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    Platinum Wealth is a leading financial forum with an eye on the future of our country and the citizens of South Africa.  Even though the era of trading exclusively with physical goods is in the distant past, we as a civilization have always looked for new ways to prosper. Simply put, ways to get a better deal.  To have more, for less.  At Platinum Wealth we have created a bigger platform for you to do exactly that - a connected network of your peers giving the tips and tricks that have helped them reach their financial and investment goals.

    From personal finance and creating wealth, to financial news and small business, we cover it all at Platinum Wealth.  Pose your money and investment questions in our money and investment forums, we'll make sure they get answered.  We want to guide a new generation of money conscious readers.  We are here to share tips and practical knowledge that will help you live large without sacrificing your financial independence.

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      As the value goes up, heads start to swivel and skeptics begin to soften. Feel free to talk about anything and everything related to Bitcoin.

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      A decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime.

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      Everything related to active and upcoming ICOs. An unregulated means by which funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency venture.

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    The mission of Platinum Wealth is to create an Investor Culture in South Africa by equipping fellow South Africans with the knowledge and means to invest for their future today; taking control of their money and enabling a life full of wealth and prosperity. We work closely with Finance companies to ensure relevant, up to date content and answers are always available. We are proudly South African, presented by South Africans for South Africans. Be part of our Finance and Investment Forum it costs nothing and the returns last a lifetime. 

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    • South Africa’s economy is strained, unemployment and crime are extremely high, policing is ineffective and the public service is dysfunctional. Francois Venter was involved in drafting the country’s transitional 1993 and final 1996 constitutions. Since then, he has researched comparative constitutional law and theory. He believes the outcome of the 2024 general election, which culminated in a multiparty government, provides an opportunity to address the country’s problems through applying the constitution properly. South Africa’s constitution is highly regarded. What’s wrong with its implementation?   Find the article here: https://theconversation.com/south-africas-new-unity-government-must-draw-on-the-countrys-greatest-asset-its-constitution-232999
    • Twenty-seven percent of South Africans regard their family, friends and colleagues as the most valued channel for personal financial advice. This is according to the latest FNB Retirement Survey, which captures the viewpoints of more than 1 000 people across age groups, including retirees. The research delves into various aspects of the retirement sphere, including the different sources of advice people consult for their finances. These are social circles (family, friends, colleagues), online media (like Google), banks, social media, investment companies, financial planners, newspapers and magazines, human resources at employers, insurance brokers, and retirement fund consultants.   read the full article here: https://www.moneyweb.co.za/news/south-africa/south-africans-most-trusted-source-of-financial-advice/
    • Cape Town, South Africa – In a startling incident that highlights the ever-present threat of cyber fraud, a senior member of the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI), Dr. Cleeve Robertson, recently fell victim to a sophisticated phishing scam, losing R150,000 of his own funds. This proves the saying that attackers only need to succeed once, but you need to be vigilant 100% of the time.   This cautionary tale serves as a critical reminder for business owners to bolster their own cyber defenses.   Last week, while in a routine meeting with his CIO, Dr. Robertson received a call from his bank's Fraud Department. The call flagged several suspicious transactions to several online retail outlets in another town, despite the executive being in Cape Town and his bank card in his own possession. Dr. Robertson confirmed that the online transactions should be declined. Moments later, another call came in, purportedly from another individual in the fraud department within the bank, asking him to verify the transaction cancellations through a one-time PIN (OTP) the bank would be sending to his phone number. Trusting the caller, after receiving confirmation of several items of personal information, he provided the OTP PIN, thinking the issue was resolved. Despite these transactions being completely out of character with his account, the bank did not flag and stop them.   However, both he and his CIO soon felt uneasy about the sequence of events. Upon checking his bank account, they discovered the entire remaining balance was gone, totalling R150,000. This devastating incident is a stark reminder of how easily one can fall prey to cyber fraud.   Such scenarios are alarmingly common. Just recently, The BIG ISSUE, a publication often sold at Cape Town traffic lights, lost almost R600,000 from their business bank account in a similar phishing incident. Attackers use social engineering tricks to gather sufficient personal information to illegally access the bank accounts of individuals and businesses alike. It has been proven that it is insufficient to simply train staff once. Untrained staff without regular security testing pose a significant risk to business security and, of course, their own personal bank accounts as well.   How SuperShield Works:   In response to this incident, both the NSRI and The BIG ISSUE have signed up with SuperShield to protect their staff and digital assets from similar threats. SuperShield offers a robust cybersecurity service that performs simulated cyber attacks against staff members on a regular basis. At just R30.00 per staff member per month, it strengthens the ‘Human Shield’ and quickly changes people’s attitude towards cybersecurity.   After registration, the NSRI uploaded a CSV file of all staff members, and each one gets access to the course material and the online test.   But this is not just an ordinary training course. Importantly, the simulated phishing attempts on staff members are performed using clones of the latest online scams, keeping everybody vigilant. This helps identify employees who, despite the training, still click on dangerous links or share sensitive information. Staff members who fall for one of these simulations are marked as High Risk and must revisit the course and redo the test in order to reinstate their low-risk status. Because management at NSRI can see the results of the simulated tests on their SuperShield dashboard, it completely changes the attitude of participants when it comes to screening unsolicited emails, SMS, voice, and other communications.   The SuperShield management dashboard also ranks the organization against other businesses using SuperShield. This feature helps management understand their cybersecurity standing and easily identifies individuals who may be their weakest links.   Impressed by the effectiveness of the SuperShield program, both the NSRI and The BIG ISSUE have also become affiliates. By signing up through one of their links, you can protect your own staff and digital assets, fulfilling company fiduciary duty while supporting the NPO through using their link to register.   To register, use either supershield.co.za/aff/NSRI or supershield.co.za/aff/BIG.
    • Tourism contributes a tremendous amount to our economy, especially in those areas with attractions well-known around the world.   But the increasing frequency of extreme weather events is having an effect on this money spinner, and will continue to do so into the future.   Our coastal areas have borne the brunt of changing weather patterns when it comes to the impact on especially international visitors.   Motheo Khoaripe gets some insight from tourism specialist Lee-Anne Bac, director at consulting firm BDO South Africa.   Bac cites the disruption caused by recent and current weather events, using KwaZulu-Natal coast and the Western Cape as examples.   Listen to full article here: https://www.primediaplus.com/2024/07/11/how-extreme-weather-events-are-disrupting-tourism-in-sa
    • Law and order must be maintained in order for South Africa’s economy to flourish, as crime stifles business confidence and general confidence in the country, trade union Solidarity maintains in its new Economic Recovery Plan for South Africa.   Solidarity published its recovery plan this week, with enforcement of low and order one of its five top priorities along with infrastructure maintenance and development, lighter and predictable personal and commercial taxation, a stable currency, and a well-educated workforce.   “Nobody develops wealth if there is too great a risk that it will be taken away from them. It does not matter whether it is the state or other people who take wealth away. Crime stifles business confidence and general confidence in the country. The fact that almost nothing has been done to act on the findings of the Zondo Report proves that the government is not serious about fighting corruption,” the report states.   There must be consequences for crime, Solidarity believes, as violent crime in particular makes it exceedingly difficult to market the country as a tourist attraction. Businesspeople will then also be reluctant to visit the country.   Read the full article on: https://www.protectionweb.co.za/state-security/maintaining-law-and-order-a-key-part-of-solidaritys-plan-for-sas-economic-recovery/
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