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2018 is shaping up to be a good year - What SA stocks will benefit the most from a strong rand?
This time around anyway Big Grin
Property ETFs are the bomb!
Dividends are life
Fsck I love dividends. Not that the TFSA generates a lot yet, but that feeling when money just randomly appears in your account
The only local exposure I have is via NFEMOM - hoping they will catch the swings on my behalf.
So slightly more offshore than local
10: emerging markets, 40: developed world (50: offshore), 35: SA quality, 15: SA property (50: local)
Well if it helps at all, I split my TFSA 50:50 between offshore and local. I know, it sounds like a decision an n00b would make BUT
I have a feeling SA will outperform the global market in 2017, so I've been toying with increasing my local exposure in the short term, but I'm worried about falling into the trap of buying near the top, while some ETFs like emerging markets are still cheap. Aah, if only we knew in advance how the market would behave...
Luckily, one day when we switch our TFSA's to income generating assets we we'll stick to the SA stuff for high interest and dividends :p Sad
Sheesh, that is not so nice. I see on mine as well, some nice dividends but also some not-so-nice withholding.
SYGWD: R180 dividend, - R80 for foreign tax
Just shows you how having offshore exposure in a TFSA is not the greatest when it comes to dividends
Long term... erm... no
For my small equity experiments, sure
After three years of maxing out my contributions the value of it is becoming sizeable and I'm really not THAT comfortable with having such "big" amounts on EasyEquities
And here I am hoping Gigabyte will allow us to transfer our TFSA's so I can go to Allan Gray
i see easyE has RA's now

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