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How to Invest: The Beginner's Guide
Emergency Fund 101

How to Build an Emergency Fund

An emergency fund should be set up before you start investing. Use a 32 Day Notice Account + Credit Card if possible. Do not use a TFSA for emergencies, ever. Share your emergency fund strategy with us here. What Exactly Is an Emergency Fund? An emergency fund is simply money you’ve set aside for unexpected […]

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Investing on the JSE

How to Invest: A Tutorial For Beginners

The only way to attain financial independence is by saving and investing for the long run. The goal is to put your money to work for you through a diversified collection of investment vehicles. Starting a successful investment journey and structuring a long-term plan requires that you should at least know the basics of investing so you […]

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Capitec PE ratio

Capitec’s PEG

The badly researched report on Capitec by Viceroy has left the share trading at a significant discount. Following its immensely successful criticism of Steinhof, Viceroy’s report on Capitec was underwhelming, to say the least. Capitec’s CEO and many analysts have come out in strong support of the share – saying there is nothing wrong with […]

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