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Do you own a Fitbit?

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I love this company, I bought my SO the Fitbit charge 2 a couple of months ago to help her watch her heart rate and sleep patterns during training etc.


I was so impressed, I bought myself a Fitbit Charge 2 yesterday and damn is this some incredible tech packed into such a small device.


For those who do not own one, it tracked your heart rate every second continuously during the day -- that is the coolest feature for me, it also counts your steps and tracks your sleep patterns which are the other main reason I bought it.



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I've got a Charge HR 2 and I love it, the data is great. I've got it set up to sync my workout data to Toggl as well which is nifty, info here if anyone is interested https://jcpretorius.com/post/2018/automatically-sync-fitbit-workouts-to-toggl

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That is pretty neat, I have mine synced to my personal website to show my heart rate and steps etc.

What I want to do next is get an electromagnetic magnet and a relay. 
The idea is to build a chest which is closed by this magnet which is controlled by the relay, which is controlled by my raspberry pi. 
So when I reach my step goal for the day, the chest unlocks and presents me with a sweet. 

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I have the Charge 2 mine lasts 5 odd days, mainly because I use it a lot to track my workouts in the gym. 

[mention=74]Carly1803[/mention] how long does your one last?
Well I also track my workouts obviously but I think I check the time much less than you arm flipping maniac. Mine easily lasts 7 days.

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I just saw this article about Google planning to acquire Fitbit.




The acquisition of Fitbit could mean Google will finally have a team able to build a Pixel Watch that can compete in the wearable market. Currently, Google only provides the Wear OS to third parties and this could help it expand its hardware portfolio.


Once the news broke, Fitbit shares rose over 30%. 



The link to the full article

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