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  1. Who wants to compare the interest rates of each of these accounts and make a list for us?
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    Seems like there is a missing T. Happy drinking and welcome to Platinum Wealth
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    Hello! Welcome to the forum. I think you will like this thread: https://platinumwealth.co.za/forum/Thread-Daily-Analysis-Your-Pick ( basically you submit a company or stock you want to have analyzed and then PW posts a thorough analysis for you. Example: https://platinumwealth.co.za/insights/daily-analysis/cashbuild-daily-analysis/ ) If you like forex stuff (way over my head) you might find the forex thread useful: https://platinumwealth.co.za/forum/Thread-The-Forex-Thread
  4. "A report on the project said it had about 400 hectares of clonal tea" I read that as colonial tea.
  5. Mmmm... Is the Gupta's somehow connected here? 1. They are actively looking for a banking license or bank. 2. Then when I hear Patrice Motsepe, I hear mining and we know when you speak mining you speak Gupta. Alternatively assuming this is legit, will this bank be the new Capitec?
  6. Mayor's dismayed words as infamous Estcourt trial begins Allegations of cannibalism in Estcourt have set the normally quiet KwaZulu-Natal Midlands town back several decades, its mayor, Jabu Mbhele, said on Thursday. She was speaking after seven men appeared in court on Thursday on charges of murder, conspiracy to commit murder and possession of human body parts. The grisly story broke in August when alleged traditional healer Nino Mbatha walked into the Estcourt police station to report that he was in possession of body parts and was tired of being forced to eat human flesh. The incident opened a can of worms as Mbatha led police to his home in Estcourt, where more body parts were recovered. The case was soon taken over by the police's occult crime unit. Initially, five men appeared in court in August, but a sixth man was arrested about three weeks ago and a seventh arrested on the morning of the case. Mbhele cut a forlorn figure in court on Thursday. She tucked herself away on the left-hand side of the courtroom. But she glanced often at the accused - Nino Mbatha, 32, Lungisani Magubane, 30, Sithembiso Doctor Sithole, 31, Lindokuhle Masondo, 32, Khayelihle Lamula, 32, Wiseman Madlala, 28 and Sazi Ndlovu, 31. The matter was adjourned to October 12 because one of the men intended pleading guilty, meaning the case could be escalated to the High Court. The men were remanded. Although Mbhele was distraught at what the case had done to the town's image, she was optimistic it could turn the corner through social dialogues and prayers. "It's difficult. Any municipality is about its people, social cohesion and security, so incidents like these make us look primitive," she said. Timeslive.co.za
  7. Saw this on twitter. SNH/STAR: Final structure post the listing of STAR, specific repurchase of Basson's Shoprite shares & exercise of the Shoprite Call Option
  8. John McAfee live in London 2017 #BLOCKCHAIN A most interesting talk. [video=youtube]
  9. Not sure how viable this would be but I would love a tool that can show what each retirement annuity's fees are depending on how much I save. So essentially anything that shows fees is a great tool and makes it easier to talk to people because it's factual you can show them.
  10. All over the place. Why doesn't luno work on weekends?
  11. FLORIDA is under a state of emergency after the latest track models showed that Hurricane Irma could head towards the US state after the Caribbean. The category 4 hurricane is heading towards the Leeward Islands in the Carribean amid fears that it could then head towards Miami in Florida. The NOAA’s National Hurricane Center (NHC), based in Miami, has told Americans along hurricane-prone parts of the coast to get an escape plan in place. The latest update from the NHC said: “There is an increasing chance of seeing some impacts from Irma in the Florida Peninsula and the Florida Keys later this week and this weekend. “In addition, rough surf and dangerous marine conditions will begin to affect the southeastern US coast by later this week.
  12. I saw this on the news! Apparently, it is causing unprecedented and catastrophic flooding in southeastern Texas.
  13. What are ya'll planning for the weekend?
  14. @ThinusM86, Bitcoin can be used as a currency or traded or hold for investment. It's like gold in that you can both buy it for investment or trade it, but with the added benefit that you can buy stuff with it off takealot and the likes. OR you can transfer it back to ZAR. I am also very new to this, only caught wind of Bitcoin in 2016, but one thing I am certain about is that this is the future.
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    Wait a minute? Another fork? Oh boy.
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    Obviously, just kidding there. This is valuable advice, do not buy based on what you read on the internet alone.
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    Welcome to the forum @Masataka
  18. I am also a purple group share owner!
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