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  1. Zuma has kicked an own goal that will almost guarantee SA junk status at the end of the year – political analyst. Read More MoneyWeb
  2. That will not happen, it's generally not how a forum works. Each to their own.
  3. Haha, it's called light trolling all fun and games brings a bit of personality into the mix no harm. Tell me @rayyaanS, what is this proposition about? Assume there are Independent Financial advisors and tax consultants reading your post and is not registered here yet what information can they use, perhaps if possible give a little more information about what you are looking for/offering.
  4. http://www.dailymaverick.co.za/article/2016-08-23-breaking-sars-wars-endgame-hawks-order-pravin-gordhan-and-others-to-present-themselves And the Rand took it
  5. I have the same problem, I ditched it and went with the bloomberg app. There is no alternative imo.
  6. Thoughts on Datacentrix Holdings Limited ?
  7. Interesting I assume Google Finance shows the pricing at 4:45PM where are Bloomberg says 11:00 AM Thursday, Eastern Time (ET) is 5:00 PM Thursday, in South Africa Can that be the 15min delay? I am thumb sucking here.
  8. JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Workers went on strike at various power plants ran by South African state-run power utility Eskom despite a court order prohibiting union members from downing tools, the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) said on Wednesday. (Reporting by Nqobile Dludla; Editing by James Macharia) Source: Sharenet
  9. These of you guys who like ROC and NEPI I see NEPI's Interim results will be published on 10 Aug 2016 (Wednesday)
  10. I have some friends who would like to go to Europe and other countries to Teach English abroad, but they have no idea who to use or what companies are reputable to contact. Is it possible to give the details of legitimate companies that they can contact? (All of them have teaching degrees most studied at Wellington)
  11. I am really interested to see how this election will play out tomorrow. My feeling is that should the ANC appear to lose strength and the DA appears stronger than before that might interest foreign investors that a regime chance is still possible and boost our economy. That is my feel, other than the DA gaining more power I don't see how else the ZAR will ever go below R10 again. How do you guys think this election will impact SA Co?
  12. JSE:JSE JSE:TAS Taking hits like there is no tomorrow
  13. Source: http://www.netwerk24.com/ZA/Eikestadnuus/Nuus/van-breda-moorde-so-het-hulle-gesterf-so-het-hulle-gesterf-20160622-2
  14. Capco is now a wild card. I want to buy, but I guess I will wait for this to settle it appears to be in a free fall.
  15. Capco has my attention. Property stocks usually suffer the most during and economic crises so I will be buying if they fall below R57.
  16. No I am not associated with Microsoft. I just like the name since back from the IRC days.
  17. Outlook

    Your TFIA/TFSA

    Would be interested if someone can make a thread with Buying a house vs Renting. As I am also looking into buying buying a place, because renting is starting to feel like I am making someone else rich with my hard earned cash.
  18. My DBxWD got absolutely annihilated this year, since November actually. I envy those who has the opportunity to buy in at this low cost now. Over all it seems our JSE is affordable at the moment if you could stock up with a lumpsum in a top 40 and mid cap ETFs with the JSE sitting on 52800 points.
  19. Damn. Just when I thought I had a golden idea.
  20. Just trying to go through some ideas for a new online venture, feel free to give feedback. When I am buying books (usually as a gift for someone) I often need to go through titles I never heard about. It's quite difficult to decide which one is good. It would be great if I can just take a picture of the cover with my mobile phone and it would instantly show me real time reviews from the readers (via Takealot or something). Could also show prices in different stores too. Users should also be able to review books on the platform that way I/We can build up our own database of reviews and become the Imdb of books.
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