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  1. Hey, what do you by mean by platform, do you mean a structure such as a company?
  2. A financial advisor will be able to answer you best, as there are a lot of different investments out there.
  3. What is the information about the liberty investment builder plan? What returns, etc.?
  4. Seems like they are not SA based, I see a Isle of Man government logo on their about page. Website domain registerd in Panama, dommain registered since 2001.
  5. Easy Equities - https://resources.easyequities.co.za/EasyEquities_CostProfile.pdf ABSA - https://www.absastockbrokers.co.za/absa-public/baOurPricing.xsp
  6. "During its meeting in July the monetary policy committee decided to reduce interest rates by 0,25%. Despite no further rate reduction at their meeting in September, this is widely understood to be the turning point of the interest rate cycle, and further decreases in interest rates are anticipated as a result. This understanding also aligns with the Nedbank economic view, although we cannot predict the exact pace and extent of future interest rate changes. We are informing you of this as it is generally good practice to review your investment portfolio at key inflection points in the
  7. What!?? How? Why? I also want one!
  8. Welcome! Now we have a contact at SARS! :-P
  9. I also charge my phone when I go the bed. That way I know my phone is 100% every morning.
  10. Mix all three... I do it all the time. Just make it how you fancy it, there is no wrong or right way. Sent from my SM-A700F using the Platinum Wealth app
  11. ♪ Braaibroodjies ♪ official lyrics van dat ek kon onthou het my pa my ma gesê is daar net een ding waarvoor hy nooit nee sal sê sy gee hom net een kyk en weet wat dit gaan wees soos husse met lang ore kon ek sy gedagtes lees maak vir my braaibroodjies met choppies op die kole met tamaties, kaas en n ui daarby smeer botter buitekant dat hy goudbruin raak en chutney binne-in vir n soet-soet smaak smeer hom ek sê smeer hom daai braaibroodjie smeer hom ek sê smeer hom ja boer soek mos n vrou en my hart loop deur my maag as sy vir my n groente gee gaan ek haar wegjaa
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