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Ii still sleep with my door unlocked though... So that is nice.
Just so much bigger that "more shiaat" happens
Very blindly, JHB is safer than CPT
I don't want to begin digging I feel safe in the Western Cape, playing it blindly.
I'm sure if I search there will be more f*ed up things that happened but WTF! That taxi was shot at at 3pm.... 15 mins before my fiance drives past that exact corner
2. guy shot a taxi with an AK-47 before getting on a bike and speeding away
1. 2 cash in transit vans bombed and raided
The downside of living in the Twitter era is that we now here about all the shiaat that happens around us every day. Yesterday, in JHB alone (and not in the sticks, in town/suburbs):
I would go with bug
Nah it affected my bank balance... So I wonder now if this is a bug or intentional?
As long as it is just a visual bug
Given their track record, that wouldn't surprise me
I am seeing something strange on EasyEquities Their broker commision is the exact same price each time as what the Security Transfer Tax and Administration is. It feels like a bug?
Mmmm, @bandit is thecommunty down?
I mean, they're ETFs are amongst the best and if you list them they almost look like the "all stars": SP500, CTOP50, PTXTEN, GLPROP, GLODIV, DIVTRX
So if you are happy with the CoreShares ETFs and in it for the long haul with scheduled debit orders then I don't see why not
Cheaper than ABSA though and after recent events, why would anyone but active traders touch ABSA at all?
Biggest drawback was cost - there is a certain point where they become cheaper than EE but I think it was if the trade amount exceeded R10k
I remember doing the math and found that bug on ShareForum when they started
Mmmm, I will need to check them yea, forgot you can buy directly from them.

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