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  1. Hi There If any of you are interested in trading using algorithms. Algotrading is now offering free training, webinars and a whole bunch of other goodies if you register for a GT247 trading account through the algotrading.co.za website. http://www.algotrading.co.za/trade-with-gt247/
  2. Definitely agree with your points. I only trade FX and Futures so for me it works well. I also try not to leave trades open over night due to the stop issue when the market is closed, but sometimes it has work out for me as trades have closed double what the take profit is. But when it comes to stops it could be costly.
  3. Hi There Guys I would definitely go with GT247. Low fees , low spread, small minimum deposit and added benefit of metatrader 5
  4. I have switched over from prorealtime to mt5 on gt247. Daily analysis will now be done on mt5. Also lookout for mt5 algo tutorials on the algotrading website.
  5. Hi Bianca What trading platform are you using? I create custom stock screeners using prorealtine on the if platform.
  6. Not much of a share trader but IG is the best day trading platform by miles.
  7. PIK is approaching a Major support area at 6000 if it breaks below there I would wait to see if it reaches 5000 before buying.
  8. Integrity is the key. I am a freelance developer that always strives to make an effort to deliver the same service across the board. Projects need to be scoped and billed for accurately and time management should not be at the expense of the client. Honest people will get more work in the future.
  9. Looks like Zuma got his way. Big Gap up on SASOL this morning and climbing
  10. I would wait for it to hit the 36,000 mark before buying. Check out my analysis when it goes up
  11. OK Sasol it is be sure to check Daily Analysis later this evening.
  12. Thanks All Some good picks. Any Concensus on a stock. Somebody like anyone elses.
  13. KAP I can do my charting software actually has no data for AXL yet. Lets get some more replies and put it to a vote.
  14. Hi All Please let me know what stock you would like to be analysed in today's Daily Analysis. Remember to check out Daily Analysis in the insights section. https://platinumwealth.co.za/insights/ Feedback is always welcome. Lets debate , share and learn from each other. Thanks Stanton
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