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  1. Service/Product Description: Many professions, such as Chiropractors and Physiotherapists are required by their governing bodies (eg. Health Professionals Council as well as the Allied Health Professions Councils) to capture a consent form related to the COVID-19 pandemic when they treat their patients. This will create a mountain of paperwork that can easily get lost. [CUE intense music, cloud of smoke] Enter Online Forms - The solution to keep your consent forms and staff registers on a digital platform where they can't get lost and are safe from prying eyes. Simple capture form th
  2. I've got a "flex"... I might upgrade at some point though.
  3. I'm wondering if the online retailers would have learnt from last year and will have increased capacity to stop sites crashing as often etc.
  4. Pretty cool stuff! I've got a client that asked me to do a POC on a blockchain implementation... Which I did... now we wait. I do however think that there are people jumping on the blockchain bandwagon and using blockchain for blockchains sake in a lot of scenarios. But, it the tech industry buzz words and "new" stuff has always had this effect.
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