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  1. Possibly because the Rand recovered
  2. Hard to make a real mistake with ETFs unless you buy into niche ETFs...or resources [emoji14] Personally, apart from NEP I only use ETFs. If you had the following: DBXWD 35% CTOP50 50% PTXTEN 15% ...you would have a very diverse portfolio which is very protected from one share getting too high a weighting (think Naspers and SAB which make up 40% if STXIND alone). You have to remember that this is a long term game. Make a loss over a year means nothing in the long run.
  3. I buy my own phones so basically have a SIM only package: uChoose Flexi 350 from Vodacom. I pay R250pm and get R350 airtime. With that I buy a data bundle and top up with extra cash if need be.
  4. They're not linked to property in the way owning a house is linked to property. They own Malls and office buildings which rely on rent etc. for income. Not sure if they'll crash. NEP for instance owns a lot of Malls in Romania where apparently "mall culture" only recently took off. So looks good to me with my limited knowledge.
  5. Reports coming in that we survived S&P's rating decision. Sent from my LG-V490 using Tapatalk
  6. That is the exact reason why this is appealing to me, you do not have to do the research it has already been done for you by a reputable company. At Least... That is the idea... If you don't know why they picked it, how would you know why they would sell it?
  7. I haven't investigated this myself, but it pretty much looks like the same deal as you going out and buying all those shares yourself based on the recommendation of Emperor Asset Management (owned by same people that own EasyEquities btw). Difference being the cost. Even though you are paying a basket fee I do not see a Strate fee ...or am I missing something? If I had to take a guess, they bought those in bulk and are subsidising the costs or something. Either way, if you fancy those shares you should get it. But if one of those turns out to be a bust you'll need to sell it yourself (unless there is sell basket functionality). Personally I'd skip it. I prefer ETFs which self correct based on a set methodology/rules. A quick glance at those shares: FFB (Fortress Income B) already contains a lot of property shares, most likely all those listed on there already (Redefine, New Europe etc). Those are also available through PTXTEN. Then you have some financials and other dividend paying ones along with gold. The gold you can get through the New Gold ETF they've got there (GLD) and most of the others through a DIVTRX and STXIND/NFSWIX combination. If you are lazy like me and invest long term with no interest in actively managing your portfolio (basically you want to sit back, relax and hope for the best over the next 30 years), then this is not for you. Sent from my LG-V490 using Tapatalk
  8. Dunno about that. At the end of the day it is the actual share available that wins the investor over. No use having life pricing for shares nobody really wants.
  9. Hopefully it breaks the monopoly the JSE has and brings costs down. Maybe one of them will give a big FU to the JSE and provide live prices for free of charge!
  10. Not so sure about Trump's chanced after Hilary went all Iron Lady on him. They did a study of countries that were downgraded to junk in recent times and found they all went into recession afterwards which took them about two years to recover from. As that analyst from Standard Bank said, this downgrade might just be the thing that finally pushes us into recession.
  11. Agreed. Will give ANC "firepower" though to say "hey look at us, we averted junk status"
  12. http://www.moneyweb.co.za/news/economy/d-day-will-sp-decide/ Most seem to be thinking December rather than now. IIRC Simon Brown and Nerina Visser also reckons December.
  13. IMO, yes, just those for now Sent from my LG-V490 using Tapatalk
  14. Removal or moving of them. Im a structured freak and so afriad if I only have two sections it will end in chaos? I would remove them until you have a lot more users. The categories are too granular and makes the forum look empty/inactive. Most topics are covered under investing/trading and general. First grow the community and then the site.
  15. I'll do that if I can think of something else. For now the removal of the excessive sub forums is all I have
  16. Bandit


    The title says it all!
  17. You have a great domain name and potentially something that could take off and become one of the finance forums/resource sites. May I suggest though that you remove most of the finance sub forums and leave only one or two ("general finance" & "trading and investments"). That way you can concentrate the content in those two sections and split out one day when the need arises and you have enough users. Credit cards, debt, loans, budgets etc. all fall under General Finance anyway.
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