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  1. I do not like my CTOP50 anymore I had for almost 2 years now and it has not done much. I understand it is a long term hold and stuff, but it still feels sad knowing what other stocks did in the same time frame, it is 2 years of my investment life wasted.
  2. I used your tutorial and bought 2 ethereums already in the green. You guys genuinely think ethereum will match bitcoin?
  3. Finding a charting package that is flexible allows you to enter your own analysis parameters. This gives you the options and placidity you need to do the thorough analysis that is needed when buying and selling shares. The ShareFriend software has many different indicators and mechanisms that you can use to narrow down which sectors are performing well, and which shares are worth buying. pdsnet.co.za
  4. Noobly

    Backend of Cryptocoins

    @BitcoinZAR I have the same questions
  5. That is what I was thinking, looked like it might have been a good point to enter if I wanted to flip it. But as those sens pointed out that flipping might not happen very soon and over the longer period there's probably better stocks out there currently.
  6. What do you guys think of Bowler Metcalf at the current level?
  7. Noobly


    Welcome, I posted this by my own accord and is in no way related to the live chat from Outlook
  8. He is a business man so that sort of instils some positiveness in me. Is he corrupt, we won't know, nut for me at this point anyone backing the ANC is questionable.
  9. I own them indirectly in my ETFs
  10. [video=youtube] Money and Speed: Inside the Black Box Money & Speed: Inside the Black Box is a thriller based on actual events that takes you to the heart of our automated financial world. Based on interviews with those directly involved and data visualizations up to the millisecond, it reconstructs the fastest and deepest U.S. stock market plunge ever. Money & Speed: Inside the Black Box is a TouchDoc developed by Marije Meerman from public broadcaster VPRO’s documentary series Backlight and design studio Catalogtree. This explorative documentary is a marriage of strong storytelling and meticulous visual analysis. The TouchDoc showcases the new possibilities opened up by the merger of the television with the computer screen.
  11. Noobly

    Unit Trusts

    Link to the Umbrella Unit Trust please, I will like to check it out.
  12. FNB's Ebucks seems like a you need to spend your money agreement whereas Capitec allows you to bank which is all you need to do. Then again I am not a FNB customer perhaps someone can give a real world example(s) how ebucks works? Maybe a thread dedicated to ebucks... I have always been interested, but also too lazy to research it.
  13. Do you own Finbond? I am thinking of maybe adding a few banks in my portfolio, but to choose the best ones... I'm at a loss as to what to look for when scouting a bank.
  14. INDI broke the 7000 mark quite lekker now, hopefully the sky is the limit now.
  15. Dischem for me please, strange why this company went red all of a sudden.
  16. Ratings agency Fitch has downgraded South Africa's investment grade to #Junk
  17. Did we skip a day? Not a biggy this is still an awesome initiative.
  18. True, but scope creep makes time management a nightmare for freelancers.
  19. This article might shed some light - https://www.moneyweb.co.za/news/companies-and-deals/what-is-going-on-at-central-rand-gold/ But then looking at the current price considering someone is willing to buy 11% of this company it might be worth picking up a few? http://www.sharenet.co.za/v3/sens_display.php?tdate=20170403140000&seq=38
  20. Saw this on twitter this morning something like a 5?
  21. Agree with @SimonPB sadly this is the Free market/capitalism it's good and we must defend it to death, but it does have it's caveats such as allowing corruption and the likes. As the end of the day this industry serves one god and that is money. Ethics is a different aspect that depends from one individual to the next. It's not ideal, but it is what it is. Slight O/T The Guptas will not be defeated by trying to focus on ethics. These oaks, must be drilled by the media every step of the day. If they open their mouth they must be drilled the same goes for any person linked to the. We need more agencies like amaBhungane proper investigative journalism to make their life a living hell.
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