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  1. https://techcentral.co.za/jse-now-has-a-listed-cannabis-stock-as-labat-turns-to-pot/92357/
  2. JSE: LAB https://www.google.com/search?q=jse:+lab&tbm=fin Got some for 58c. Will probably go up in smoke but might reach a very nice high.
  3. Bandit

    JSE Top 40 Data

    Unless you collect it yourself or ask somebody like Patrick at InvestorChallenge who maybe has it (via an ETF like STX40), you'll unfortunately have to ask the JSE... ....and the JSE doesn't do anything unless you pay them: https://www.jse.co.za/content/JSEFormsItems/Historical Data Order Form.pdf https://www.cmegroup.com/market-data/third-party-data-johannesburg-stock-exchange.html
  4. You can buy half a pure bred Chihuahua from a breeder for R1499.
  5. Bandit

    FNB eBucks

    Use your credit card when shopping and paying for stuff and settle it at the end of the month. If you are buying something online, for example, you often have the option of paying via EFT. If you do you'll get no eBucks for it. Use your credit card for everything. You can maximise earnings even more by getting revolving loans and overdrafts. Don't fall for it - no debt trap is worth more eBucks.
  6. I was just "stirring" Friendships and relationships take heavy strain between 25-35.
  7. This is cool. Although I doubt it'll work for us - it looks bigger than the Chihuahua
  8. I'll settle for a better interest rate on my car or home loan...
  9. Paul Hjul in the house! How's DJ? EDIT: ...
  10. I have both although I may not have given Discovery a fair chance with regards to rewards so far. But that doesn't matter because their service just isn't even close to FNB. I'm sure they'll get there in time but so far Discovery Bank has been a massive waste of time for me. It's funny because people used to say eBucks is complicated - wait until you try Vitality Money. It's all relative to spend etc. but I'm on level 5 eBucks and get about R500 worth of it back every month without doing anything special. I can more than likely maximise it and get exponentially more every month but I don't go chasing rewards for the sake of good financial habits (overdrafts, revolving loans etc). Anyway, I can tell you this: If you don't fully commit to Discovery then don't bother. FNB's app and integrated services are light year's ahead. FNB's support is better I'm more than likely cancelling my Discovery card as soon as I can figure out how... So my vote is FNB + Tyme over any other banks in South Africa.
  11. Didn't think about that... ok fine, you'll do
  12. Competition time! https://bidorbuy.co.za/birthday
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