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How to Invest: The Beginner's Guide
Capitec PE ratio

Capitec’s PEG

The badly researched report on Capitec by Viceroy has left the share trading at a significant discount. Following its immensely successful criticism of Steinhof, Viceroy’s report on Capitec was underwhelming, to say the least. Capitec’s CEO and many analysts have come out in strong support of the share – saying there is nothing wrong with […]

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The 4th Acceleration of the S&P 500

The Bigger Fool

On 18th December last year, we wrote an article about the acceleration of the S&P500 index called “The 3rd Acceleration”. In that article, we drew attention to the remarkable acceleration of the S&P500 index since the beginning of 2017 and especially since September 2017. We identified three trendlines, each one steeper than the previous one. […]

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