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  1. BTW - have been using divi's to buy Lewis. Basically, if SA inc starts to move again retailers should start picking up. Lewis is well run (even if I would not be a customer) - on a low sub 10 P/E (around 8.5) - NAV is R60. They also not geared at all and have around 680mill in the bank - so no chance of going under. In the last couple of years they have increase their footprint by buying failing competitors. When times are good, they are big dividend payers. Might be still some down side - but I am just adding as and when divi's arrive, Yup, not very exciting, and will not shoot the lights out - but not that risky in my book, and in a a couple of years you could be seeing a very healthy dividend.
  2. From Curro's last HY results : The schools' business enjoyed continued revenue and margin growth against the comparative period in 2016. Curro performed well overall, despite the seven Meridian campuses, operating in the rural lower-fee market, experiencing pressure as a result of lower learner numbers compared to the previous year. That said - PEM's schools (as I understand it) it not rural - more lower market suburban.
  3. The one area that was a huge problem for Curro was their cheaper offering - the market that PEM is going for. But certainly seems like they are innovative.
  4. Firstly, was the zim dollar a currency?
  5. Been a bit quite - so thought we could do with a bit of a conversation starter... For me, I have split my portfolio into two - and treat them separately. I have an income generating portfolio - roughly half SA Reits/ Half oversea REITS. Contains 24 companies. Then I have what i call a CGT portfolio which is about 1/4 of the size and contains companies that i hope will grow with/without taking in consideration dividends - contains 30 shares. Only etfs I have are in my TFSA Biggest holding would be 8.7%(capitec) and smallest 0.14%(steffanuti and PBT). Many would say - why bother having such a tiny holding? Well, when newcomer capitec launched, what percentage would a savvy invested have had invested? 1 -2 % max would be my guess. I like the fact the most of my counters could fall 20 - 30% - and although I would not be a happy camper - certainly would not harm me too much. On the down side - maybe it is a bit of a shotgun approach to building a portfolio - maybe by limiting yourself to 5 - 6 counters you would be more invested in them. Of course, that could bring in a few problems. One idea I quite like is 70 - 80% etfs, then a few selected companies at 4-5% each. The problem is, I really enjoy reading SENS from companies I have an interest in. Anyway, what's your feelings on the matter?
  6. Only play I have in resources (for the long term) is a very small holding in Master Drilling. Kicking myself for not entering a year ago when resources where beaten down - will catch them next time.
  7. MrDividend


    Firstly I have owned a small amount of Intu for a few years. Initially did well - but now sitting on a loss. Not a very good divided payer ether. Hmmm, not sure why I own them - guess at this point just do not want to take the loss! They do own great assets though. Most of the pro's like hammerson more. I don't think having some UK exposure is a bad thing - but as they shares might be in the doldrums for a while, you might want to get a decent dividend while waiting for things to pick up. My UK exposure is through Intu, Atlantic leaf (industrial/ great dividend), Redefine Inter (I wouldn't be adding) and Texton (SA REIT, with around 40% exposure to the UK, fantasic dividend but very unloved so wouldn't recommend, but after Capitec, my biggest holding). Did look at Capital And Regional - look well run, they like to sell mature assets then reinvest - decent divi as well. The other interesting one is Equities - on the surface looks good - modern logistics in SA and UK - good for the future I guess. But, for me, would look at safer oversea investments first - no one knows what will happen to the UK. Sirus (germany, small industrial units, the great at developing sites) - NepiRockcastle (Retail, cover most of the CEE region but strong focus on Romania and Poland) - or Ecko Polska (just poland). I really like all three - as a region a feel Poland will do well with is population size as well as the poles are hardworking and value education.
  8. Kinda had the same thought as SB and sold my curro before the split. Bought ADV and PSG so was still in the sector as well as still in the company - but diluted. Although I am up in both - might have been slightly better of having gained the stadio shares. Went to have a look - looks like I would have been better off around R2k. Irritating, but no train smash. BTW - pretty hard finding transactions on EE. Way easier with ABSA - not sure why EE has to add ( or show) the interest earned every day.
  9. BTW - did take a quick look at past records to see which one I would invest in now. Although ADI has slightly better past long term growth, EOH's is a lot "smoother". EOH is also a bit cheaper on a PE basis. ADI is smaller - good in that an acquisition or two could boost HEPS - but EOH being bigger, would be included in institutional investors and ETFs. For me, I would more likely add to my EOH holdings.
  10. MrDividend


    So I bought 4sight and want to buy Intu properties which is based in the UK . It owns most of London properties. Intu own large, quality malls in the UK ( a few in in Spain as well) - biggest being Traford center in Manchester. Sort of the Hyprop of the UK. I don't think they have that much in London. Capital and counties is the London based property DEVELOPMENT company with activities in Earls Court and Covent Garden. Besides being property in the UK, they are pretty different. REIT(income from rents) vs development.
  11. Have EOH and ADI - actually prefer EOH out the two - looking at long term growth. Just seems to be an unloved sector at the moment, not sure why. But both at a good price. The question is, have they found a bottom, or should you wait for a bit of a recovery?
  12. Not for me - but I need to right size my portfolio and at the moment way to slanted towards small caps. I am also slightly weary of IPO's - seems a mixed bag. Some take off like a rocket, others tank. Not many "float"!
  13. see a director just sold some PEm - all R16 000 worth - hardly worth it! But not good...
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