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  1. 10% in 4.37 minutes on ppc with morning lol
  2. Growth in botswana and rowanda, zim plant up and running. Its make or break for ppc
  3. So If you have R100K how would you invest it.
  4. Oh for a moment i thought you knew something i didnt lol. its a good share trading platform.
  5. what product would that be?
  6. Have you guys heard of Afrifocus Securities? Our Portfolios are a combination of unit trust and bespoke style investment vehicles. So all the portfolios look alike but they are managed as personal bespoke portfolios. The combination of the two styles provide the safety and convenience of UT with the flexibility and performance of a bespoke portfolio. Management fee of 1% www.afrifocus.co.za there's options of balanced, income, active managment, 100% equities, moey market and TFSA accounts. Check it out, I would like to hear your comments with regards to fees, structure, performance vs the UT you guys are in. (if you cant find the info you are looking for ill can answer them for as the website is being upgraded)
  7. maybe this helps you see my point of view. climbs are steady and reaction to nene, brexit and pravin
  8. I think i should have posted this in the stock watch thread my bad. thinking for my decision on swop to prop over prefs Prefs pay income (in the form of dividends or interest). Most of them are also assigned a rating by the major credit rating agencies. As a result, their prices are sensitive to interest rate changes and credit risk of the issuer.There is an inverse relationship between interest rates and the price of preferreds – as interest rates rise, prices are expected to fall. This one GOVI ETF i was hoping to get more discussion on. Government bonds are traditionally seen as a safe haven in turbulent times. This is largely because they are less volatile
  9. I would sell the strix and invest the proceeds into one of the better income generating ETFs as i listed.
  10. Two alternatives are available to replace the SATRIX DIVIDEND ETF. Firstly, the PROPTRAX TEN ETF (JSE: PTXTEN) tracks the performance of the ten largest and most liquid listed property companies. Secondly, the NEWFUNDS GOVI ETF (JSE: NFGOVI) tracks the performance of the SA Government All Bond Index.
  11. strxind has a good rand hedge holdings thats where your gains are coming from. Naspers Ltd SABMiller BTI Group The div trx holds i could be wrong never check this up in a while. MTN and banks who are taking a knock at the moment thats where the downside is coming from. For the long-run lets hope we keep Mr Gordan.
  12. Last bit of politics, i think it's to get that nuclear deal through. SAA all over again.
  13. your CCO should be saying thank you Mr Gordan and the Hawks Indeed!! Whooop Whoop, however I am afraid the far greater effect of this will not be good as the Pravin is the only guy the markets trust and without him my money wont be worth much. Cant have your bread buttered both sides lol. The timing could not be worse and will not only cause further turmoil in the markets also compromise efforts to avoid a ratings downgrade in South Africa. This has a very strong political agenda stench to it. So welcome back the rand hedge profits.
  14. your CCO should be saying thank you Mr Gordan and the Hawks
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