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Remember you can access the forum through out app too, http://bit.ly/JSE-Finance-App
Do any of you own some international ETFs via EasyEquities? I am looking at iShares or Vanguard ETFs
crypto or JSE etf market?
Whats good in the ETF market?
Hello hodlers
Lol -> check http://telkom.co.za/ (hello world)
The site should be super snappy now, made some core changes to better take advantage of php 7
Multichoice won't be here in 10 years unless the ANC regulate online content and prevent Netflix.
How about they drop their pricing by 50%, drop 80% of their content and focus on streaming.
On another note, am I the only one laughing at Multichoice weezing like a dying animal while bitching about "Netflix...internet...unfair"
OR... just go test drive the new Swift. Don't bother with the auto (it's a "automatic manual" anyway)... if you don't have a smile on your face there is something wrong with you :p
Not sure about your budget, but give the Mazda 2 Dynamic (one spec up from base) a look. The automatic is great. All she added extra was smash and grab and leather seats.
Mmmm might need to wait off then, I currently drive a 2007 Toyota Corolla and boy is it a guzzler
Wife's Mazda 2 is pretty much the best car for the money you pay I've ever seen so if it ends up being even lighter on fuel I cannot imagine why I'd pick a Ford/Honda over it
Mazda, however, is bringing out a new engine next year in the Mazda 3 (I think) that is apparently 40% more fuel efficient
Swift has a 1.2 litre engine and also a very light car - 800kg abouts. Makes for very economical fuel figures
Sips fuel.
All depends on how you drive but your diesels are the lightest. The Kadjar is a heavier car/suv but it still gets 5.5l/100 average
Ideally I would like to look at electric, but it seems South Africa is about as backwards as it gets when it comes to green and green energy, there is massive taxes on electric cars.
I am looking at getting myself a Ford Fiesta -- apparently it's the lightest car in the country in terms of fuel usage?

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