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Question two of that report is one I agree with - "2. Do Capitec believe extending new loans to consumers who were only one day prior in arrears is both socially and financially sustainable?"
Viceroy’s open letter to Capitec is now live $CPI #JSE https://viceroyresearch.org/2018/02/20/v...o-capitec/
Hopefully L4L will shine before Friday - if we can end the week in green then I will be happy.
Sadly, it's not green. As usual, only STXQUA is up. Everything else is down again... :-(
When is the Budget speech and is Gigaba fired yet?
Hoping for a green JSE today
good riddance
Zuma: "It has been an honour that I will cherish for as long as I live. The ANC should never be divided in my name and so I have come to the decision to resign with immediate effect"
SABC livestream of Zuma addressing the nation is here: https://youtu.be/gEjmjfopPWo #Zuma #ZumaResigns
Presidency just issued a statement saying no media briefing will be held by JZ today & no official communication has been made by presidency on the matter.
Zuma responding to the decision by the ANC NEC to recall him at the Union Buildings at 10am.
The decision to recall Jacob Zuma was made after "constructive" discussions regarding the timeline of #Zuma's exit did not lead to a consensus #ANCNEC #Zuma
Who of you guys have used EasyEquitie's US platform yet?
I read a report today that said the symptoms of this stock market crash were the same as those before the great crash of 2008. So what do you think? Is this a correction or the start of a crash?
thought the DB chin was popular see the best bid/offer is R68/R75 (MM I guess, but thats a huge spread!) - but next offer is R250
I agree that volume might be a problem, as ETFs are tiny compared to unit trusts. I was having a look at DBChina ETN recently and somethimes there's one trade in five days. Last week the share price was roughly 8000c and then somebody bought one share at 45,000c giving a % fluctuation in share price in 1 day. And then somebody sells 5 shares and the price drops to 7500c. Crazy!
I'm pretty sure it will go the same way as unit trusts eventually (I think there are over 1500 in SA now?)

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