) but the recent changes they made to NFEMOM makes it look very good, especially since it is rebalanced every month instead of every quarter.
  19. You assume correct. But I'm going to allocate a small portion of it to their gold ETF as well.
  20. Apart from not being able to set your bbid/offer prices, the instant buy and sell has it's perks. I've been trying to sell CTOP50 all day. Only a third of them have sold so far. Damn markets are flat
  21. Hi Hamster, My name is Jono and I am a consultant at The Purple Group. I followed up with regards to your comment and EasyEquities have responded as follows: "We are aiming to leaunch international stocks by the end of this year." Charles Savage (CEO of Purple Group) responded to a tweet recently on the same topic as follows: “We have just been approved as a QI, SA's 1st, took a year but now we can move forward swiftly” The only think we cannot confirm currently is the exact dates of launch. Excited much? Depends on costs and what we'll be able to invest in. Vanguard ETF s? [emoji14]
  22. Screw ZarX, when is EE giving us access to international stocks!
  23. Thoughts on NFEMOM? Looks like it is very heavily weighted in gold mines at the moment but apparently they changed the index they are following which took effect yesterday.
  24. NFGOVI does not a resource ETF make You should be comparing STXRES and GIVRES, no?
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