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  1. Eish, I am asking the same question. I cant find any news 90% of the businesses revenue is generated locally so maybe this has something to do with it?
  2. I agree on EasyEquities, I also use them but still have my FNB share investor acc. I am also looking to assign a portion of my portfolio for active trading. I'm currently looking into IG for CFDs and Standard Bank OST for the access to the financial data. @Spreadsheet Ranger Have a look at Simon Browns website https://justonelap.com/ He has some very useful webinars and videos and you can also see what he holds in his portfolio https://www.simonbrown.co.za/ He also has an IG series on trading. I'm still making my way through these
  3. What platforms are you guys using to trade shares on? What are the pros and cons? What is the most cost effective platform that provides you with historical data, key ratios and forecasts? Currently EasyEquities seems to be the cheapest at around 0.62% of your trade. The only downside being that you can only trade at market price which seems alright if you are a long term investor. No company data EasyEquities costs - monthly fee R0 Compared to the FNB share investor the costs are almost halved - monthly fee R59 - minimal company data Both of these do not provide any financials, key ratios or forecast data for research purposes. I believe Standard bank OST provides this data but the monthly fee is R90 Any thoughts?
  4. I've also been looking to buy some dollars while the ZAR is strong and invest offshore. There are a couple platforms out there like IG, Saxo, GT247. I've just opened my acc with SAXO. Theres no monthly or inactivity fees. Theres also rand denominated investments you can make locally like buying the coreshares S&P500 tracker or the dbx-US tracker. Ive got some with easy equities which is the cheapest. I've also heard that they will be introducing some US stocks for us to buy locally. They are just waiting for approval. Any other platforms or brokers that you guys use?
  5. Woolies looking cheap at the moment. I think its worth a top up!
  6. [*] Thanks! The 5yr financial analysis section is very useful
  7. Interm results were good. NAV per share average growth for the last 5 years is ~51%. Maybe people don't see this type of growth continuing? [video=youtube] [video=youtube] I just sold my holdings this week. Will probably be looking to get back in at a lower price.
  8. Whats happening to AdaptIT? Down 18% in the last month
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