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  1. How can a bitcoin ever be a currency if it drops R 20000 in half a day. One moment you have money. Next moment you have *&^/$#@!
  2. Does and one know when the bitcoin special ends. Buy one loose 3. Im going now under at the speed of light.
  3. The only problem is. You go in pick and pay with R2000 worth of bitcoin. An hour later after nice shopping when you get to the till. Walla R2000 missing and you cant pay.
  4. If the price of bitcoin is a result of buying and selling what is the chance that they can keep on until the value of a bitcoin is zero. Is there such a possibility.
  5. Thanks. I need some serious recovery right now. [emoji30]
  6. Am i the only one who is worried about Bitcoin. Have never seen so many ups and downs in two weeks and mostly the trend of going down. Are we going back to R35000 a bitcoin. I think so. At this stage im loosing seriously[emoji30]
  7. I have checked the ups and down of other cripto currencies for the past month. It does not need a rocket scientist to see that all other currencies is direct proportional in value as Bitcoin. If Bitcoin goes up so all the other. If bitcoin dive all other dive as hard. So my question is. Why invest in other currencies if bitcoin is the major factor in determining the value of other currencies. Ethereum and LTC have moved nowhere in a months time. Very disappointing
  8. So how does tax work on this system. I see in South Africa Luno is linked with Sars. Do you pay on profits you make only when you take out your money back to rands or where can i get more info on this topic. Thanks Sent from my SM-A500F using the Platinum Wealth app
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