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  1. Dont know where Sygnia are on the the BC/ Crypto thing, they seem to have gone quiet. Agree kudos to ZAR X. Blockchain was made for Unit Trusts, its a match made in heaven I think This press release is light on detail about who is going to be disrupted, there are almost always winners and losers
  2. Wow....wonder why nobody has thought of this before ?? Blockchain seems like a very sensible solution for unit trusts
  3. Equity crowdfunding platform Uprise.Africa, ZAR X stock exchange partner to list startups on bourse https://ventureburn.com/2019/07/uprise-africa-zar-x-partnership/ Guys looks like ZAR X are at it again. Uprise are the guys that do some pretty cool crowdfunding like Drifter beer and Intergreatme check the link below https://uprise.africa/discover/
  4. Do you have to get tax clearance first or did EE put a structure in place that takes that admin away ?
  5. I did not see this coming !! Both Std Bank and JPMorgan launching blockchain payment solutions....wow These events matter because it makes moving money around much cheaper and faster....it benefits us the consumer ultimately Standard Bank builds blockchain for international payments "The platform aims to increase the speed and transparency of international payments and trades by providing an instantly-available record of documents and settlements stored in the cloud. " https://mybroadband.co.za/news/banking/297786-standard-bank-builds-blockchain-for-i
  6. Now this is very clever...Abra is a populat crypto platform but what they have now done is to link listed assets to a type of crypto ETF that tracks major listed assets....check out the story below. https://www.abra.com/ Since Abra runs on bitcoin, it automates all of its processes like asset holding, hedging, and user transactions with smart contracts. It supports 30 cryptocurrencies, 50 fiat currencies, and is led by crypto/finance leaders like Bill Barhydt/CEO (formerly a VP at Goldman Sachs and Technical Director at Netscape) and Daryl Puryear/CTO (formerly Directo
  7. Only picked up on this story today, don't know who else saw it ? TWK Agri trading on a 4 PE and 4% Div yield ... looks like a bit of a diamond in the rough , any thoughts ? https://www.moneyweb.co.za/news/companies-and-deals/there-is-life-in-agri-yet/ https://www.zarx.co.za/company-list/entry/twk-investments-limited
  8. With all the pain being felt in the crypto currency space its interesting to note how the market is maturing. The market for STO's is huge !! Security Token Offerings – the next Multi-Billion Dollar Market in 2019? Initial coin offerings (ICOs) were all the rage in 2017, raising a massive US$5.6 billion, but this year saw the emergence of the security token offerings (STOs), a market that’s predicted to be worth some US$10 trillion by 2020. In opposition to tokens offered in an ICO which do not give any rights or obligations and instead provide access to a specific
  9. R1mil for Larry Nestadt is pocket change he pays the parking attendant. He is probably neck deep in BLT since pre-listing
  10. We can now expand the conversation to include Tyme Bank ...any thoughts on these guys. I heard ARC they let 60% of the staff at Tyme go yesterday ....so how is Patrice creating jobs ? https://www.moneyweb.co.za/news/companies-and-deals/tymebank-disrupts-market-with-a-free-transactional-account/ (Free is my favorite brand )
  11. I agree on the fee issue, but what is a much bigger problem for me is the fact that when we pay someone money via EFT that money leaves my bank account and only reflects in a day or two with the recipient. Banks earn interest on these "overnight transfers" there is no reason for them to do so. In fact the SARB can and do settle all money transfers on a RTGS basis Real Time Gross Settlement , regardless of size of transfer. Which means that we can have our cash paid instantaneously....but nooooo the banks want to hold to earn the interest. They make money despite themselves !
  12. Anyone know what this is all about ?
  13. By way of an update market is now talking Block chain 3.0 some interesting startups in the space Stackr (https://www.gostackr.com/) What happens to your Crypto when you die ??? Stackr allows you to designate beneficiaries to receive your assets without going through a possibly lengthy and expensive probate process and estate taxes. In many jurisdictions, moving assets between crypto and traditional investments can trigger unnecessary taxable events. Stackr can be isolated from such events due to the trust structure, which means that it is only when you really need your m
  14. I agree with you, having said that it will have major impact on financial markets and how securities settle which will have a knock on effect on custodians and banks
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