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  1. Not the most trustworthy management around, they seem to be involved everywhere the Guptas are. Guess they're a good buy because of it.
  2. Kicking myself for still sitting with Anchor Capital shares. This has been a horrible year with them and their management seems as bad as it gets, but I don't want to sell at a loss.
  3. Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) are two of the biggest shopping events of the year, and on November 24, the world will be ready to shop. Please use this thread to post Black Friday deals, let's pick up some bargains together. What stores are doing Black Friday 2017? I will update this thread with the shops that are participating in Black Friday 2017. Please post shops as you discover them and I will add them to the list. 1. Game https://Game.co.za 2. Wootware https://Wootware.co.za 3. Checkers https://www.checkers.co.za/black-friday.html 4. Travelstart http://www.travelstart.co.za/lp/promotions/black-friday 5. Chain Reaction Cycles (Chain Reactions Cycles is running 4 weeks of Black Friday deals, with discounts on bicycles and clothing.) 6. Zando (Zando confirmed it will launch a Black Friday sale this year, offering discounts on clothing.) 7. Spree (Spree is giving away R100,000 in Black Friday Vouchers through OneDayOnly.) 8. Syntech (You can expect great deals on PC products, gadgets, and other goods from Syntech on Black Friday.) 9. Standard Bank (Standard Bank Business will offer South Africans something special on Black Friday.) 10. PriceCheck (PriceCheck will offer deals in 24 categories for 24 hours.) 11. MTN South Africa (MTN will hold “exclusive deals that will make lives even brighter this summer”.) 12. Loot (South Africans can look forward to great Black Friday deals from the shop.) 13. The Digital Experience (The Digital Experience will slash prices on a range of technology products and appliances.) 14. OneDayOnly (OneDayOnly will have a large offering of products at incredible discounts.) 15. eBucks (eBucks plans to give members great value by offering a 50% discount on its products.) 16. iStore (If you love Apple products, you do not want to miss its Black Friday deals.) 17. MultiChoice and DStv (MultiChoice will offer “fantastic” specials, and encourages people to keep an eye on its website on 23 November.) 18. Raru (Raru will offer Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, with unique, attractive offerings.) 19. Takealot (Takealot’s 2017 Blue Dot Sale will run across every department of the online store, offering all the best Black Friday deals in one place.) 20. Dion Wired (Dion Wired will offer great discounts on a wide range of tech and other products.) 21. Makro (Expect excellent deals on tech products, gadgets, and other goods from Makro.) 22. Vodacom 23. CapeRiverStone - boulders, stones and peach pips (https://www.caperiverstone.co.za/) This post also serves as a reminder to please save up right now and at the end of October, because you might be able to pick up appliances you wanted to buy for a while at a great discount, appliances that were too expensive at the time. We are all money conscious members, that is why we are a part of this great forum, so let's take a collective advantage and sniff out good deals together.
  4. OP if you can, after Pembury, please do Naspers.
  5. Outlook


    Welcome to the forum! It's nice to see so many new members every time I log in.
  6. Anyone owning GPL? It has been a tough ride this year, what is the collective opinion, is this company done?
  7. I must commend Carly, this woman does a better job than the news agencies. I do not think this thread gets the coverage it deserves. I am mailing it to News24.
  8. Looking for a leather one now, which can take business cards as well.
  9. I bought shoprite back in 2011 using PSG's platform still a great platform in regards to the information and research material that was available. I have sinced moved over to EasyEquities all the research and knowledge I get here and then all I need is a cheap way to execute it.
  10. Thanks for the insight Mr Dividend, also digesting.
  11. Admin, thanks so much for this tutorial, I know you are not telling people to buy Civic. However, I went and bought civic (quite a lot). Today I woke up and realised, my future looks a little brighter now. Thank you.
  12. The Minister of Police, Mr Fikile Mbalula addresses the South African public following the Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training Mduduzi Manana's alleged assault that took place at Fourways Cubana, Johannesburg. [video=youtube]
  13. Viewer discretion advised. This is mostly a rant and I apologize in advance. Recruiters can lick every inch of my ball$ack. Seriously. Dude hit me up, informs me about another opportunity, I ask a question to see if it's worth my time, and he dodges it asking for a phone call at a time he chose. Ended up wasting my time - like talking to a wall. Titles - This shiaatbitch had the title "Senior Executive Analyst Director" with 3 months experience. Get off LinkedIn and direct yourself to the nearest cliff immediately. Idiot graduates fresh from college sharing a post of her busty graduation photo and a lengthy list of people she could thank as if she won an Oscar. More disturbing than the post itself - Hundreds of creepy "happily married" men 40+ congratulating her, some even going so far as to offer her an interview. Get your thirsty self off LinkedIn and get yourself an eHarmony on the low if Tinder Senior Edition didn't cut it. Sales Account Executives I personally knew doing heavy drugs in College trying to be professional....Bro, you just posted a status on FB about how many milf hoes you pulled while LIT at Teazers. Mfers that add a new skill everyday. My bra, you're up to like 134 skills, work in customer service, but have Financial Modeling listed because you once filled out your taxes. Question Whores. You ask a question, someone answers it perfectly, but you ask 20 more questions and never end saying thank you. Dude ....shut the hell up, take the advice, try to apply it, and move on. We didn't sign up for a damn 200 question Q&A. Please feel free to add in your unique experiences.
  14. Oh I see now it is still ongoing - When do they vote?
  15. The title says it all. Of course, this isn't a watch, pair of shoes, or tie; likely nobody will recognize or care what wallet you have, but it's something you touch every day and should last a while, so it's nice to have a nice one. What brand? How long have you had it? Is it bifold? Trifold? And if you don't have a wallet, what do you use instead?
  16. I've never been a fan of precious metals. I think people are blinded by the finance world marketing gold as a "safe heaven". That was probably true in the 1920s.
  17. Outlook

    Status update

    You 'hear' a lot about letters being silent, but the h in "sure" is invisible.
  18. What is this crap. Have we not been told time and time again, time in the market is much more important than timing the market?
  19. Would you use coreshare's over EE concidering although the cost seems matched, Coreshares charges a platform percentage fee per year (So not a fan since this is the thing EE fought against). Then also keeping in mind with EE you have access to a lot more than just ETFs including coreshare's etfs
  20. In case any of you missed the competition: https://platinumwealth.co.za/forum/Announcement-Refer-someone-Win-a-5-year-subscription-to-ShareFriend-Online
  21. Came here expecting something very differently.
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