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  1. I ****ing love Clear Access. 24/7 support and I can count on my one hand the amount of times we've had real issues.
  2. Well, you've had 2 three years to kill off one of your debt burdens (SAA) and use that money to fix your electricity problem and also allow IPPs to feed back into the grid. But no, let's dick about. Well, there you have it. Retards.
  3. Trying to. Usually not a problem but usually I don't have electricity supply problems.
  4. Yeah, too late to sell now. If you're still in you've made your bet and best to ride it out. I do wish I paid more attention (the curse of passive investing) else I would've cashed out earlier and bought government bonds. By the time I woke up it was already inflated.
  5. Bandit

    Morts Intro

    How are your friends on the JSE treating you? Encouraging you to buy and taking all your money or telling you to stay out and let the whole thing burn first.
  6. Bandit

    RA vs SA ETF's

    So an update - when the markets started crashing again I cashed out everything I could (TFSA, other ETF portfolios etc). It may not be the smartest move but given that I don't do this professionally, don't watch the markets all day, use 15 min delayed pricing and have the exact opposite type of people also trying to take my money I thought it best. Let stuff settle and then we'll get back in even if it means losing out a bit. What I could not do anything about is my RA. Luckily I cashed out my pension recently when I changed jobs, but to tell Allan Gray to convert my entire RA to cash would probably mean filling out a form, emailing it, make a follow up telephone call etc. if it is even an option. Net result - my RA is down 16%. It is a lost cause, by far the worst investment I ever made and I'm sitting here wondering if it is even worth it to continue with it. I'm confident I can make up 16% by myself when the time is right using offshore bonds, ETFs etc. but to get an RA with 70% SA shares to to recover by 16% - sounds like a long drawn out and "be patient" affair.
  7. And I see some platinum miners have made some kind of breakthrough which means it can be used in the auto industry instead of palladium, so that might trigger a price surge.
  8. Palladium just took a noise dive while I was sleeping. The one day you are up almost 20%, then next you are down almost 20%...
  9. **** poor management and the Saudis? Although I reckon OPEC was just the straw that broke the camel's back.
  10. R44.80 now.... I have like R500 left over in my one account due to a mis timed cancelled debit order. So I reckon once Sasol reaches 9c...
  11. One is kinda tempted to try and catch this knife EDIT: Geez, when you see a share lose 70%+ you think damn that's rough, but it's not until you zoom out really far that you see "oh shiaat, we're back at mid 95-2001 prices. Two decades of growth - gone.
  12. Imagine it ends up delisting...
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