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  1. So Sea Harvest listed. How long does it take to show in google finance? PS. There is a lot of buzz on twitter about this listing.
  2. Must admit that i won't go for them right of the bat. Will let them mature for a week or so to get settled. I've read somewhere that they pretty much have fixed quotas for fishing, and pretty much fill them every time, so they are quite constant. They are also a household name (could be my own preference playing here perhaps) and they have the whole BBBEE thing down. Suppose we will have to wait and see how they approach the listing.
  3. Nice, think I might dive into some Sea Harvest once it lists.
  4. Seems they will keep on moving the deadline each year.
  5. How do you check die volumes? Is it the chart underneath the google finance one? Also how does it work, is it showing shares sold/bought/available?
  6. Particular skill I suppose. I try to target US companies, as I know they don't really make use of quantity surveyors, thus making my proposal a niche one to building contractors. I mostly compete with Australian guys, but due to the exchange rate i am mostly able to undercut them. A few US dollars gets me a lot further than it would a Aussie.
  7. Everyone here yelling go AXL go, and here i am staring at the bottomless pit that is my DRD share profile.... FML, if i ever get out of this, a bottle of the finest Mo√ęt wouldn't be enough.
  8. I recently started doing freelance work using the Upwork website. Did 2 small projects for a US company. Worked well, except for when payment rolls around. I don't have an international bank account, making payment a bit more tedious, luckily they were willing to pay into my Paypal account, so the money is just sitting there for now. I think if you really give it a bash you can get quite a few projects on the website, seeing as you get rated by the clients as-well. Higher ratings = more jobs (i hope)
  9. I still have an active subscription to Popular Mechanics (Although i get the digital version as part of my subscription) It's true that the content is mostly outdated, or that most information is available on the internet, but i must be honest i do look forward sitting on the potty with my PM. Heck, we still have a magazine holder in our loo.
  10. So i thought i might as-well re-introduce myself. Been part of this here establishment last year, got caught up in real world struggles and studies, but made it my new years resolution to sort out my investment priorities (you know, new year new me, etc...) and also to re-contribute in 2017. Looking forward to the 2017 investment year....
  11. I see CRD is having a very good day. Getting all that "old days" tailings left over for processing. And here i sit with a forever position in DRD.... FML
  12. That website though..., looks like one of those "This is the best kept secret since sliced bread, click to find out more" websites
  13. I seem to do this each time, telling myself, maybe it'll go up to 18% maybe 20% then I'll sell, but alas, no joy for me. Guess i will have to buy more to get the average price down, hopefully there will be some joy in the future
  14. DRD got "klapped" this morning, wiping out all my gains. Yet i cannot see why this happened.
  15. I have been thinking for a while now if it would be worthwhile to move some money offshore. Especially looking at the ZAR/Sterling. You can open an account at Standard Bank Ilse of Man (talked to them last year), deposit approx. R 100k and just let it sit there. There is no account fees if you have a minimum amount in the account. Unfortunately there is no interest. So unless you take it our from that account and use it for investing in some other venture in sterling, there will be no growth. But, my thinking was that maybe the pound might strengthen again in a few years time, with the ZAR maybe again losing value. Another plus is that money is already offshore should you require i for travel purposes.
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