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  1. How can it be his 10th SONA? He's only been president for 8 years, or am I missing something?
  2. They should rather move it to Pretoria if you think about it, less travel expenses for more people. They want to. There was a whole thing about it in parliament last year about it and one of the biggest reasons was that it would save costs (this from the ANC if I recall). If memory serves the DA actually opposed this because they said the reason the ANC wants to move it is because it was embarrassing for them to not be on control of the metro where parliament is. That conversation kinda just died and I wonder if the DA wasn't correct and the ANC gave up after they lost control of the PTA metro. I stand to be corrected on all of the above though.
  3. Parliment is in Cape Town. It always takes place in Cape Town.
  4. Same thoughts here, I've never seen this level of preparation before for the previous SONAs, perhaps they know something we don't. He thinks this will shut the EFF up
  5. Hell yes. Instead of increasing any other tax which tends to target specific groups of people, increase VAT so that everybody feels the pain especially the poor who keep on voting for these inept idiots mismanaging our money. Tired of paying because the clueless keep making the same mistake.
  6. If they follow the same/similar index then I doubt the opening price will have any effect. I think SATRIX is "missing out" on bond ETFs being more popular in recent times. Hard to beat ABSA's costs though. I'm not terribly excited about these to be honest. The property one will have to do something different than the existing ones which either goes offshore, tracks the top 10 on the JSE or tracks the entire index. If I'm not mistaken their property unit trust follows the top 20 so maybe it is that but just in ETF form.
  7. NFILBI? http://etfcib.absa.co.za/Products/Exchange%20Traded%20Funds/FixedIncome/ILBI/Pages/default.aspx
  8. Satrix STXPRO: https://www.moneyweb.co.za/mny_sens/satrix-collective-investment-scheme-stxpro-public-offer/ Satrix STXILB: https://www.moneyweb.co.za/mny_sens/satrix-collective-investment-scheme-stxilb-public-offer/
  9. Hamster, two points. You can put this portfolio together, but it's aimed at the person I call my sisters neighbour. When my sister needs help she calls me, but who does her neighbour call? Likely they wander into their bank and get ripped off Hence these portfolios. As for the fee, a flat fee is exactly what I campaign for, no percentage of AUM which is the rip off. You pay one flat rate regardless of size, like if you went to the dentist. They don't charge based on your net worth, they charge on what they do. Percentage of AUM as a fee must die. Lastly, first year is free as ABSA covering the 100bucks. Oh schweet, we have Simon on board! I get what you're saying about this being aimed at the "financially less informed" (if I can call the that). R100 flat pa is not a lot of money at all, I guess I just always see Justonelap as an advice resource and forget you also do asset management (at least I think you do). Will these portfolios be managed at all?
  10. R100pa - it's cheap but it kinda goes against what Simon preaches about in his sessions on how costs eat into investments and "why pay someone to do something you can do in 10 minutes". Haven't seen them but pretty sure these will be a combination of DBXWD, CSP500, PTXTEN, CSEW40 and NFGOVI (or NFILBI). You can probably create your own portfolios like these with just DBXWD and MAPPSG (or MAPPSP closer to retirement age) and maybe some PTXTEN and you'll be covered pretty much everywhere - offshore, local, property, bonds and cash. If anybody bites though and mind sharing via PM...
  11. Future liquidity? It has no track record and a lot of the buyers right now is looking to sell when it reaches a certain value. Sell to whom though? Others trying the same thing?
  12. How much did you buy?! Call the desk though, they'll probably place the trade at no extra cost.
  13. Where is SWA, it's the same thing /clutches ban hammer
  14. Bandit

    Your TFIA/TFSA

    True. Now compare NFEMOM and DIVTRX and have your mind blown I trust NFEMOM more even if it is using past performance as it's main indicator (meaning you'll never buy at a low). STXIND and any other index ETF is just choosing some arb reason as to why a certain share holds more value and in STXIND's case it's because the company is worth more. Hardly a good enough reason to invest in it in my opinion. At least CTOP50 and PTXTEN are putting capped weights on shares so you cannot be over exposed.
  15. This is going to be awesome Thought they weren't going to function as a trading platform but in that post they say they'll have an app allowing one to trade?!
  16. Bandit

    Your TFIA/TFSA

    NFEMOM is certainly interesting, if you look at the past year's performance: (What happened during July - September?????, something political? I can't remember...) I'm considering giving up on my STXIND (at -6.5% currently) and putting it all into NFEMOM or ASHMID or NFGOVI, or something NFEMOM changed the underlying index they were tracking to one developed at WITS. It is now a much better/smarter ETF in my opinion. I would do things differently if I started out now but I'll rectify it in the coming months. One thing I'm terribly angry with myself in doing was buy STXIND DIVTRX can stay DBXWD can stay (don't think I'll swop it for CSP500) STXIND needs to DIE! Probably replace it with PTXTEN. I own NFEMOM outside of my TFSA so not sure if I want or need it inside. PTXTEN and DIVTRX provide income and growth so probably making better use of my tax break having them inside of the TFSA.
  17. This subforum is intended to be used as a knowledge base for common issues and tasks. When you post a new thread please make sure that your post is: Factual Formatted in a readable way Spelling and grammar checked Please do not copy paste any data from another source without attributing their work. When formatting your post provide it in a step based format where it makes sense:
  18. I wrote a piece on it here: https://www.offtopic.co.za/finance/how-to-calculate-annualised-growth For added effect, here is a calculator: https://www.offtopic.co.za/finance/tools/annualised-growth-calculator --------------------------- Going to Google Finance and querying your favourite ETF or share and seeing it grew by 150% over the last 10 years is awesome! Why? Because 150/10 is 15% growth on average every year, right? No... unfortunately not. The 150% over 10 years is compound growth. So how do you work it out? Step 1: First, you need the end value of the stock (in cents). Let's say R25.00 which is 2500. Step 2: Then you need the starting value of the stock: R10,00 (or 1000). Step 3: Get the year fractional value of 1/[years]. So in this example, it will be 1/10 or 0.1 Step 4: Subtract the starting value from the current value and divide that by the starting value: (2500 - 1000)/1000 = 1.5 (this we'll call your return rate) Step 5: Now add 1 to the return rate and raise it by the year fractional value (calculated in Step 3) and subtract 1 from the result: ((1.5+1)^0.1)-1 Simplified it reads: (2.5^0.1)-1 Simplified some more: (1.0959)-1 And the result: 0.0959 (your annualised growth percentage). If you struggle to read it, multiply the number by 100: 9,59% In Summary: Let's use real data - STX40 between 2 Jan 2004 and 30 Dec 2016 (13 years): Starting value: 960 End value: 4382 Year fraction: 1/13 = 0.077 (4382-960)/960 = 3.56 ((3.56+1)^0.077)-1 = 0.1239 Annualised growth: 12.39%
  19. LOL! What bullshiaat is this?!
  20. Oh. Well. In that case, sorry everyone, my bad! I just googled luno and luno.co.za was the first result. Bitx isn't even in the results That'll be because Bitx rebranded themselves as Luno.
  21. Bandit

    Your TFIA/TFSA

    I use this: http://www.stanlib.com/MultiManager/Documents/Factsheets/Retail/2016/Nov/STANLIB%20Multi-Manager%20All%20Stars%20Fund%20of%20Funds_Nov%202016.pdf Looks similar as far as diversification goes That doesn't have international equities though right? It does, up to a maximum of 25% Is that according to the rand hedged stocks or actual international stocks? Hate it when they only show the top 10 :/ Actual shares. Check the fact sheets of their underlying funds.
  22. Bandit

    Your TFIA/TFSA

    It does, up to a maximum of 25% I supplement it with the Global Feeder fund: http://www.stanlib.com/Individuals/whatweoffer/Pages/Fund.aspx?FundID=02f347e8-0a59-4990-9232-e531f8627c97
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