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  1. Blue Label powers higher on robust results Blue Label Telecoms’ share price shot up more than 10% in Thursday morning trading on the JSE after reporting a strong set of interim results for the six months ended 30 November 2017. Adjusted core headline earnings per share — stripping out the effects of the Cell C and 3G Mobile acquisitions to provide a “like-for-like” comparison — shot up by 21% year on year to 75.59c. With the two acquisitions factored into the numbers, core Heps rose by 108% to 168.42c on revenue of R13.5 billion. Core headline earnings were R1.4 billion. Earnings included the group’s share of profits in Cell C of R928 million, of which R865 million was from the recognition of a deferred tax asset. Cell C has as much as another R3 billion it can recognize, which the mobile operator intends to apply in the coming years. Blue Label’s share of profits from 3G Mobile amounted to R36 million. Blue Label co-CEO Brett Levy said the company’s acquisition of a 45% stake in Cell C in a deal worth R5.5 billion will soon begin to bear significant fruit for the group. “It will be a very strong third network that has a lot to offer consumers. Results for 2017 were exceptional, but a lot of it was to do with the recapitalisation.” Levy hinted that he expects Cell C’s 2018 financial performance to be robust. “Our investment in Cell C provides a compelling value proposition to the group, to Cell C and its customers through vertical integration that will afford both companies the opportunity to realise synergies in product distribution,” Blue Label said in a statement. “Cell C now has a sustainable capital structure to deliver on its strategic objectives.” Levy’s co-CEO (and brother), Mark Levy, said the Cell C and 3G Mobile deals have created a platform for further strong growth in the years to come. A big focus for 2018 is on expanding Blue Label’s distribution footprint and product offerings, particularly in the informal market, the group said. This will be done by providing many more point-of-sale devices to independent traders. Financing 3G Mobile is expected to benefit from growing demand for low-cost and refurbished smartphones. Through subsidiary Comm Equipment Company, it plans to offer financing to consumers on a range of products beyond cellphones, including satellite decoders. In prepaid electricity, where growth continues to be robust — albeit on thin margins — Blue Label intends to work with key municipalities to offer a “full turnkey revenue management system, credit control services, audits, meter replacements and new installations”. Its Mexican operation, meanwhile, is soon expected to contribute to group profits for the first time thanks to an improvement in revenue and sustained improved gross profit margins and compounding annuity revenue generated from starter packs, it said. Blue Label generated R3.1 billion in cash from operating activities in the interim period. It does not, however, declare an interim dividend. The Levy brothers together directly hold 13.7% of Blue Label’s equity. Its biggest shareholder is Allan Gray, which holds a 15.9% stake on behalf of its clients. — © 2018 NewsCentral Media
  2. I really hope Capitec doesn't get killed today.
  3. The more I read about this company the more I am liking it. Some really good diversification opportunities here.
  4. Hey, welcome to the forum. I think this thread would be a good start. It's the JSE top picks for 2018. Shares that I am looking at and invested in at the moment that kind of fit your criteria will be Long 4 Life, Pembury and PSG (After the Capitec saga). ETFs, have a look at the Ashburton Global 1200 or the Satrix World one, I think the Sygnia ETFs are the expensive ones and Satrix is the cheap ones, perhaps someone can just correct me there.
  5. Michael Jordaan, Yatin Narsai to launch a new app-driven bank. Bank Zero, a new play by Michael Jordaan and Yatin Narsai, is the latest banking venture to receive a provisional license from the South African Reserve Bank (Sarb). The 45% black-owned bank, due to launch in the fourth quarter, will be app-driven and operate under a mutual bank license. “The mutual banking concept mirrors current social media trends and benefits customers by allowing for the support and creation of financial communities. It also provides for a capital-efficient framework, and Bank Zero will be sharing the subsequent cost benefits with its customers (both businesses and individuals),” Bank Zero said in a statement. According to Jordaan, the bank's offerings will be in line with modern-day realities. “Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram are the new normal for societies. Why shouldn’t banks also innovate in this era of wider connectedness whilst still ensuring a robust banking value proposition? Bank Zero is addressing these realities, while employing cutting-edge technologies, minimising typical admin-intensive processes and delivering state-of-the-art security.” Jordaan and Narsai, tech entrepreneurs and banking innovators, spent a decade at FNB, during which the time the bank was recognized as the most innovative bank in the world. In addition to Bank Zero, the Sarb has most recently issued banking licenses to insurer Discovery and Tyme Digital by Australia’s Commonwealth Bank, both of which are expected to launch offerings later this year. Source: Moneyweb
  6. Wow the share prices is killed. EOH Down 40%
  7. Any of you buying Steinhoff International Holdings - surely this massive drop is just knee jerk
  8. I read books, Google and just do my own sort of research, when I need help, I go to family and friends to get a sense of what they are doing and then I will go and read about what was discussed a bit further.
  9. Lewis is a interesting one for me, they seem to have a good potential upside if this country and get it's act together.
  10. Where is @AstroTurf I think he owns Grand Parade Investments form the early days.
  11. I am not really qualified to tell you why or what you should buy, but my portfolio looks as follows: SYGP ~10% (I read somewhere one must always try to keep a little bit of property in one's portfolio.) SYGWD ~50% (It's 58% US stocks, 8.9% Japan stocks and 6.4% UK stocks) I feel that is a pretty good mix of offshore stocks/exposure. NFEMOM ~30% (We had a thread about this ETF and it was mentioned in the PW e-book, I like the methodology it's different stocks over the long term without me having to do the work.) DBCHIN ~10% (ETN, but I wanted exposure to China.)
  12. Ride the wave I guess. However, for all the guests reading this post, the OP is 100% a pyramid scheme no two ways about it, so use extreme caution, it will fail and it's swift without warning.
  13. I wish I had Kumba, I actually have a picture here somewhere in the stock watch thread around April where I said I am considering buying it (https://platinumwealth.co.za/forum/Thread-Stock-Watch-Thread) of course I did not buy it and look at this beast now.
  14. From Fin24: 2. Zando – Online clothing retailer Zando is currently offering up to 80% off items on its website as part of its Black Friday promotion and will continue to run these through to Monday. 3. Totalsports - Sports gear and technology retailer Totalsports is continuing its Black Friday sale. 4. Zasttra – The online clothing and accessory retailer is offering 80% off everything in its online store until Cyber Monday. 5. Superbalist – The online clothing retailer has been offering items at special sales prices since the beginning of the week and is expected to run these through to Cyber Monday. 6. Studio88 - Clothing retailer Studio88 has posted sale items till Monday on a dedicated page. 7. Adidas - Sport brand Adidas is requesting customers to sign-up to its online store to receive 15% off selected products. 8. Dion - Dion Wired will be offering Cyber Monday deals in-store and online, with up to 70% off. 9. Vodacom - Vodacom is offering discounted prices on Nokia, Sony, LG and Huawei phones - and more - for Black Friday and Cyber Monday from 24 November until 27 November 2017. 10. Stax - Audio products retailer Stax will run its Black Friday sale till 27 November, with numerous products expected to be on sale. 11. Rugged SA - Rugged SA’s Black Friday sale will run from 24 to 27 November, with up to 70% off products. 12. MRP Home – Mr Price Home is having an extended sale around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, called the Black Fiveday Promo from November 20 to 27. 13. Spree - After a record-breaking Black Friday campaign, online fashion retailer Spree is offering a sitewide discount on Cyber Monday.
  15. Game Cyber Monday 2017 https://www.game.co.za/mddstorefront/game-za/en/leaflets/index Raru Cyber Monday 2017 https://raru.co.za/
  16. 8TB harddrive from Takealot -> https://www.takealot.com/seagate-barracuda-pro-8tb-3-5-desktop-internal-drive/PLID45207682
  17. https://www.makro.co.za/www.makro.co.za/CyberMonday27Nov17 Makro Cyber Monday 2017
  18. Here is Frontosa's price list for Black Friday 2017-11-24.zip
  19. These guys might have some Go Pro's for you https://www.outdoorphoto.co.za/black-friday-2017-specials
  20. We run one of these Epson LX 1170 dot matrix printers to print invoices and stuff, had this machine for many years. Saturday night our windows 10 machine updated and after the update, the printer no longer seems to work. When we print the little "what's printing" icon comes up in the taskbar, but it shows there is nothing pending. It is almost as if windows does not communicate with the printer anymore. I suspect it is a drivers issue, as in the Epson LX 1170 II drivers are not compatible with windows 10. Do any of you perhaps run or use dot matrix printers on a windows 10 pc?
  21. This PEM stock is looking more and more attractive.
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