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  1. a portfolio in otherworld's? BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Sounds like you are looking for an ETF...
  3. No, not really, but figured what the heck, this is their "winning" strategy, so might as well try it. But now with everything being separate, I'll just sell whatever whenever as I'd much rather clean up my screen. And incur costs. See, this why that basket is such a kark idea unless you are prepared to manage it yourself. I don't see the point unless you can trim it down to whatever you want and get it for a better cost. Their "winning strategy" involves selling as well.
  4. Waiting for that as well. Wonder if it will be the Black Rock ones or if there are others coming.
  5. Did you even want all of the shares in the basket?!
  6. Would seem so. There is SBAOIL you can try.
  7. Indeed he doesn't. To be honest, if I prefer CTOP50 over it because I don't like one share getting such a high weighting (especially in an ETF designed to prevent it). At the moment though it is paying off but I'm watching it. MAPPSG though is still very good for somebody starting out and "scared". FNB's Share Saver is another option (where I started): Top40+MidCap
  8. OILRMB? Sent from my LG-V490 using Tapatalk
  9. It is good if you combine it with some DBXWD. But if you only ever invest in a single share on the JSE, MAPPSG (and later MAPPSP) is the way to go IMO. 75% of it is equities (NFSWIX, which I own). The only problem is that if you combine it with DBXWD your exposure to bonds etc become a lot less (20% of 50% of portfolio for example). You could always go do it yourself and get those bonds through separate ETFs (NFILBI and NFGOVI). More costs but greater control. This also allows you to swap out NFSWIX for STXIND or CTOP50 or whatever "local equity" ETF you prefer. Also worth noting that MAPPSG is a total return ETF meaning dividends etc. are automatically reinvested for you, which is a very nice feature because that is exactly what you should be doing when looking for growth.
  10. Ja nee... Sent from my LG-V490 using Tapatalk
  11. Recession to the average guy = potential of losing his job/less work.
  12. Bandit

    Your TFIA/TFSA

    TFIA's to me is an option between EasyEquities and ABSA. If memory serves ABSA's is cheaper if trades are more than R10k. EasyEquities have the benefit of fractional shares which means almost all the funds in the account can be invested whereas ABSA only trades in full shares meaning some money is always left over after a trade. It is minimal but could make a difference. You can't really go wrong with either of them. Easier to open an account on EE though.
  13. PTXTEN already contains NEP and ROC (10% each) so why bother buying them at all? Sent from my LG-V490 using Tapatalk
  14. Bandit

    Your TFIA/TFSA

    I use Easy Equities, might switch to ABSA come November. Made up of: DBXWD (33.3%) - offshore and Rand hedge STXIND (33.3%) - local and offshore, historically good growth and some dividends DIVTRX (33.3%) - dividend focussed and showing great growth. Also gives me exposure to equities not in STXIND so more diverse. I try to allocate my R30k as soon as possible instead of R2500 pm. As far as growth goes ...I made some silly mistakes (sold at a lost, missed out on recovery) but recently recovered. I now sit at a nice and round 0% growth Sent from my LG-V490 using Tapatalk
  15. So we're in our second year of Tax Free Savings/Investment Accounts being available. Would be interested to know what everyone is doing with theirs: their holdings/savings, strategy etc.
  16. I think 45% property is way too much and would push it to more than 15% at our age. With that said, some reckon it is a good start to just go full R30k PTXTEN in your TFIA because of the dividend tax you'll save in the long run (which you'll need to reinvest for growth). I went DIVTRX for similar reasons but only R20k.
  17. Let's hope it is a sign of good things to come. I have this knack for pushing lump sums on highs and then watching it all crash :/
  18. Check these: http://proequitymanagement.co.za/ http://www.ultimatrades.com/ Best part is if you go to Latest News > Fin24
  19. I'm not an expert at all so best do your own research. The normal top 40 uses market cap for weighing shares. Most of the big shares are dual listed (available on JSE and others like LSE etc). Most of their shares are not available to us mere mortals because they are owned by directors, holding companies etc. Another result of this is that one holding company can own most of the shares on the JSE so effectively you may have the same people making strategic decisions on them. So, SWIX basically looks at the amount of all the shares available to us (the previously mentioned mere mortals) and uses that as the weighting metric. It's not perfect (I own it) and if I could restart right now I would seriously consider the CTOP50....not that it is better, but it might be. Personally I stay away from regular top 40s and the equally weighted top 40.
  20. Bwhahaha!!! When I first read mybb earlier I thought mybroadband
  21. Yes. But the best part of it is that any one share is limited to a 10% weighting. Another one to consider is NFSWIX (or one of the other SWIX ones).
  22. http://www.platinumwealth.co.za/forum/showthread.php?tid=25&pid=117#pid117 ? Don't be rash. Why sell? Just buy others instead of DBXWD instead?!
  23. Well they take your money and invest it in international stock markets as Pounds, USD and whatever else. So yes, it is very much linked to the Rand. That's the reason, in my opinion, you should be rebalancing your portfolios to favour local/Rand denominated shares. Unless of course you believe we are heading for Zim 2.0.
  24. Why vbulletin? What are you using now?
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