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  1. Hi everyone, We (https://advicement.co.za) are looking to build some free online tools to assist people in understanding their investments. For example: Benefits of a tax-free savings accounts, how much will you save in tax after a certain number of years? How much will you have when you retire and how long will it last under various withdrawal assumptions? Are you maximising your retirement contributions and how can they be more optimal? What is the impact of fees on your investment? The idea is to create general tools which are easy-to-use and where you can change certain assumptions and see their impact. I was wondering if you would find such tools useful? Feel free to leave your opinion/criticism/ideas below. Cheers, Igor Rodionov, Advicement Investment Services
  2. Hi, My name is Igor Rodionov and I run the Advicement platform on the back of Easy Equities. Please feel free to drop me a msg if you have any questions about Advicement. Cheers, Igor Rodionov
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