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  1. Spreadsheet Ranger

    Grand Parade Investments (GPL)

    No matter how they spin voting tonight (& they will try) #GPL Grand Parade Investments given fat snotkop from eligible voting shareholders 2 new non-execs voted IN 1 current non-exec voted OUT & voting was CLOSE. 47/48% voted against the board in key resolutions #wakeupcall From smalltalkdaily
  2. Spreadsheet Ranger

    Grand Parade Investments (GPL)

    Wow #GPL Grand Parade Investments voting for removal of non-exec directors & replacement from ‘activists’ is VERY close No matter how #GPL spin this this is not good news 3 non-exec’s got @51/52% FOR balance against : VERY tight One director (Rasheed Hargey) removed (61%)
  3. Spreadsheet Ranger

    Last seen movie and rating

    City of Ember 7/10 It was a great movie, but I feel they could have done so much more with the story. In fact, City of Ember would have made a stunning series imo.
  4. Spreadsheet Ranger

    Last seen movie and rating

    The Ballad of Buster Scruggs 1/10 Probably the worst movie I have ever watched. Two hours I will never get back. Funny thing is I used to think there will be no movie worst than The Killing of a Sacred Deer, but this movie took the spot.
  5. Spreadsheet Ranger

    How to get a Capitec credit card

    Capitec: Mr (my surname) , based on your credit profile, we've reduced your credit card interest from 20.75% to 20.15%. So that's a plus, I didn't know they will change the interest on the fly based on your credit rating.
  6. Spreadsheet Ranger

    Who has RSA Retail Savings Bonds?

    In the spirit of diversification, I am contemplating if I should put some money into an RSA retail savings bond? I have R20 000 which I want to invest for the short term (14 - 24 months) I don't think I will easily be able to match 5 - 7% growth in EasyEquities with share picking and I don't feel like putting this into an ETF either. I would preferably want the interest earned to be re-invested into the account. Any ideas where best to put this money, it's far too tempting to keep it in my Capitec Account (too easy to access for stupid stuff like Sushi.)
  7. Spreadsheet Ranger

    WATCH LIVE | President Cyril Ramaphosa announces cabinet reshuffle

    #CabinetReshuffle Appointments : Home Affairs=Cwele . Environmental= Mokonyane
  8. President Cyril Ramaphosa is to announce changes to the cabinet at 3pm. Two ministerial posts need filling in Environmental Affairs and in Home Affairs.
  9. Spreadsheet Ranger

    Stock Watch Thread

    Do any of you own Stor-Age Property (JSE: SSS) shares?
  10. Spreadsheet Ranger

    After Hours Banter

    Where is @Purply
  11. Spreadsheet Ranger

    Black Friday 2018: The best deals in South Africa

    Ster Kinekor Black Friday 2018 Deal Movie + Small Soda/Slush & Popcorn Only R60 https://www.sterkinekor.com/promotion/1831
  12. Medical aid increases well above inflation will hit members of medical schemes again 2019. According to data published by the financial advisory group GTC, the average increase across medical aid schemes over the last decade has hit as high as 6.4 percentage points above inflation. While the average contribution increases announced by some of the bigger open medical schemes for next year is in the region of 10%, the good news for Genesis’ members, on the other hand, is that their increase will average only 5.5% - almost half of what members of other medical schemes may have to fork out. Not all the open medical schemes have announced their 2019 average contribution increases, but from data available, have a look at what the average contribution increases will be for 2019, as well as what it was for 2018, for those schemes that have published their increases. Medical scheme average increases from 2018 to 2019
  13. Spreadsheet Ranger

    Black Friday 2018: The best deals in South Africa

    Pick 'n Pay Black Friday 2018 deals pick-n-pay-black-friday-2018.pdf
  14. Spreadsheet Ranger

    What are you listening to right now?

  15. Spreadsheet Ranger

    Black Friday 2018: The best deals in South Africa

    Dion Wired Black Friday 2018 deals, pdf attached. dion-wired-black-friday-2018.pdf