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  1. Any idea what is next with Long 4 Life? Do they have any mergers in the pipeline?
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  3. The Competition Tribunal has signed off on conditions under which it will allow state-owned Chinese giant Sinopec to buy Chevron South Africa, the owner of Caltex-branded petrol stations. The conditions include who will pay how much for the rebranding of 834 Caltex petrol stations. Caltex is named for the two American states where the company's ancestors started; Sinopec is named for China. The Competition Tribunal on Friday signed off on what is technically a merger between Chevron South Africa and the China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation. The two companies are not well known,
  4. I also bought this ETF, I added it to my normal portfolio, my TFSA I am now buying the PW bundle. I think it might be unnecessary duplication on my part, but it feels like a good core ETF t have in my regular portfolio.
  5. Any news on ZAR X? Do they still exist?
  6. So, the government knew the problem was coming. They even had a pretty good idea of when it would happen. And they had all the plans in place to mitigate the disaster. Somewhere between planning in 2009 and today, the wheels fell off, nothing was done. In 2014, the City of Cape Town presciently changed its slogan from "The city that works for you" to “Making Progress Possible. Together”. It was a clever shift in responsibility, an “ask not what your country can do for you” moment. Fast-forward five years and the pay-off line is paying off, for the city at least. It's not its fault that w
  7. How did you lose money on AXL, unless you sold early as in 3 months later because they are up.
  8. I wonder that myself! I am a capitec shareholder as well.
  9. [video=youtube] The Silk Roads Our western ideal is under great pressure and we can do nothing to influence it, we take refuge in our everyday lives and hide behind new borders, we can’t seem to cope in a world in which we increasingly feel out of place. No wonder says British historian Peter Frankopan, author of the bestseller “The Silk Roads: A New History of the World”. We are the product of a history in which we have always given ourselves the leading role, as a result, we can’t seem to see the connection between our actions and the changes around us. Before we can underst
  10. Tencent Holdings headed for its biggest weekly loss in almost two years amid concern a recent rally was excessive. The technology company retreated 2.2% as of 13:54 local time, taking its decline this week to 6.4%. Tencent’s shares have more than doubled this year, adding $274bn in value through last week. As part of a quarterly rebalancing later on Friday, the stock’s weighting on Hong Kong’s benchmark Hang Seng Index will fall to 10% from 11.7%. MSCI’s global gauge of technology shares has slumped 2.6% this week as traders rotated out of 2017’s best performers. Cathay Pacific Airwa
  11. Not Takealot, but did not want to make a new thread: Zando Vouchers R250 OFF R1 000 | use code: FNB250 R500 OFF R1 500 | use code: FNB500 R700 OFF R2 000 | use code: FNB700
  12. Saw an interesting quote on another website about Grand Parade Investments So my question, who here is investing in GPI?
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