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  1. FTSE all share is INDEXFTSE: ASX on google finance and Top 40 I use investing.com https://za.investing.com/indices/ftse-jse-top-40-components
  2. Noobly

    Unit Trusts

    Years later, do any of you own Unit Trusts? I am looking at a 10x one or Sygnia unit trust now -- my portfolio on the JSE over the past 3 years have been negative, time to give this back to the pros.
  3. When is their AGM, I am struggling to find a lot of info on them, did they list recently or just flown under the radar?
  4. I generally buy airtime through my banking app (it's full price), would like to get discounts somewhere.
  5. I definitely think we need a motus thread - I see a ton of Hyundai and Kia cars on the road lately (and Uber as well, KIA). I will do some reading on them. These are tangible brands, I like that.
  6. I did not know that, maybe we need a thread for Motus. This stock looks interesting now as I think more and more people will have no option but to buy budget cars (like Hyundai, Kia) etc. Is this just renting out or are they the KIA and Hyundai guys in SA?
  7. I made a mistake there Googled Avis saw AVI forgot I own barloworld(avis) not AVI. sorry about that.
  8. this is the first time I heard about Motus, I should check them out. I own Barloworld shares (I bought them initially due to Avis, but I am not so sure how that industry is doing lately.) Our economy is probably hitting the rental industry?
  9. This image shows performance of Tongaat Hulett over a period of 1 week, 2 weeks, right up to 10 years. So the 1 week line shows the closing price 1 week ago, together with its move, total volume for the week and its high and low for the week. The 5 year line shows the closing price 5 years ago, the move between then and now, the total volume traded in the 5 years and the highest and lowest price during that 5 year period.
  10. I wanted to, but I am not sure how the "getting my money back into Capitec" works.
  11. ...this stock is in freefall. Stellenbosch accounting? To think TON and EOH where both stocks Sanlam's (Sanlam Private Wealth) analyst Alwyn van der Merwe said where the stocks to buy.
  12. Inside Rolls Royce Documentary HD Filmed over a landmark six-month period for the marque, Inside Rolls-Royce captures the extraordinary lengths Rolls-Royce’s dedicated and passionate workforce goes into creating and presenting the world’s finest motor cars. The film tracks the crafting of the Celestial Phantom – the most valuable Bespoke Rolls-Royce ever created. The extraordinary feat of hand-setting 446 diamonds into the car’s interior serves to display Rolls-Royce’s hallmark attention-to-detail.
  13. ACQUISITION OF MERCANTILE BANK HOLDINGS LIMITED AND ITS SUBSIDIARIES (“MERCANTILE”) Shareholders are referred to the SENS announcement dated 18 June 2018 that Capitec Bank, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Capitec, made a non-binding offer to purchase Mercantile. A further notification, included in Capitec’s interim results published on SENS on 26 September 2018, stated that Capitec Bank submitted a formal bid on 31 August 2018 to acquire Mercantile. The offer was made subsequent to the conclusion of a detailed due diligence on the operations of Mercantile. The Board is pleased to advise shareholders that Capitec Bank’s offer of R3.2 billion, to be adjusted by any change in the net asset value of Mercantile from 30 April 2018 to the completion date of the transaction, when all conditions precedent have been met, has been accepted. The purchase consideration will be paid from capital and cash reserves. The Board of Capitec Bank believes there are many opportunities in the market to serve small-to-medium enterprises and owner-managed businesses better, and the bank has commenced with a strategy to develop infrastructure to facilitate same. The acquisition of Mercantile will obviate the need to reinvent and create new systems and processes from scratch and thus fast track the bank’s objective to expand its focus to a broader bank strategy. Mercantile’s core business offer is business banking for small- to medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs and it is therefore well positioned to align with Capitec Bank’s business banking strategy. It was offered for sale by its shareholder, Caixa Geral de Depósitos S.A., a Portuguese bank, because it is divesting from non-core operations outside of Portugal as part of its recapitalisation plan. The transaction is subject to regulatory authority. Shareholders will be informed once all regulatory approvals have been received and the transaction is final. 22 November 2018 Stellenbosch Sponsor PSG Capital
  14. This is big. Cell C MVNO https://mobile.standardbank.co.za/
  15. MTN and Telkom Black Friday 2018 Deals MTN-Black-friday-2018-1.pdf MTN-Black-friday-2018-2.pdf
  16. It looks like the ANC wants to launch a mobile network on Cell C (which is Blue Label...)
  17. Dropping HARD at the moment.
  18. Every four years the United States (US) vote in the midterm elections. What are they? How does voting work? And what are the key issues dominating this 2018's vote? Here is a dummies guide. What are the midterm elections? Americans votes for a new president every four years in a general election. Midterm elections occur halfway through a president's term and are usually held in November. Midterm elections are not the same as state and local elections, which are held yearly. What do Americans vote for in the midterms? Americans vote for members of the Senate and the House of Representatives, which make up the upper and lower chambers of Congress. Congress is the legislative (i.e. law-making) branch of the US federal government. The House of Representatives consists of 435 seats that are up for election every two years. One third (35) of seats in the Senate is also up for election as members of the Senate serve staggered six-year terms. Also up for grabs are 36 state governors' offices, three US territory governors' offices, many mayors' offices and local officials. Voters will also decide on ballot measures such as former felons' right to vote. How does the Senate election work? The Senate is composed of senators, each of whom represents a single state in its entirety, with each state being equally represented by two senators. The winners in each state are the candidates who receive a plurality of the popular vote. To win the Senate, a party needs to win 51 seats. The Republicans currently hold 51 seats and the Democrats 49. However, out of the 35 seats up for election in 2018, 26 are held by Democrats. The party will therefore need to keep all 26 their seats and gain two seats to take control of the Senate – a tall order. How does the House of Representatives election work? To win the House, a party needs to win 218 of the 435 seats. The current House has 236 Republicans and 193 Democrats, with six vacant seats. The Democrats therefore need a net gain of 24 seats to win a majority. The House is composed of representatives who sit in congressional districts that are allocated to each of the 50 states on a basis of population as measured by the US Census, with each district entitled to one representative. All representatives are directly elected. The Republican Party currently controls both the House and the Senate. What are the polls saying? Polls are suggesting the Democrats are likely to win the House, while the Republicans will keep the Senate. Historically, the president's party is likely to lose the House in his first term. While unemployment is down and the economy is growing under President Donald Trump, Republicans are worried about his spending and greater voter turnout among Democrats could mean a victory for the blue party. According to early predictions more than a dozen Republican-held seats have already flipped, while the Democrats appear to be holding onto their seats. Why does it matter who wins? With the Republicans controlling both the Senate and the House, the Trump administration has until now enjoyed the full support of Congress. If the Democrats control the House, they will be able to hinder Trump's ability to implement programs as he wishes. The party with a majority in the chamber also controls its committee chairmanships and has the power to issue subpoenas – so a Democrat-controlled House could enforce aggressive oversight of investigations of the president's administration, including alleged Russia collusion, Trump's business dealings and sexual assault allegations against him. The House can also initiate impeachment proceedings against the president, although it would need a two-thirds majority in the Senate to remove him from office. Do people actually vote in the midterms? Voter turnout in the midterms is usually much lower than in the general elections, but this year seems to be a record year. Three days before the election, the New York Times reported that 31.5 million people had already voted in the absentee elections. According to the Pew Research Institute the number of votes cast in Democratic primaries for the House were 84% higher in July than at the same point in the 2014 midterm primaries. What are the key issues? Even though Trump is not on the ballot, he is at the centre of the 2018 election. The midterms are always seen as a referendum on the White House occupant but the billionaire businessman's unique approach and personality has taken the trend to a new level. Sending thousands of troops to the US-Mexico border to counter a migrant "invasion", questioning the validity of birth right citizenship and spreading stories of scandalous murders by undocumented immigrants, Trump and his Republicans are making immigration a closing argument of the campaign. The Democrats, in turn, have focused on health care with the central message to voters being that if Republicans strengthen their grip on Congress, they will destroy health care, including coverage protections for people with pre-existing medical conditions. What else? This year's midterms are said to be the most expensive in the history of the US with a total of $5.2bn being spent on campaigning, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Source: News24
  19. So I see Santova bought SAI Logistics, they do india and hong kong, that must add tremendous value to Santova and with their share price down 4% currently, I wonder if I should not pick some up?
  20. Now Chinese are opening their own Police Stations in South Africa, they have already opened 13 & this one was opened yesterday in PE. They even teach police to speak Chinese so that the Chinese people don't struggle to communicate with them. I want to say fake news, but somehow this along with Cyril's presidency makes me feel this is true, can anyone confirm?
  21. Halloween Day at Sygnia (Team State Capture)
  22. Multiply by Momentum has launched Multiply Money Full Article: https://www.iol.co.za/personal-finance/my-money/multiplying-money-made-easy-17636032
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