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  1. Is that, that STAR thing they did? The de-bundling a while ago?
  2. But what do they know! That said, I think Simon was also quite negative about the stock some time back either beginning of the year or lat year and I value his views quite a bit. But wait! We can tag him @SimonPB what do you think about Ellies?
  3. I think Ellies is the stock that guy from Anchor Group said was [email protected], what is that guy's name... slipping my mind, Clark something.
  4. Incredible connection doing some sort of daily deals thing leading up to black friday 2017 https://www.incredible.co.za/black-friday-deal-a-day
  5. Bikes and Cycles - Evo Bikes Black Friday https://www.evobikes.co.za/black-friday-sale.html?p=1
  6. I see Magda Wierzycka is a member here on the forum. I have not received an IPO invite yet....should I send a pm to ask for one...
  7. Xbox Live Black Friday Deals Xbox Black Friday Deals
  8. On Black Friday, 24 November, Cybersmart will offer new subscribers big discounts on its Lightspeed fibre-to-the-home products. The first special offer is for its 400Mbps uncapped Lightspeed service: 400Mbps uncapped FTTH – R899 per month (down from R1,499 per month). The ISP will also launch two 400Mbps capped fibre-to-the-home Lightspeed deals: 400Mbps FTTH with 50GB daytime data and 250GB after-hours data – R399 per month 400Mbps FTTH with 100GB daytime data and 500GB after-hours data – R599 per month
  9. Ranger called it in the live chat: "Me thinks there is a quick 20% to be made if you have balls" Pity I did not have balls.
  10. This share is hurting me, seems sub R4 is on the table?
  11. Article on Lonmin https://platinumwealth.co.za/insights/investing/the-lonmin-opportunity/
  12. I went with 2 ETFs (50% of my holdings) Sygnia's MCSI World and Absa's NFEMOM And then I have 4 - 6 Shares - I am buying and selling - do not have a stable group yet other than KAP and Naspers which I have kept since the beginning.
  13. I think it would be safer to get a few more active users first, thoughts?
  14. I am also following them. I would like to hear what others think as well.
  15. Surely some laws are broken here, not the leak so much, but the revelation of what Home Affairs is doing with the data, selling it to third parties.
  16. What I would do is: 1. Open a luno account 2. Transfer ZAR to Luno to buy BTC (Tutorial: How to buy Bitcoin with Luno https://platinumwealth.co.za/forum/Thread-Best-place-to-buy-BTC) 3. Download a Litecoin Wallet, I would recommend Jaxx (https://jaxx.io/) 4. Use Changelly to exchange Bitcoin for Litecoin. (My affiliate link - https://changelly.com/?ref_id=46cf2b7615c2 this does not affect your fees, it just gives me 0.25% and Changelly gets 0.25% instead of 0.50%) Steps: Enter the amount of bitcoin you want to enter and then select Litecoin. Click next. Complete the rest of the steps, fill in your litecoin address. Then you will be presented with a QR code and a Bitcoin address, from luno send the amount fo bitcoin you specified to that address Changelly gave you. Wait a few minutes and you will see the Litecoin in your Jaxx wallet.
  17. I am glad there is a consensus that this stock might have potential.
  18. Okay then I will need to get myself some.
  19. This share came to the market in a flurry of very positive news reporting and was universally described as the next Curro Holdings – run by the same man that made Curro famous (CR van der Merwe) and backed by the same parent company (PSG). All this hype caused the share price to race upwards – for the first four days – reaching a ridiculous price of 950c on the 4th day (10-10-2017). After this, the price collapsed back to close at 816c. I read about them here on the main article: https://platinumwealth.co.za/insights/investing/stadios-shooting-star/ I did not even know about this, do any of you own Stadio shares?
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