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  1. What is a good Africa ETF? I'd like to go 50% into SP500 and 50% Africa
  2. Regulatory issues that were holding back the post office-based bank from offering routine banking services are now finalised, says CEO Mark Barnes. Post Office SA CEO Mark Barnes says regulatory issues that held up the launch of Postbank have now been finalised. Postbank was expected to launch a fullyfledged bank that offers both credit facilities and transactional products around the same time as other new players including Discovery Bank, Bank Zero and Tyme Bank which launched earlier in 2019. The existing Postbank only offers transactional and savings accounts as its statu
  3. Jumia to list on the NYSE, aiming to become Africa’s first tech unicorn. Active in 14 countries 4 million active users 81.000 active sellers 13.4m deliveries per year €130.6m revenue in 2018 €862m consolidated loss since inception Source: Techcrunch MTN owns a share of Jumia
  4. It's every investor's dream: to find a stock that doesn't just double your money – or even triple it – but increases your investment 10-fold. I decided to start this thread here, somewhere on the JSE is the next ten-bagger (+1000% return), let's try to identify it. What small cap JSE stock do you think will be the next Ten Bagger?
  5. Looks like they are planning to add some additional services as well. The graphic below shows the services it currently offers. Services that will only be launched at a future date are highlighted in yellow.
  6. Grand Parade to close Dunkin’, Baskin Robbins in SA South Africa’s Grand Parade Investments said on Friday it had filed to close its Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins franchises in the country due to poor performance and would instead channel capital into its chain of Burger King outlets. “The decision to exit Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins was made following sustained losses in these businesses and an unsuccessful process to dispose of these businesses,” the company said in a statement.
  7. The Minister of Finance, Tito Mboweni, will deliver the South African budget speech on 20 February 2019. I will post a video to the live speech here when it goes live. I really hope this is not a political event given the current election year. They need to focus on national government debt. #BudgetSpeech2019 Watch it live here:
  8. Better put, Eskom is a metaphor for South Africa. It’s a vast, unwieldy megalith entirely bankrupted by people who have treated it as a personal ATM and a political soccer field. Stage four load shedding hit us on Monday like a wet cement towel that just managed to dry. Eskom is running on a prayer, and not one addressed to a deity familiar to this publication. The world’s largest power utility should serve as a point of pride, especially in a country that has more than enough human capital to run its various operations exactly as advertised. Instead, Eskom is a state-owned zombie
  9. South African media and e-commerce group Naspers has gained stock exchange approval to spin-off and list Multichoice, Africa’s biggest pay-TV business by subscribers, the company said on Monday. Multichoice stock will list on February 27, Naspers said in a Johannesburg Stock Exchange announcement, with the share capital going to current Naspers shareholders. So, who of you guys are buying the dinosaur?
  10. It feels so weird to think Steinhoff is now a mid-cap company.
  11. Torre is de-listing not sure if that is good or bad for Stellar who own 57% of TOR
  12. It's dropping hard -- I think I will buy some if it breaks $5k
  13. Looks like he is back. https://twitter.com/smalltalkdaily
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