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  3. Hi all my name is Aman I’m 22 years old and still I’m studying so i want to ask you all that. should i start invest in stocks if yes how much money should invest for start and how i can buy stocks thanks for your suggestions
  4. To be honest, I didn't expect Taste to plummet below 240 cents. I understand they are utilising their capital to restructure their entire firm, but it appears the market does not share their optimism and is selling...?
  5. I thought we only had the JSE and then ZARX, but I see now there is another Stock Exchange, has anyone used CTSE?
  6. I recently installed a geyser timer and I immediately thought this is something everyone who wants to save money should look into. Before the geyser used to run 24/7, then I got into a sort of routine to switch it off at the DB and only put it on for an hour or so when needed, but I often times forget it on. However now, the geyser is on a set time and it only runs for 1 hour a day, cut my electricity usage down a a lot and the less money I can give Eskom the better.
  7. To be honest, I do not like too complicate games. You need too many efforts to proceed in such plots. I prefer casino games. Besides excitement, you always have a chance to win a cash prize. Here is my favorite mobile application for this purpose. The great news is that you can download and install it absolutely free of charge. It works flawlessly.
  8. Warren Bowie & Smith es el punto de encuentro en el que los principiantes y los inversores experimentados pueden compartir su objetivo común para alcanzar el éxito utilizando nuestros valiosos conocimientos de trading.

  9. I lost a huge deal of funds to a devious man I found on the internet. I understand that I should have seen the red flags waving at me prior to the loss of my wallet, I was only trying to make some residual income by investing in these cryptocurrencies but unfortunately I ran in to dubious scammers who whisked away 2.5 BTC from me. I didn't believe it at first until I after 24 hours when they stopped talking to me. I know there are many other people who have fallen victim to these kind of guys who need support, well I found my support in Binaryreap3r @ gmail com ... A honest man who helped me tirelessly to recover all my funds from smart scammers and now I am forever grateful to this man.
  10. How have those been performing for you over the past year ? Whats your plans for 2022 ? I have not made any investments into my tfsa this year yet and need some " grownup advice", I'm still totally wet behind the ears. Any thoughts on either S&P 500, MSCI World or 4IR ? I already have quite a bit in World and 4IR. Would I be better off making a payment into my tfsa and leaving the money in there for a bit to see what the markets do ? I read somewhere about a possible correction coming, so I'm a bit weary. Thanks.
  11. Gold and silver krugerrand coins can be great investments but their secondary multibagger market price often surpasses the coins' face value. These coins have a number of other names including South African gold coin, South African gold Krugerrand, or simply Krugerrand for short. It is the official national coin of the Republic of South Africa and has been since 1967.
  12. Hey guys, hope you are all well and have been surviving COVID. It has been a long time since this thread started, so I thought I would check in.... Today the price is reaching new all time highs again for 2021, currently at $69k for the day. This time last year the price was $16747, so there has been a significant increase in price. Along the way there has been some dips in price too, but overall, the trend is still up. This is the time of the year that we have all bee waiting for since the last halving. In previous bull runs there has been a lot of mania before the blow off top and the crash that follows. So far there is not nearly as much madness and craziness in the market as there was in previous bull runs. This makes me think that there is still more upside to go.... The main question that people are wanting to know is if bitcoin will reach the fabled $100k price this year, end of November / early December.... There are more and more well known people and companies (Tim Cook, Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, Michael Saylor etc), getting involved in bitcoin, which is great, but the real FOMO madness has not started yet. I suspect that if bitcoin breaks $100k, then things are going to get absolutely mental. Every news platform will be broadcasting it, and we will get a ton of new people who want to get rich quick flooding into the market. Have any of you guys dared to get some exposure to bitcoin? The stock to flow model still seems to be holding for now, and if things happen similar to how they have before, the price will overshoot the $100k mark, before a correction. Nothing is certain....but it sure looks like things are going in that direction. The S2F model predicts $100K AVERAGE for this halving period (and based on floor model we reach $100K this yr). S2FX model predicts $288K AVERAGE this cycle. The price needs to get a lot higher to have that high price as an average, so lets see how far it goes. Locally we have for the first time reached a high of R1million per 1BTC in South Africa on 2 November already. This basically means that bitcoin has reached parity with the Rand. There are 100 million satoshis in a bitcoin, and 100 million cents in R1million rand. So lets see how crazy the next few months get, and if the price keeps going up into the new year, or if we peak sooner. Good luck!
  13. Hi, colleagues What do you think about property investment in Dubai? My friends bought a property in this city a few years ago. And now the value of real estate has almost doubled. I compared the prices on the website of a real estate agency in Dubai https://www.axcapital.ae/ Now I have accumulated a certain amount for investment, and I am considering different options. What do u think about this? Are there other investment options?
  14. Greetings all. Anybody here who can tell me why it would so hard to get funding to take over a running business, one thats been operating for 30 years with a well established client base and suppliers. Or someone that can point me in the right direction for applications to get these funds. Regards
  15. Investing in physical gold is always a good idea. It should always form part of your investment portfolio. But, Gold should be a long term investment. Do not buy and sell to make a quick profit. One can never predict the gold price in 5 or 10 years, but it has always shown great growth over the long term. Whenever, or wherever I can snatch up a 1/10th, 1/4, 1/2 or even full ounce at a good price, I do so.
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