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  1. ETNs: FirstRand have listed 9 Exchange Traded Notes on large US stocks on the JSE (plus one on MSCI World) Google (Alphabet) Amazon Apple Coke Facebook McDonalds Microsoft Netflix Tesla Each stock has 2 codes: With exposure to the USD/ZAR (C) or without (Q). Note that with an ETN you carry the counter-party risk that the issuer will not fulfill its obligations. With FSR/RMB you should be pretty safe, although their market making is less than desirable. Dividends are not paid out but are reinvested and added to the NAV of the ETN. Source:
  2. Still better than spending it on Starbucks?
  3. There’s always a huge buzz around Elon Musk and his Tesla brand. The car firm is one of the market leaders in the world of electric cars so fans and rivals around the world are always keen to see what new developments are on the horizon. And, like any good tech firm, Elon Musk’s Tesla is to hold its own keynote event, Battery Day. But just what is Battery Day, what time is Battery Day and how can Tesla fans tune in? Tesla Battery Day is a 2020 event that is set to showcase the latest generation of Tesla’s battery technology. Tesla Battery Day and the company’s stockholder meeting will take place on September 22nd, at 1:30pm Pacific Time. For those on the East Coast of the United States, the event will start at 4:30pm while in the UK fans will have to tune in at 9:30pm. In Elon Musk’s native South Africa, the Battery Day Event will take place at 10:30pm while those living down under on the East Coast of Australia will have to watch at 6:30am on September 23rd. You can view it live from their website: https://www.tesla.com/en_gb/2020shareholdermeeting Or you can view it on Youtube here:
  4. What a load of hogwash "people in cars don’t pay their fair share in terms of the taxes that they pay "
  5. Are the deals MTN are going to have on Black Friday in-store only or online as well? I don't want to stand in a queue if I can click buy on the website for the same deal.
  6. Boom! Don't care what the bloggers say, nothing beats owning property. Welcome to the club.
  7. EOH has announced that a number of its board members have resigned, including Pumeza Bam, Zunaid Mayet, and Rob Godlonton. Bam resigned from the EOH Holdings Board and various other EOH subsidiary boards and trusts with effect from 12 July 2019. She served as executive director for seven years and non-executive director for two years. Executive director and Nextec CEO Zunaid Mayet also resigned from both of these positions effective from the same date. Mayet was at EOH for 10 years and had been a member of the board for the last two years. “In order to ensure a smooth transition, Zunaid will assist with the handover of Nextec by 31 October 2019,” EOH said, “He thereafter intends embarking on a new entrepreneurial venture.” Executive Director and CEO of EOH’s ICT business, Rob Godlonton also resigned from the company with effect from 12 July 2019. “Rob has been at EOH for over 11 years and has been leading the EOH ICT business in South Africa with energy and dedication,” EOH said. “In order to ensure a smooth transition, Rob will assist with the handover of the ICT business by 31 October 2019.” EOH Group CEO Stephen van Coller and Financial Director Megan Pydigadu will assume caretaking leadership roles for the ICT and Nextec businesses on an interim basis, the company said.
  8. The Minister of Public Enterprises, Mr Pravin Gordhan, and the Chairman of the Eskom Board, Mr Jabu Mabuza, address the media on Eskom and the current electricity supply problems. Watch live:
  9. I have been seeing some news about them lately, do any of you have stocks in Trustco? Is this a company worth looking into, I am struggling to find info on whether they are good or bad the articles seems to be a mix bag of opinions.
  10. I assume generators accross the country will require a lot of Diesel. Is it possible that we will have a Diesel shortage?
  11. Bank or Pick n Pay I don't know where to get discounted airtime, I think the retailers are all full price.
  12. MTN is up 12% at the moment.
  13. I bought some BLU today, I glanced over their financials (I do not understand anything), but what seems to be the case is that they have cash and generate it quickly and I like a business with cash. Then my main motivation is Cell C, I think with the right strategy they can easily compete with other networks especially given their MVNO structure.
  14. Do we know when they are launching? I am really interested to see what they can offer to match or beat Tyme.
  15. I assume Naspers' shares will go down now as Multichoice moves off its books or does that not effect share price?
  16. 2019 banking fees Fees at Standard Bank, Absa, and Nedbank have all been hiked this week. FNB updates its fees in June, while Capitec’s fees will be updated in February 2019. Old Mutual’s Money Account fees are effective from October 2018, while Bidvest Bank’s new Grow account launched in December. The tables below show how fees for South Africa’s five major retail banks have changed, year-on-year, taking into account the April 2018 change in VAT to 15%. The accounts used are the respective banks’ mid-market accounts, where applicable. The calculations are based on an R500 transaction, which the banks have said is the most common range for cash-based transactions in the country. One of the big changes between 2018 and 2019’s fee schedules is the restructuring or ’rounding’ of fees that were raised to be in line with the new VAT rate. In some cases, this has led to a slight decrease in prices, which appear to be have been absorbed by hikes elsewhere. Nedbank’s fee structures for 2019 have changed significantly, bringing it more in line with competitors, and seeing a significant reduction in some fees. Bidvest Bank’s Grow Account is a new account that will ultimately replace the current transactional account, so its fees are compared to the standing fees for the latter account. Other new entrants that qualify as traditional retail accounts (such as African Bank’s myWORLD) will be included upon launch. Digital-only banks (Discovery Bank, TymeBank, BankZero and FNB eWallet eXtra) will have a separate feature when the banks have launched. You can review Capitec’s full 2018/19 pricing here. You can find FNB’s 2018/19 pricing guide here. Absa’s full 2019 pricing can be found here. Nedbank’s Savvy Plus 2019 pricing can be found here. You can view the Old Mutual Money Account fee schedule for 2018/19 here. Standard Bank’s full Elite 2019 pricing can be found here. You can view the Bidvest Bank Grow fee schedule for 2019 here. Source: https://businesstech.co.za
  17. Hello! Welcome to the forum. (also a mybb lurker.)
  18. Open for beta users I think: https://www.discovery.co.za/bank/join-discovery-bank
  19. Here is the catalog for Game Black Friday 2018 Download link: https://ufile.io/cxj3o (It's just hosted there nothing fishy.) Alternative link https://1drv.ms/b/s!AvGRxgH2pFhyx0_BuRVUahNd0Isb (Microsoft OneDrive)
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