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  1. I have leather one I bought back when Mbeke was still president. Thing is indestructible.
  2. Hahaha. Oh looks like they are nearing the end now. MPs walking around.
  3. Awesome, thanks for the live stream. How long does counting take?
  4. It's only a matter of time before artists start releasing songs to fcck with voice-recognition technology. "Alexa, play 'What's the Weather Like?' by Skip Song"
  5. How is everyone's portfolios doing after all these new revelations?
  6. Thank goodness, I thought it was only me.
  7. Can you please stop kicking my seat...
  8. Is that what ether is switching too? Anyway I have ether, how do I buy and store ATB? @ATBCOIN please post a guide of what is involved. (Not going to lie, I am just here for a quick buck, so all I want to do is deposit money and get ATB, hold it and be wealthy when the boat takes off.) I am everything crypto is warning people not to be.
  9. LentilSoup

    Hey, you!

    Wait, you guys are talking about money green? meh
  10. How much do you earn renting out? I have a Zotac 1080 card.
  11. Established in 1985, PDSnet was the only supplier of stock market charting software and JSE data. Since then the company has grown substantially and prides itself on ethically selling a quality product in its industry. Over the last 30 years, we have become the largest local provider of end of day stock market data, providing data of all equities quoted on the JSE (Johannesburg Stock Exchange), Futures, Unit Trusts, Currencies and Commodities as well as many of the major International Indices. http://www.pdsnet.co.za/index.php/stock-market-charting-software/
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