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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone can recommend someone local for obtaining bitcoin buy/sell signals? All of the people/entities I've come across are international. I'm trying to understand if there is someone local that uses any of the local exchanges.
  2. I'd be interested, can you PM me the details please. I need to set up a miner. I hear that Sumo Easy Miner is quite friendly ... unless there is a prerequisite..?
  3. Thanks Noobly and a fair comment. Just to point out that the company has been around for 8 years doing Forex trading and have just announced that they will be investing $70 Mill in Ethereum mining equipment. But a fair point ... always invest with caution.
  4. I'm not disputing that it could be a pyramid but I can only relay my personal experience and those of close family members (who did the introduction). They have been members for about 2 months and have withdrawn about 50% of their investment and still have 150% of their original investment left. So I've gone in with one of the oldest sayings within investment circles ... "never invest money that you cannot afford to lose". If in 3 months I can withdraw my original invested amount and let the interest compound ... then I've actually lost nothing. The upside however, could be to the moon.
  5. Any of you heard about this crowd USI-TECH? They pay interest at 1% a day and the payout is in bitcoin. I joined them about 2 weeks ago and can vouch for that. I'm busy with a withdrawal at the moment to prove it in its entirety. The duration of the term is 140 days and the interest is compounded (again confirmed). Joining is free and there is no monthly fee. They started this program in May 2017 and have consistently paid out (is the claim). With the compounding interest the investment grows quite rapidly. I've attached a spreadsheet for any calculations. investments are in 50 Euro
  6. Awesome! Thank you kindly. First real prize that I've won.... woop woop!
  7. Sounds good to me. Let me know when you're ready ... I've got a 3% promo code
  8. How would you know who has made payment into BTC address A? Basically how would you tie payment back to an individual?
  9. Count me in for a Nano S please. Sent from my SM-G950F using the Platinum Wealth app
  10. Well, being a novice, I took the plunge and bought 1 Ethereum .... now we wait and see. Almost in the green already in a few minutes.
  11. The problem with investing in the stock market is not knowing which shares to buy and when to buy them. With ShareFriend this problem is solved by ensuring you are able to choose winning shares and time your transactions for the best profit. http://www.pdsnet.co.za/index.php/sharefriend-pro-technical-analysis-charting-software/
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