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  1. PEMBURY LIFESTYLE GROUP LIMITED (Incorporated in the Republic of South Africa) (Registration number 2013/205899/06) (“PL Group” or “the Company”) ISIN Code: ZAE000222949 JSE Code: PEM UPDATE ANNOUNCEMENT ON SUSPENSION AND PUBLICATION OF RESULTS Shareholders are referred to the announcement issued on 2 May 2018 advising that as a result of technical IFRS and other key matters, there would be a delay in the finalisation of the audit and publication of the results announcement for the year ended 31 December 2017. In addition to the acquisition issues previously mentioned, the company also experienced poor accounting and controls during the second half of the year (primarily due to the appointment of a finance person who did not perform and who is no longer with the Company), which have subsequently been addressed. However, this only came to the attention of the Audit and Risk Committee (“ARC”) and Board meetings during March 2018 and the extent of the additional work and auditing required was not anticipated at the time. This necessitated additional resources and time to correct the information, which also required additional audit procedures. Regular meetings have been held by the ARC and Board during this period to actively address and monitor the situation. Measures have been put in place to avoid a repeat of this situation going forward. The audit is now substantially complete with the final IFRS and quality control reviews of the Annual Financial Statements taking place next week, with ARC and Board meetings set for the week thereafter to approve the results announcement, the Annual Financial Statements, and the Annual Report. The application will be made to the JSE to lift the suspension of trade in the Company’s securities once the Annual Report has been printed and posted to shareholders, which will be completed before the end of July 2018. BY ORDER OF THE BOARD Johannesburg 6 July 2018 SENS: https://senspdf.jse.co.za/documents/SENS_20180706_S401989.pdf
  2. Very nice article with Brain Joffe and long 4 life -> http://moneyweb-2.instantmagazine.com/investor/the-moneyweb-investor-issue-46/its-early-days-for-long4life/
  3. Hello Tino, welcome to our finance forum!
  4. Yes, it's set as my primary DNS I watch BBC iPlayer and HBO regularly.
  5. Lady Bird 6/10 A bit awkward at times, but it's a good film about growing up.
  6. I noticed that as well, can't recall that is was always that way.
  7. Do we get the MSCI Nigeria ETF on EasyEquities? Link to ETF https://www.globalxfunds.com/funds/nge/
  8. Outlook

    Your TFIA/TFSA

    Did you have to pay any fees? I have a TFSA with ABSA and after their latest move, I am thinking of going to EasyEquities.
  9. Outlook

    JSE HeatMap

    Where can I find a Heatmap of the JSE stocks? I would like to be able to filter based on a few selections like: Whole Market - excluding Warrants Top 40 Market Cap Top 100 Market Cap JSE Indices My google foo is failing me.
  10. Hahaha! Where is @SimonPB isn't he a photographer fundie as well?
  11. Good to know, I myself mainly use my phone (LG G6) to take pictures, mainly of the family and the odd Taxi being a complete *bad word* please do not do that tard.
  12. Boggles the mind that the JSE allowed it, even after the report came out.
  13. I am also a fan of the capped approach, but age probably plays a role if I was in my 20's I would probably have gone full Naspers and bitcoin, but as one age the idea of a capped unit trust starts to sound more and more appealing.
  14. That might hurt. Well, Resilient will hurt.
  15. Aha, so you like to do "real photography" basically you require a good zoom?
  16. I only notice now we had Tiger Brands in there.
  17. I understand what you are saying, but the reality is that Naspers has a rock solid track record and is one of the best-diversified companies on the JSE, so with that information at hand what would you do? This is what I also fear like spreadsheet mentioned what if Naspers has "irregularities" like Steinhoff had. What if most of our Top40 companies are not what they appear.
  18. Wow, that is very interesting! I did not know that - will that be within their ecosystem, like newfunds etf lending to ABSA or will they lend to other brokers too? How does this work in practice?
  19. What phone do you have @bandit? I see the new Samsung S9 has an incredible camera, plus it doubles up as a phone!
  20. When someone says "I'm bullish this or that"
  21. Something that *bad word* please do not do thates me off is that we must be blamed and hunted for being more technologically advanced. It's not my fault my ancestors had guns, boats and ambition and yours didn't, why didn't yours have, they both started at the same point, mine won and I'm thankful for that. /flame suite on
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