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  1. bierfeesten


    Is anyone considering Tzero? I don't understand the difference between this and Genesis Vision.
  2. bierfeesten

    ETH hard fork

    Thanks for the reply Super JK
  3. bierfeesten

    What I teach my kids right now!

    Good luck finding that investment. I am sure it exists but reward equals risk and as long as supply and demand determines prices nothing is guaranteed
  4. bierfeesten

    ETH hard fork

    Thank you for your response It makes sense to me now
  5. bierfeesten

    ETH hard fork

    Can someone please explain to me what the fork to Byzantium means if I own ETH. Do I have to do something or do I just continue as if nothing happened?
  6. bierfeesten

    Share Trading Platforms and Brokers

    Sanlam iTrade was not even mentioned on here. That is the way I was heading to. Great thread so thanks for all the contributions. ABSA and EE seem to have the edge.
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    [emoji23] Thank you Bierfeesten as in song by Johannes Kerkorrel
  8. bierfeesten


    @51 newby to investing. Hoping to learn from the experts on anything from crypto currencies to etc and technical analysis