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  1. Capco is on my radar. With no bottom in sight yet this will be a uneducated gamble I buy gold and lots of it, so uncharted territory, but I don't see it falling to below R50 if it does I will run away.
  2. I think we will break the $1400 barrier come December
  3. I would stay very clear from this. It has no bearing on real crypto currencies, it's simply a ploy to fool people. http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php/823051-PIPCOINS
  4. Okay, but if the app could do all this behind the scenes...and just give the results...then it could be cool exactly
  5. Tried it. It's not really convenient on mobile and does not give you a digest of info just a bunch of similar images.
  6. I like the idea. I want to scan a cover of a book and then the app must show me: Rating #/10 Price in ZAR Best 3 Reviews
  7. Good day to be a Pirate! Arrrr.
  8. @780 cents ... I want to take a plunge and buy.
  9. Investors looking to profit from the Brexit referendum – no matter the outcome – should bet on a jump in gold volatility, according to a note from Societe Generale who say the metal will surge in the event of a vote to leave and fall if the result is for the status quo. The precious metal was trading at $1265.71 an ounce at 6:30am ET, down more than $30 in the last three sessions. It is certainly not just gold that will move, as markets in London are bracing for what could be a wild ride in everything from foreign exchange to stocks following the referendum result. http://www.moneyweb.co.za/news-fast-news/five-things-need-know-wednesday-3-8/#.V2pykZt12OI.twitter
  10. Good luck on your NEP this week, should be a good week. Hopefully.
  11. Careful not to create a "brand" difference between the forum and the facebook page. You do not want users to feel the two is NOT related. Either way I liked and shared it! Lets make this thing grow.
  12. I use a scale, the more my gold weighs the more I am worth.
  13. This prof made a bit of a mistake trying his luck here.
  14. Ahoi, Mayties! JSE:HAR JSE:SGL JSE:CFI
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