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  2. Once you access the bank you access the loan. No banky, no loany.
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  4. How can I access the loan
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  7. /does happy dance: https://www.sharenet.co.za/free/sens/disp_news.phtml?tdate=20191031100000&seq=22&scheme=default
  8. Well, some "big dividends" for PTXTEN came in today - a special final dividend payout up until the date it changed to CSPROP it seems. And this one is substantially larger than last month's payout!
  9. Hi guys. I have an appointment tomorrow morning, to finally get my will drafted. (Free of charge) Just want to say thanks for the help and guidance.
  10. sounds interesting, tnx for the info! I started playing bitcoin gambling online casino syndicate to get some extra coins fast. It's quite entertaining and they give bonuses for new players.
  11. The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has launched the pilot phase of a new business website which aims to significantly improve the ease of doing business in South Africa. https://bizportal.gov.za In a statement on Monday (4 November), Trade and Industry minister Ebrahim Patel said that the Biz Portal means that an entrepreneur will be able to register a business within a day in South Africa, a dramatic improvement on turnaround times of 40 days recorded by the World Bank 2020 Ease of Doing Business Report. The current price for registering a company through the portal is R175. However, Patel said that the Biz Portal was not limited to just registration, and that South Africans will also be able to access several business-related services to help in starting their company. This was done through a collaboration with the South African Revenue Services (SARS), the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) and the Compensation Fund (CF), he said. Patel said that this collaboration means that users will be able to access the following features through the portal: Company registration; Tax registration number; Domain name registration; B-BBEE Certificate; Compensation Fund registration; Unemployment Insurance Fund registration; Business bank account. Currently four major banks are participating on the platform and customers will be able to make a direct payment in relation to the registration services at the end of the transaction, be routed into a safe banking platform to apply for a business account or opt for their personal details to be passed on to a bank of their choice.
  12. Open a TFSA, buy an ETF?
  13. Are there any investments that you think I should invest in? This will be my very first investment. Anyone?
  14. Bandit

    Local ETFs

    Seems like EE handled the corporate action without a problem.
  15. Tnx for the info! I'm sure investing in BTC still will be profitable in the next few years. I found slot games at https://syndicate.casino/en-ca/casino/slots where I can win extra coins while playing. Want to try my luck in the near future.
  16. So as from today, PTXTEN is no more! It is now called Coreshares SA Property Income ETF and has the code CSPROP.
  17. Live Stream The medium-term budget, delivered four months before the main budget in February, outlines government's spending plans over the next three years, and includes projections for the rate of economic growth and the status of public finances. Ministers also use it as an indicator of what can be expected in the main Budget. It does not generally include announcements on new taxes, and none were announced on Wednesday. Mboweni's medium-term budget in a nutshell
  18. I just saw this article about Google planning to acquire Fitbit. The link to the full article
  19. I suppose it is easy for a Capitec client to be impressed... /runs
  20. Took me awhile, but finally figured out how to pull a statement from the app. I setup dropbox on my phone and then created a folder called "Discovery Bank Statements" and via the app I navigate to "documents" and then I export the statements to dropbox and then access them on the PC. One thing I think they did very well is the ability to download "certified" statements. I'm impressed.
  21. Ok so I had some spare time. Browsed through all the SA banks' websites, scraped their fixed deposit rates, read the fine print and converted them to effective annual rates. I have made this research public & now you can see all of SA's fixed deposit rates on offer at https://www.ratecompare.co.za . I plan to update the rates on a monthly basis. Comments welcome for other banks to add or any feedback in general. I hope someone can draw value from this!
  22. I miss the old Bloomberg watchlist.
  23. @Bandit - thanks . Jack has been addressed & now features a light colour.
  24. Very nice, some feedback though: .... I can't see Jack.
  25. Hi all, I recently wanted to compare fixed deposit rates across different banks. I realised that there is no such thing as a quick comparison of the fixed deposit rates. Sites like mytreasury.co.za and hippo.co.za require contact details (& they ended up sales calling me - arghh) & only give a partial view. So I ended up going to each banking website. Some banks quote nominal rates. Others effective (yay for effective annual rates), others simple interest and then others come up with their own terminology. Frustrating. Anyway, it took me a while, but I ended up understanding what the banks are quoting on their website & converted all the rates to effective rates. Here are the results of my findings, which have been made public at www.ratecompare.co.za. Best 3 month rates - African Bank & Discovery Best 6 month rates - African Bank, Discovery, Capitec Best 12 month - African Bank, Sasfin, Discovery Best 2 year - African Bank & SA Retail Bonds Best 3 year Sasfin & SA Retail, Capitec Best 5 year - African Bank, SA Retail and Capitec
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