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  1. Hi, Leroy. TBH the project is standing still at the moment. I'll happily notify you when the project picks up again. Please PM me your email and I'll add you to the mailing list, to keep you in the loop. Cheers
  2. If you're still interested in mining with us please PM me your email address so I can notify you when we launch ;-)
  3. We're switching gears a little bit and here's what we're up to. We're testing the feasibility of multi algorithm/coin mining pool. The pool will be local running on servers in SA. International server latency is around 300ms, we want to give miners a better latency than that and fast network access. We have hashbang.co.za and hashbang.africa domains registered and will be testing our alpha version of the pool very soon. More about the pool The setup includes mining multiple coins via intelligent software supporting multiple algorithms. We switch them to the best performing coins using intelligent software to maximize returns. We'll heavily test the feasibility of this during our alpha testing, but in principle, it should work just as Nichehash. Miners get paid out in a currency they choose(will be limited) The pool has a dashboard with the pool status and with graphs, block explorers, miner statistics, miner device benchmarks etc. This is what we're shooting for and the testing phase of this is crucial. We have our fingers crossed the feasibility works out and that the alpha release testing goes well. Would you be interested in joining our beta testing? Do you perhaps know of anyone who would want to help us out with testing or even join the pool? There will be no pool fees during beta testing so you pocket all the profit.
  4. Hey, everyone. Who would be interested in joining a South African mining pool for Aeon or Monero? If you have spare cycles available please consider Aeon as you can CPU mine. At the time of this post, it's trading at $3.46. Here are some stats from my mining operations for Aeon Unfortunately, I don't have any Monero stats.
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