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  1. Good idea. Does anyone have any contacts over at EE to ask if they'll be offering this? Might be good in your TFSA
  2. I've got my second RA through Sygnia, but my TFSA at EE. I'm not sure which would be cheaper to invest through, but EE is always A LOT faster to process any funds deposited. Their marketing sheet states a TER of about 0.70% pa. For those interested, i have attached the what they emailed me. I'm waiting for payday before i commit to anything. Any thoughts anyone? sygnia-itrix-4th-industrial-revolution-etf.pdf 4th-ir-etf-mailer-document_alchemyclients.pdf
  3. Yesterday I got an email from Sygnia regarding their new 4th Industrial Revolution ETF IPO. They currently has this as a unit trust, but they are launching this as an ETF on 6th Dec. Last day to join in on the IPO is 30th Nov. Did anybody else get any invites to this IPO through their stockbroker?? Normally Easy Equities sends me such invites, but I haven't received anything yet.
  4. Currently the only thing in my TFSA that is doing well is my STXIND. Two weeks ago is was so happy that my TFSA finally started showing a profit, then everything went red and STXIND went up. Currently STXIND is the only thing keeping my TFSA up, since I've got about 40% in there since last year. I'm going to keep on buying the other ones the cheaper prices, just to get the average purchase price down, it has to turn eventually. Coincidentally, does anyone know why if everything falls, STXIND goes the opposite way?
  5. Is anyone following whats going on in [JSE:LON]??? It's shot up by 25% today
  6. Is anyone following what is happening to Oakbay Resources [JSE:ORL] ???? It dropped 25% yesterday and another 25% now. Is something happening to the Guptas that I haven't seen in the news?
  7. It would seem that there is a big interest in the Sea Harvest listing, Brimstone Investment Corporation - which owns Sea Harvest - announced late on Friday that a strong demand for Sea Harvest shares resulted in the entity increasing the size of the share offer. Even Brimstone's own share price has gone up 31.25% since beginning of the year: Source: http://www.fin24.com/Companies/Agribusiness/brimstone-shares-soar-on-strong-demand-for-sea-harvest-20170320
  8. So then we should all go and buy more while the price is low? Or should I go buy some more so that the price will drop and everyone can buy at a discount??
  9. My bad, sorry, I predicted it would happen last week:
  10. There is an index, found this on the JSE SIte: Though I haven't figured out yet how to invest in it... Source: https://www.jse.co.za/services/market-data/indices/socially-responsible-investment-index
  11. Guess who's TFSA finally started showing some growth, a whole 0.54% in the green ... Decided to check today after adding R5k beginning of the month: Even STXIND is showing signs of improvement, when looking at weekly indicators: P.S. Has anybody thought about moving their TFSA account to a different service provider? I read somewhere last week that from 1 March 2017 you will be allowed to transfer your account? Not sure if I read/understood it correctly
  12. I just did this for STXIND, and for some others that are in my TFSA (I know this isn't the TFSA thread...), since I added to it yesterday. And now it, and everyone's favourite TFSA pick, NFEMOM, is showing "Strong Sell"... Not what I was expecting (hoping for)...
  13. LOL. Bought R2500 worth of AXL. Lets see what happens
  14. As I read it, it's a case between Moving Averages (as in, analysing the daily ups & downs in a chart and smoothing the data to form a trend following indicator), and Technical Indicators (as in trying to predict the future price levels by looking at past patterns, volumes etc) But it still gives conflicting indications. But normally, after I buy something based on anything, the price always starts to drop... I'll go buy a few shares on EE, let's see if AXL falls today
  15. Got it! Thanks! It looks a bit different today, one place says SELL, and right under it it says STRONG BUY. Conflicting and confusing me:
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