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  2. Hi John, For a fee comparison. It depends on the size of of your RA. For lesser amounts, Sygnia, 10X come out tops. Once you hit the R500k mark, Outvest becomes very attractive. However, their TICs are still somewhat unproven. I am sitting back for a while to Does it make more sense to stay with the same provider? Eg, if one has a TFSA with Easy equities, does it make sense to go with Easy Equities. Not for the purpose of fees. However, it does make it somewhat easier from an adminstrative point of view. Less pain in opening multiple accounts with various providers.
  3. So I recently found myself doing a fee comparison between 10x (I am currently with 10x), Outvest, EasyEquities and Sygnia. Results: The cheapest platform depends on your RA value. Outvest is cheapest once you hit +/- R450k Below that Sygnia is typically cheapest. I made my research results freely available in the form of an interactive calculator. Here it is. https://mymoneytree.co.za/calculator/ra/
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  6. If that is correct, LIARS!
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    Bundle/Basket = a combination of ETFs
  8. Here is a helpful interactive calculator which shows the cheapest RAs in SA for different RA values. Calculate here.
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    What's the difference between Bundles on EasyEquities and an ETF ? i find them almost the same if not totally the same.
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  11. Consider that Outvest's Fixed Endowment invests in a 5-year Absa Fixed deposit. From a tax perspective, - income from the Outvest Fixed Endowment will be in the form of interest - R 23 800 interest per annum is exempt from income tax. (R34.5k if older than 65) Endowments are taxed at a flat rate of 30% Their offer thus is interesting if (a) your marginal income tax rate is greater than 30% & (b) you have used all of or a considerable amount of your annual interest exemption at SARS !!! Note: Outvest quotes a simple rate of interest. This really is somewhat misleading. The FSCA should really enfore FSPs to quote nominal or effective rates only.
  12. This is really very nice. However, if you want to make it even better, there is one problem that most people have with home loan calculators (that as far as I know not a single home loan calculator on the internet takes into account), and that is the monthly fee on the home loan. This is NEVER taken into account, although we almost all pay it. I pay R57.50 service fee every month on my home loan, and when I put my actual monthly payment into the calculator, it doesn't take this into account, so the results never balance with reality.
  13. Hello community members, I would like some feedback please. I have created a Home Loan calculator infused by FIRE . You can check it out here https://www.mymoneytree.co.za/calculator/home-loan/ What is it about? - Debt free living! How much do additional payments help me to become debt free? Thanks
  14. The only thing I know about endowments is that 1) they're tax efficient and 2) some people get burnt by the fine print and end up making nothing.
  15. Good Evening fellow investors, I have started my TFSA recently, and have been looking into the outvest fixed Endowment as an additional investment. Does anyone have experience with this investment, or any good 5 year investment options. Thank you.
  16. Yes, and the first and safest place for Rookies like you and me to invest is in our self’s, what do I mean by that: firstly we need to fill up our minds with enough information by reading books, newspapers etc. make sure you made enough research about all the investment options that are out there and pick which one you feel like you will suit you. And please Note that the are pros and cons in every investment option, that’s why is important to read about all investment options.
  17. That is not a bad suggestion. @SimonPB or @Kristia van Heerden do you have a link to the article on Justonelap.com explaining the DCCUSD eft?
  18. Greetings Money has been a cause of concern and i really want to do away with all this anxiety it brings to my day to day. Am always worried of running out but well am not here to vent. Moving on. From my research there are a couple of things i have to get right before i can ensure my finance future. Bank account Savings (Emergency Fund usually then merely savings[a quicker and more accessible sum]) investing The list might not be in its best order nor most detailed form but thats what i know for now(for the sake of this post). Would anyone please assist me with either information and or guidance with these three aspects and also help me on the right path. Tyme Bank would have been my go to bank. Its rates seem lovely. I understand that all the figures advertised may come to change sometime soon and what not but as for now and making a pick, the rate are a good enough starting point. Unfortunately i am not a South African citizen and have even considered other online banks but have not been too luckily finding one that is laid back on the fees and requires to open an account. Any ideas ? I have resorted to FNB EasyAccount(PAYU) and Standard bank(Student Achiever)(am currently a student doing my 3rd year and fear i might not be in South Africa for as much longer to build my savings in a South African bank to then take it out and perhaps suffer hefty fees. Am not sure how this all works but thats why i would like to get an international online bank where that concern is cancelled out) I hope to have my an FNB account forever and hope to bank from wherever in the world with then even later on and hence settled for them and my current EasyAccount before an upgrade to an different account. In the event i save with them(hopefully i do), i feel i have reason to foresee a longterm relationship. Investing, i want to use EasyEquities to make all my investments. They were suggested by Platinum Wealth and hey, i like them. I do not know if its better to have all i save and invest with them or not. Assuming there is a manner of saving i can do with tem in a TFSA. i really dont know how the platform works but i am dabbling in and with information to see what and how far we can go together. i trust that i can get some scrutiny here and get some answers as well. Dont take too long i dont have time. I want to spend it all on the market, i hear thats how you earn anything in the long run Regards PS:I understand it depends on what i dash dash dash lol. Please throw me in the deep end and give me a broad response lol assume everything
  19. From a Recession Perspective - Establishing Currency Safe Havens in anticipation of a global recession.
  20. An alternative would be to buy the FirstRand US Dollar Custodian Certificates ETF (DCCUSD). As far as I understand it, it buys US treasury bonds in Dollars and settles them (as well as the interest) in Rands, so you get the full effect of the fluctuation in the exchange rate on all your money plus the additional interest on bonds, making it slightly more lucrative than investing in the actual dollar.There is an article on it on JustOneLap: https://justonelap.com/etf-understanding-dccusd/
  21. You can't go wrong with Gold. "Gold is God's Money". I had bitcoin but sold it all last year. You don't need to open an account in the USA to own US Dollars. You can go to any of our South African Banks and open a Foreign Currency Account ( except Capitec Bank ). Check out this link: https://www.fnb.co.za/forex/non-resident/foreign-currency-accounts.html
  22. Personally I diversified a little bit into Bitcoin and physical gold. Not sure how to get US dollars without a US bank account (rephrase, to get a US Bank account as a foreigner, it appears I will need to fly to America to open one up.)
  23. Do we still prefer the US Dollar, the Japanese Yen and the Swiss Franc as safe havens for the upcoming Global Recession, as we did in the Global Financial Crisis?
  24. How do fees compare in 10x RA vs OUTvest RA? Does it make more sense to stay with the same provider? Eg, if one has a TFSA with Easy equities, does it make sense to go with Easy RA ?
  25. I don't mind people punting platforms but this is starting to feel borderline paid-for/affiliate advertising. Regardless, nice product. I might consider switching myself
  26. Time for that RA question again. I see Justonelap pushing the OUTvest one, currently set on 10x because that was said to be the best one, now I am all confused again. Additional reading for new members:
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