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  1. Bandit

    Discovery Bank Account

    All the other banks breathed a sigh of relief. Apparently whites hold all the money in SA and after that I'm sure most won't rush to open an account. Funny thing though: there is white outrage (and f*cking rightly so) on Twitter but I do not see blacks taking joy in it or slamming the whites for being "racist" etc. Anyway, I just finished moving my life insurance to them not too long ago but in the past I've felt like moving my medical aid away from them. Won't do any knee jerk reaction but the case for exploring alternatives is much stronger than before where Discovery was seen as the defacto standard. Deep inside me I feel "filthy" knowing I'm helping to fund a company with racist policies - whether those policies come from a place of them trying to do something good or just a political cheapshot (bets on getting more black customers and get the whites anyway despite their outrage).
  2. Bandit

    Discovery Bank Account

    Now, if FNB doesn't penalise me via my home loan interest rate for moving my salary deposit to another bank and Discovery doesn't get weird with Vitality requiring a blood test to get a better interest rate, then I might move banks after being with FNB for years. But we'll wait and see...
  3. Bandit

    Thoughts on Bank Zero

    You can thank Bankserv for that
  4. Bandit

    FNB eBucks

    I can tell you this: The more you spend the more eBucks you earn I've cut my spending by quite a bit and my eBucks *just* barely covers my banking fees atm. Some guys really get into it and earn a ton of them every month. Chasing eBucks reward levels can be a financial death trap, let me explain: To earn enough points (not eBucks) a month to reach the higher levels you need to meet certain criteria. Some are good (have x amount in investments accounts), some are easy (make sure you update your contact details) and other are pure evil (make use of your overdraft... WTF?!). So my "advice" would be this: Pick a bank that works for you. FNB is a great bank, everything is convenient, features like cardless cash withdrawals, nav >> Home/Vehicle etc. become essentials. Fees are important but put it into perspective: what is R100/R200 really? Investec is overkill but really, FNB gold/premier is great. NEVER CHASE LOYALTY POINTS. They're a nice extra.... just let it happen. Besides, the only thing I really do with my eBucks is buy lotto tickets.
  5. Bandit

    FNB eBucks

    Anybody else noticed a drop in eBucks earnings the last two or so months?
  6. Bandit

    Black Friday 2018: The best deals in South Africa

    I have it on VERY good authority that Bidorbuy's link will be: http://bidorbuy.co.za/dotw/11411/BlackFriday
  7. Bandit

    Black Friday 2018: The best deals in South Africa

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halogen_oven It was made to cook chicken! It's basically a table-top convection oven. Uses a halogen light for heat and air to bake/"fry" your food. No oil, nothing. Wife and I are on our third - both of us had older ones and then we got this bad boy (but I see the price is significantly less atm): https://www.pricecheck.co.za/offers/80927182/Homemark+Milex+Hurricane+Air+Fryer EDIT: It's loot running a special: https://www.loot.co.za/product/milex-hurricane-air-fryer-11-litres/czzd-5756-g990
  8. Bandit

    Black Friday 2018: The best deals in South Africa

    Skip the air fryer and get a halogen oven instead. Some of the more expensive ones like Milex's are called "air fryers" as well. Either way, it is the best thing you can buy for your kitchen. ...and then get the slow cooker. But skip the Air Fryer (Philips one?) and skip the pressure cooker (if you were so inclined as to get one).
  9. Bandit

    XBOX One vs Nintendo Switch

    If they were older they'd have suggested the PS4
  10. Bandit

    What effect will financing a vehicle have on my home loan

    Made no difference when I applied for my home loan. You list your monthly costs etc, they check how much disposable income you have left and if enough you get the loan (depending on other factor of course).
  11. Bandit

    What effect will financing a vehicle have on my home loan

    Why would this be any different from having a financed car while applying for a home loan? I stand corrected but it will only be relevant when it comes to the affordability calculation.
  12. Bandit

    JSE nears worst monthly performance in 10 years

    I've stopped buying SA ETFs altogether and sold them all (except for RA and pension). Last I checked STXQUA was down more than what it gains in a good year. Personally, I've got no faith in the JSE for the foreseeable future (this might mean you should buy because the opposite of what I plan for always happens).
  13. Bandit

    Satrix Momentum ETF

    EE definitely had an impact on the industry in the same way Cell C disrupted data bundle prices about 8 years ago. We thank them for it but that doesn't buy loyalty.
  14. Bandit

    Satrix Momentum ETF

    I had to go fetch my "log" of the EE issues: 2016: Charged extra fees on ETFs they shouldn't have. Refunded clients after clients complained. 2016: Amount of shares in portfolio was less that trading statements showed it should be. 2017: Charged extra fees on ETFs they shouldn't have. Refunded clients after clients complained. 2017: Screwed up a corporate action and inflated the holdings of their "yousers". They only realised their mistake two months later. 2018: Processed dividend reinvestment a month late causing some users to have a zero balance. If they were a bank they'd get the full brunt of it from their clients, but I assume shares are a "foreign" concept for most so they get away with it. It's an appalling track record and just shows how manual (another assumption) their system really is.