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  1. Found an interesting write-up/opinion on this topic; a lot of which, I agree with. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) totally fixes the quadratic scaling of sighash operations bug, by using the new transaction digest algorithm for signature verification in BIP143 (part of the SegWit upgrade). In my view, Bitcoin Cash therefore has most of the benefits of SegWit and has superior scalability properties to SegWit2x (B2X) Bitcoin Cash has 8MB blocks, allowing for a significant increase in transaction capacity, while mitigating the negative impact of higher block verification times. SegWit2x (B2X) has lower effective capacity at only around 4MB, yet doesn’t mitigate the impact of the quadratic hashing bug as well as Bitcoin Cash. SegWit2x has a 2MB limit for buggy quadratic hashing transactions (while Bitcoin Cash totally bans these buggy transactions) Bitcoin Cash includes strong 2 way protection, such that users and exchanges are protected, because Bitcoin Cash transactions are invalid on Bitcoin and Bitcoin transactions are invalid on Bitcoin Cash. In contrast, SegWit2x (B2X), does not include such protection, this is likely to cause mass loss of funds for users and exchanges. Bitcoin Cash had a new downward difficulty adjustment, this made the Bitcoin Cash block header invalid according to Bitcoin’s rules. Mobile wallets therefore need to upgrade to follow the Bitcoin Cash chain. In contrast, the SegWit2x block header will be considered valid by existing mobile wallets, this could cause chaos, with wallets switching from chain to chain or following a different chain to the one their transactions occurred on. Since SegWit2x doesn’t have safety features, that ensure both coins can seamlessly exists side by side, it is considered by many as a hostile attack on Bitcoin, without respecting user rights to use and trade in the coin of their choice. In contrast Bitcoin Cash does respect user rights and is therefore respected by almost all sections of the Bitcoin community and not regarded as hostile. Still one of the biggest flaws, that I'm hoping they resolve relatively soon, is around having matching addresses to BTC, and the fact that it is still so untested and probably overvalued/being exploited at the moment.
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    The problem with having 3 is thay they likely won't all exist together for long, but I think the miners will stick with BTC at least until the others are thoroughly tested. Sent from my XT1572 using Tapatalk
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    Segwit2x is planned for a specific block that they estimate will occur in November, since the blocks are released on a schedule (from what I understand). It'll be a bigger block size so cheaper transaction fees and potentially more volume, which would appeal to miners. I think last night BCC also became slightly more profitable than BTC last night, but I think miners still see faith in core since the other forks are all so untested. It can be so easy for big mining groups to instill fear by temporarily switching to another coin for a bit, which gets then non-hodl people into a panic. Sent from my XT1572 using Tapatalk
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    Thanks all for the welcome! Been reading articles all over the place, but the real war happens in the comments, especially last night with the BTC and the worry about the potential hard fork in November, but ultimately I just research what I can and try and decide what's the right move. Sent from my XT1572 using Tapatalk
  5. Done. I like how the survey supports all genders - I can finally identify as a can of mushroom soup.
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    Hey guys, Decided to join the forum since cryptocurrency is currently my main reason for being relatively active on MyBB. Haven't put much thought into pursuing this before, but took the plunge last weekend and have spent some free time getting to grips with the ecosystem and understanding what coins are more in line with my thought process. So far I've sent 15k to Luno and have spent 10 of the 15, but will probably use the last 5k today since I plan on holding it for quite a while. I've been hesitant to buy more as quite a few articles have it stated as being overvalued, but even if it does drop, I just see it as an opportunity to buy more as it's ultimately going to go back up (barring some disaster where the entire ecosystem crashes). I sent another 5k to ice3x and have assigned half of that to a buy order for LTC, and plan to use the other half for ETH, although I feel like it still has some more room to drop given the recent loss of faith and the BTC hype-train taking all of the attention. Next steps are to look at trading smaller coins, but need to gain some knowledge on which platforms are the most effective. Looking forward to learning from the rest of you, and hopefully contributing my own thoughts.
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