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  2. Thanks Saurus, most definitely take what you have said into consideration! I like emerging markets but I feel like with most of my exposure to SA I should probably not put as much as I like into them. Doing some research now into the other funds you mentioned!
  3. thanks so much @SaurusDNA
  4. For local ETFs, capital gains, distributions (dividends) and REIT income is tax free. For foreign ETFs, capital gains are tax free, but distributions (dividends) and REIT income is taxed by that country, so the only tax benefit to us within a TFIA is on capital gains. Thus, in order of tax benefits in a TFIA (from biggest to smallest): Local property ETFs have the biggest tax saving Local income ETFs (high dividends) Local equities Foreign equities Foreign income ETFs (high dividends) Foreign property ETFs have the lease tax benefit
  5. "GLODIV has been doing really well lately and is likely to continue. Not so great in a TFIA though as the unpleasantly high foreign withholding tax on dividends negates a large chunk of the tax benefits though, but it still does have excellent capital gains, so maybe still even worth having in a TFIA." are the dividends taxed in a tax free savings account? foreign and local?
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  7. The 70% equities, 20% property and 10% interest bearing is the classic split. But yes, I suppose 10% dividends would make it 80% equities. But there's certainly nothing wrong with 80% equities! I'm torn between STX40 and SMART. I really like a 50/50 split between these two. PTXTEN is now merging with PTXSPY to create a new ETF (tentatively coming into effect from end July 2019). The new one is pretty much the same index as the Satrix STXPRO. Coreshares has promised to lower the relatively high TER with the merge (probably to compete with STXPRO). But you may as well flip a coin here between PTXTEN or STXPRO or watch the TERs once the new Coreshares ETF has settled in. For the dividend ETF, both DIVTRX and STXDIV are decent choices. DIVTRX targets more consistent yields in the longer term whereas STXDIV targets higher yields in the shorter term. And then again, although STXQUA is not strictly a dividend ETF, it's dividends are usually excellent. In my opinion, STXEMG has the most long term potential (although high risk), possibly even more so than tech shares. If you have a bit of appetite for risk, why not do 10% STXEMG, and then leave the ASHGEQ and go for STXWDM and/or S&P500. GLODIV has been doing really well lately and is likely to continue. Not so great in a TFIA though as the unpleasantly high foreign withholding tax on dividends negates a large chunk of the tax benefits though, but it still does have excellent capital gains, so maybe still even worth having in a TFIA. I personally like having a bit of a mix in my ETF portfolio. If I were you, I'd mix it up a little and make it a bit more exciting. What about something like: Local equities: 20% STX40 and 20% SMART Local property: 20% PTXTEN Emerging markets: 10% STXEMG Offshore: 15% CSP500 and 15% STXWDM (or alternatively 10% CSP500, 10% STXWDM and 10% GLODIV) Or if you don't like STXEMG but prefer slightly less emerging markets exposure, but still want some: Local equities: 20% STX40 and 20% SMART Local property: 20% PTXTEN Local dividends: 10% DIVTRX Offshore: 30% ASHGEQ
  8. Haven’t seen a post under here for a while nor have I said anything for a while... Anyways- I’ve decided to give my ETFs some serious thought and this is what I’ve come up with (I’m open to all suggestions). I want my overall exposure to be 70% local and 30% offshore. Then, under both local and international holdings I was thinking about having 70% equities, 20% property and 10% dividends. Or not including the dividends because most of these would be under equities anyways and then having maybe a 80/20 split? For local: Satrix Top 40 and maybe the Coreshares Smart (equally weighted) - I know these are basically the same, but I don’t want over exposure to one share nor do I just want equally weighted, so I thought that mixing the two would give a bit of a better mix. Then for local property Coreshares PropTrax10 And if dividends perhaps Coreshares Aristocrats? International I’m a bit confused about because I’d still like a bit of emerging markets as well. So maybe: 1) Ashburton global 1200 2) Sygnia S&P 500 (I know Ashburton would have quite a few American companies in it already) For international property I’m thinking about Coreshares S&P Global And dividends would be Coreshares again or maybe an ETF from Satrix. Is this too complicated of a mix and should I rather just aim for 1 or 2 ETFs for local and international? I am trying to keep the portfolio moderately simple!
  9. Regarding the mix between global and local shares, let's look at 1) three scenarios regarding the economy, and 2) your personal circumstances: Scenario 1: SA economy collapses: Offshore will do much better - you should have 100% offshore. Scenario 2: SA economy grows, but the Rand plummets: You should have a mix of local and offshore shares - offshore to take advantage of the exchange rate, and local shares because these should still outperform offshore shares due to higher growth. Scenario 3: SA economy grows and Rand does not plummet: Local shares should outperform offshore in every way. Thus, ideally, one should have a mix of local and offshore investments to account for every scenario. That being said, as Bandit has already mentioned, you already have a provident fund with 70% local and 30% offshore. When deciding on your split, you should take the size of your provident fund and your ETFs into account. To summarize: If you have a large provident fund, and small ETF investment: Do what Bandit says and put everything into offshore. If you have a small provident fund (started working for a company late in life) and have a large ETF investment, then go for the 50/50 split of local and offshore. I fall into the latter of these, so my circumstances are different to Bandit's. It's not that we see things differently; it's that our circumstances in life are different.
  10. I would recommend going for broad-based market exposure - not specialized or sector ETFs. For local exposure, my choice would be any one of the following: Satrix Top 40: STX40 (Pure market-cap top 40 index) Coreshares Capped Top 50: CTOP50 (Market-cap top 50 index but capped at 10% for any one share) Coreshares Smart Beta multi-factor: SMART (Smart Beta equally weighted over 6 factors) For offshore, I'd go for either: Satrix World MSCI: STXWDM (Well-diversified global exposure to developed markets) Ashburton Global 1200: ASHGEQ (Well-diversified global exposure to developed markets with some emerging market exposure as well) I understand why Bandit prefers mostly offshore exposure for people who have pension funds, as pension funds typically only have 30% offshore and 70% local (although most of the Top40 local companies have offshore interests included in their portfolios, so it's actually a bit higher than 30%). Thus, global ETFs provide Rand hedge protection and diversification against a possible collapse of the RSA economy. However, I still personally prefer at least half my money in local ETFs because the high inflation in RSA means higher growth locally than global shares. If the Rand plummets, offshore shares will shine and strictly South African shares will be largely unaffected. If the Rand stays okay, then local shares should outshine offshore shares due to the higher growth. If I had to buy only two ETFs, based on what you said in your post, my personal choice would be: Coreshares SMART or Satrix STX40: 50% Satrix global STXWDM: 50% Then, when you're ready to go for a third ETF, I'd add some property (a totally different asset class) - either Satrix STXPRO or Coreshares PTXTEN, ultimately aiming for: Coreshares SMART or Satrix STX40: 40% Satrix global STXWDM: 40% Satrix STXPRO or Coreshares PTXTEN: 20% (Disclaimer: Of the ETFs mentioned in this post, I own SMART, ASHGEQ and PTXTEN)
  11. I haven’t contributed to these in quite a while:
  12. Your provident fund has a lot of SA exposure already. So I personally would look at offshore exposure: 90% STXWDM - tracks the shares of the developed world (USA, Europe, Japan etc). Solid long term investment unless the world goes to shiaat. 10% STXNDQ - tracks the top 100 Nasdaq shares (Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Uber etc). Potentially very good growth (or terrible). Over 5+ years that should deliver decent returns (DISCLAIMER: I won both).
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  14. Hi I’m new to ETFs I have opened an EE account. I all-ready have provident fund etc ... with my co via Alexander Forbs . But would like advice on what two solid long term (5years horizon min)ETFs one should buy and stay with ??? Any advice is appreciated . Thanks Paul
  15. Trading around 20c. Was 5c a few days ago. A take-over or cash injection is in the offing. Traded over R0.5m today. PEMBURY LIFESTYLE GROUP LIMITED (Incorporated in the Republic of South Africa) (Registration number 2013/205899/06) (?the Company?) ISIN Code: ZAE000222949 JSE Code: PEM CAUTIONARY ANNOUNCEMENT Shareholders are advised that the Company has received two formal offers for an equity investment to fund the growth and expansion aspirations of the Company, and/or a convertible loan both containing a commitment to raise additional property funding (?the Offers?). The Company has also been approached by a number of other parties with whom discussions are in different stages. The board of directors will consider the Offers in the following week, after which a further announcement will be made. The outcome of the aforementioned Offers and/or discussions may have a material effect on the price of the Company?s securities. Accordingly, shareholders are advised to exercise caution when dealing in the Company?s securities until a further announcement is made. Johannesburg 19 July 2019
  16. Something is happening. Seems like patience may be rewarded.
  17. GetSavvi Health provides a number of medical cover plans for individuals, spouse and children. There is no joining fees and one can get covered in just 10 plans. Plans offer a number of benefits for the users which include doctors’ visits, hospital cover and dentistry visits.

  18. Hi. Not just yet, but it's on our road-map for release with e-commerce within the second half of this year.
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  20. EOH has announced that a number of its board members have resigned, including Pumeza Bam, Zunaid Mayet, and Rob Godlonton. Bam resigned from the EOH Holdings Board and various other EOH subsidiary boards and trusts with effect from 12 July 2019. She served as executive director for seven years and non-executive director for two years. Executive director and Nextec CEO Zunaid Mayet also resigned from both of these positions effective from the same date. Mayet was at EOH for 10 years and had been a member of the board for the last two years. “In order to ensure a smooth transition, Zunaid will assist with the handover of Nextec by 31 October 2019,” EOH said, “He thereafter intends embarking on a new entrepreneurial venture.” Executive Director and CEO of EOH’s ICT business, Rob Godlonton also resigned from the company with effect from 12 July 2019. “Rob has been at EOH for over 11 years and has been leading the EOH ICT business in South Africa with energy and dedication,” EOH said. “In order to ensure a smooth transition, Rob will assist with the handover of the ICT business by 31 October 2019.” EOH Group CEO Stephen van Coller and Financial Director Megan Pydigadu will assume caretaking leadership roles for the ICT and Nextec businesses on an interim basis, the company said.
  21. Blue Label share price plummets after Cell C letter Cell C recently published an open letter stating that the company would implement a new business plan to improve its current position. CEO Douglas Craigie Stevenson said in the letter that the company faces financial and other challenges, and will implement a new business plan which will simplify its business model. “We have implemented significant austerity measures and have cut costs which do not contribute to revenue-generating activities, including a review of all contracts to ensure alignment with business priorities and a hiring freeze,” he said. “I want to emphasise that Cell C is strategically positioning itself and we are using our best efforts to be a strong participant in the industry, I firmly believe we are on the right track.” Blue Label Statement Following the publication of this letter, the share price of Blue Label Telecoms – Cell C’s biggest investor – has plummeted by just under 10% as investors grow concerned over the state of the mobile operator. Blue Label Telecoms has published an announcement attempting to placate investors in the wake of the Cell C letter, stating that “no material concerns or issues have been uncovered as a result of Cell C’s new management”. “In anticipation of the transaction resolving the liquidity position at Cell C, and launching the new, improved operating model, Cell C’s management and board are ensuring that Cell C is sufficiently geared to run the business as required,” Blue Label Telecoms stated. “Blue Label and the Buffet Consortium are fully apprised of Cell C’s drive to effectively and efficiently utilise all of its network, technology and human capital assets, and are supportive of management’s initiatives.” Blue Label said it is looking forward to advising shareholders on the progress of transactions, which it said are currently at an advanced stage. From the mybb article: https://mybroadband.co.za/news/business-telecoms/313167-blue-label-share-price-plummets-after-cell-c-letter.html
  22. Yea, it looks like that, just wish could change banking info online, argh... to think to go to a SARS branch just ruins your mood, haha
  23. Wait so you don't have international banking capabilities
  24. If I remember correctly that is to setup a debit order (I think?)
  25. @Platinum Wealth Thanks, yea I was hoping there was an option, there is some kinda option for bank details but not sure what that is about.
  26. How long does it take to get a refund? I got my ITA34 on 2019/07/03 yet still no refund. Will SARS pay interest on the money they owe me? @Shirou you can try via E-mail, but I had to go into a branch 2 years ago. (No way to do it via the website as far as I know.)
  27. iTransact.co.za has quite a number of etf listed
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