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  1. 1. See my post above. 2. The NFTRACI should be fairly constant over the short term since it consists of mixed term fixed deposits with predetermined interest rates. However, with the costs, it really isn't any better than a money market account. 3. Tyme bank offers excellent interest rates depending on how long you keep your money there: 6% interest from day 1, 7% after 30 days, 9% after 90 days. 10% if you give 10 days' notice after 90 days. (According to their website. I have some savings money there and have received these rates too.)
  2. Hi Just a few things you may have missed: When buying or selling a share, you must pay brokerage and Strate fees, and VAT is levied on these costs. Then there is securities transfer tax of 0.25% which is levied on every transfer of a security (both buying and selling). The Newfunds Govi ETF is a total return ETF. All dividends are reinvested in the fund and not paid out, so the return you get is inclusive of dividends. Thus, dividends should be excluded from your calculation. Finally, the NFGOVI is still subject to volatility and isn't guaranteed like a bank account. It's now actually down roughly 4% since three months ago. Between 10 March and 24 March, it lost almost 24% of it's value. So you'd still be timing the market. I've included the three-month graph below. Also, past performance may be different to future performance since the downgrade to junk status changes the way in which government bonds may be traded in South Africa. I still think it's a great solid ETF for the medium term, but high risk over the very short term (as in your three months). I'm not sure I'd take that risk if I was planning on investing for less than a year. Especially now in these uncertain economic times where volatility is at an all-time high.
  3. I'm hodling (using bitcoin terminology). I haven't sold anything, and I will buy my R3000 TFIA on the 25th as usual. Rand-cost averaging, I suppose. It will go up again - it always does. You own the shares, whether high or low. You only make a loss if you sell low.
  4. Here's the global coronavirus statstics and fact sheet page: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
  5. It's an absolute bloodbath out there. Will this be a 2008 all over again?
  6. Tax free investment account limit increased to R36000 per year. This is good!
  7. She can actually sing when she's not all drugged out. A rare gem from Miley Cyrus: Miley Cyrus covers Summertime Sadness in the Live Lounge_2020 02 04_23 51 19_1_568.mp4
  8. This is really very nice. However, if you want to make it even better, there is one problem that most people have with home loan calculators (that as far as I know not a single home loan calculator on the internet takes into account), and that is the monthly fee on the home loan. This is NEVER taken into account, although we almost all pay it. I pay R57.50 service fee every month on my home loan, and when I put my actual monthly payment into the calculator, it doesn't take this into account, so the results never balance with reality.
  9. An alternative would be to buy the FirstRand US Dollar Custodian Certificates ETF (DCCUSD). As far as I understand it, it buys US treasury bonds in Dollars and settles them (as well as the interest) in Rands, so you get the full effect of the fluctuation in the exchange rate on all your money plus the additional interest on bonds, making it slightly more lucrative than investing in the actual dollar.There is an article on it on JustOneLap: https://justonelap.com/etf-understanding-dccusd/
  10. Okay - since the minimum purchase of NFGOVI is R250, I'm going to start with a bigger base and have a smaller multiplier. Base: R250 Multiplier: 0.5 Total for year: R9750
  11. Yes, I'm doing my monthly R2750 to TFIA and then a flat monthly rate to non-TFIA ETFs and shares. But I'll play the game then with something small. Thinking of buying NFGOVI as the savings tool rather than a bank account, since it's returning around 10% in yields at the moment.
  12. I'm trying to improve the formula a little. The difference between the first and last months is just too big.
  13. Well, some "big dividends" for PTXTEN came in today - a special final dividend payout up until the date it changed to CSPROP it seems. And this one is substantially larger than last month's payout!
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