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  1. You wish for too much. Best bet you have in the current conditions is for EE to get us access to foreign ETFs
  2. I wouldn't use EE for trading penny stocks unless you phone their call centre and talk to a trader. You have no control over the bid/offer. Sent from my LG-V490 using Tapatalk
  3. Am I reading this correctly? Has naspers a company who's share costs almost R3000 only paid out dividends of 480 cents!!!! That is like a 0.16% dividend yield to me that just seems greedy as fck balls. Companies doing well don't need to pay dividends.
  4. I would assume the stronger Rand and the looming downgrade which would weaken it again is the reason.
  5. That's my whole point look at DBXWD we buy DBXWD based on its past performance, but looking at the most recent years it's clear that that past momentum is no more. Point take regardless The reason why we always say that if you do not have 5+ years to wait then shares aren't for you.
  6. Next time you look at the performance graph of a stock do yourself a favour and zoom out so you can see the performance of the last 10-15 years instead of just the last 1-2 years. Sent from my LG-V490 using Tapatalk
  7. I ignored it previously in favour of SWIX (which was a very uninformed mistake my part) but the recent changes they made to NFEMOM makes it look very good, especially since it is rebalanced every month instead of every quarter.
  8. You assume correct. But I'm going to allocate a small portion of it to their gold ETF as well.
  9. Apart from not being able to set your bbid/offer prices, the instant buy and sell has it's perks. I've been trying to sell CTOP50 all day. Only a third of them have sold so far. Damn markets are flat
  10. Hi Hamster, My name is Jono and I am a consultant at The Purple Group. I followed up with regards to your comment and EasyEquities have responded as follows: "We are aiming to leaunch international stocks by the end of this year." Charles Savage (CEO of Purple Group) responded to a tweet recently on the same topic as follows: “We have just been approved as a QI, SA's 1st, took a year but now we can move forward swiftly” The only think we cannot confirm currently is the exact dates of launch. Excited much? Depends on costs and what we'll be able to invest in
  11. Screw ZarX, when is EE giving us access to international stocks!
  12. Thoughts on NFEMOM? Looks like it is very heavily weighted in gold mines at the moment but apparently they changed the index they are following which took effect yesterday.
  13. NFGOVI does not a resource ETF make You should be comparing STXRES and GIVRES, no?
  14. Are you stalking Simon Brown or is it all just pure coincidence?
  15. All my day to day expenses are on the credit card which I settle every month. If you don't have self control though, throw it away.
  16. Doesn't feel like it :/ Still doesn't feel like it :/ Probably a good indication of how I waste my money
  17. Bandit


    not no one is so fanatic about spreadsheets like thor . You catch on quick
  18. https://storebot.me/bot/villagegamebot
  19. I do but only have my girlfriend to talk to on it. Kinda wish everybody would switch. Web interface is also much better for me (no QR bullshiaat). Also, it allows you to code bots which is a massive plus especially for business applications. Need a roboadviser? Find it on telegram and talk to it. One guy actually wrote a game robot Sent from my LG-V490 using Tapatalk
  20. But surely PREFTRX is one of the best income generating funds. Combining that with STPROP for growth plus dividend should do you very well if income is what you are after?
  21. Two alternatives are available to replace the SATRIX DIVIDEND ETF. Firstly, the PROPTRAX TEN ETF (JSE: PTXTEN) tracks the performance of the ten largest and most liquid listed property companies. Secondly, the NEWFUNDS GOVI ETF (JSE: NFGOVI) tracks the performance of the SA Government All Bond Index. STPROP's "dividends" have been higher, no? PTXTEN's dividend yield is at 2.9%, STPROP at 6.9% and PREFTX at 7.2%
  22. "A big fall on the JSE will happen...at some stage...maybe 2017...but we're not sure so we can't give you specifics....but when it happens we'll tell you we told you so" I predict a big rally will happen on the JSE before 2025
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