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  1. Do any of you experience any issues with the DSTV app on the Samsung QLED TVs? It used to work (albeit finnicky), but now it seems that the DSTV app is completely broken. When I click on a channel it just goes black, no loading icon nothing.
  2. I will add a link here to the live feed when it happens on the day. As Finance Minister Tito Mboweni prepares to deliver his much-anticipated Medium Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) on 28 October 2020, dinner table conversations again turn to politics, fiscal and tax policy and the like. Of course, everyone knows what should be done and by when, but few have the energy and the inclination to do it. The need for decisive, urgent action has never been more critical. In between demonstrating his 'master chef' skills, Minister Mboweni has given South Africans a taste of
  3. Cape Town's mayoral committee on Tuesday supported a decision to lift water restrictions and to move to the lowest tariff from 1 November. The municipality said that the decision was based on three key considerations: the National Department of Water and Sanitation's lifting of its restrictions applicable to the Western Cape water supply system. projections that indicate dams are unlikely to drop below 50% by next winter. anticipated water usage this summer. The city said that the tariff had already been approved by council in terms of the city's
  4. The US government was suing Google Tuesday in what would be the biggest antitrust case in decades and a major test for the technology sector. A judicial source familiar with the matter confirmed the case was being filed, after the Wall Street Journal and New York Times reported that the Justice Department suit will accuse the California tech giant of illegal monopoly behavior to preserve its dominance in internet search and advertising. The move comes after months of investigations by federal and state antitrust enforcers seeking to check the power of the massive techno
  5. The fixing of defects at Eskom's Medupi Power Station, which has been hobbled by delays and design flaws, is expected to be concluded by year end, Chief Executive Andre de Ruyter said on Tuesday. Eskom reported that technical and structural defects had been identified on the flagship 4 800 MW facility, which was was touted as the answer to country's power supply constraints. Some units of the firm's other mega power station, Kusile, have also been defective. De Ruyter said Eskom had identified the design defects at Medupi and Kusile and was currently implementing the ne
  6. Okey, I get that bit, but where did you put the money or are you just spending it on everyday stuff now instead? I am going to approach this as a 50% Black Friday fund in case a big ticket item like a bed or Fridge or something is on special.
  7. Cell C has published its interim results for the six months ended June 2020, reflecting a R7.5-billion net loss after tax. The company said this loss was mainly as a result of once-off costs and adjustments, and also reflects impairments to the value of R5 billion. R5 billion worth of Cell C’s network and right-of-use assets were impaired due to the new MTN network arrangement. The company’s reported EBITDA is lower than the same period last year at R1.2 billion, and EBIT was declared at a loss of R.53 billion compared to a profit of R90 million in the first
  8. How did the interest rates killed it? (What magic am I missing)
  9. So far, off to a bad start. Been trying the whole day. I've tried every half hour or so, no luck. After adding it to Capitec entering my credentials, I get the following error message in the Capitec app: EasyEquities is currently unavailable, please try again later or contact support on: 010 141 2210 or [email protected] Not great, certainly won't be logging back in, feels like my time is being wasted, so a hard pass from me. Now I hope FNB's share offering is attractive since they also launched a low cost investing platform that is ac
  10. Is there any additional cost to using EasyEquities through Capitec vs using it directly? (what is the commercials between EasyE and Capitec so to speak) @jonobruton
  11. I received an e-mail now from Tymebank, that they enabled online shopping. Stay home and let your Mzansi and international shopping come to you. Use your TymeBank account to skip amaqueue, earn Smart Shopper Points everywhere you shop and DOUBLE Smart Shopper points when you shop with PnP Online. So try it out, get shopping online and be in front of the line. You’ve got this! The TymeBank team. How to shop online with TymeBank You can now shop online with your TymeBank card, you can shop online internationally and locally. Online shopping
  12. Curious if this is good or bad, my Credit Cost Multiple is 2.41 (my credit score is 675, which is good, but a credit cost multiple of 2.41 feels bad?)
  13. Wow. That is very reassuring. Question, I want to pay off the bond sooner than the actual time, my question is how does the logistics of that actually work? Can I just EFT them more money than what is needed, like right now with Rawson, my rent is R9k but I paid R10k every month just to get myself accustomed to higher prices so that extra R1k just sits with Rawson and earns some interest. Can I do the same with the bank, if my Bond Repayment is R10k can I just EFT R11k instead and they will know what to do with it or is this something you need to arrange wit
  14. I probably should've now that you mention it, it's the first time I am buying so the agents said they have a business they work with (bond originator) and I figured let me give it a shot they came back with 6.95 to 7.05% and I figured, meh it's better than I expected so its good. In hindsight I probably should've tried myself first, but if I am being honest, the whole process is so confusing it was nice with everyone holding my hand along the way (Even if for a little premium) I think when I buy property number two (if life goes well), then I will try to do the bond negotiation
  15. Mmmm, I can get 7.01% at (bank A) <- will name names when its done. Bank A is not my favorite. I am with Capitec so no options but to go with a different bank for the bond, but I am thinking maybe after 2 years I move to Bank B including my banking.
  16. Hello guys, Have any of you transferred your bond to a different bank yet? What was the process like? What are the costs involved?
  17. I'm just warming this thread up for when the inevitable hits. @BitcoinZAR hope you have your safety belt on. Goes without saying (stocked up on BTC), but now it's time for the fun bits. I picked up some $TOMO beginning of the year, already an amazing return, but I am going to ride this baby out. (In 2017 I did not sell enough, not making that mistake again in this run) I mean this #DeFi narrative playing now - it's all hype, but it will be an apocalyptic pump, the sad part is people will lose a ton of money again like 2017, so my word
  18. Tito Titus Mboweni, MP Minister of Finance… Today, I hereby table for the consideration of the House: The Division of Revenue Amendment Bill Adjustments Appropriation Bill Supplementary Budget Review Disaster Management Tax Relief Bill Disaster Management Tax Relief Administration Bill 1. INTRODUCTION Madam Speaker, We are in the midst of a fast-evolving pandemic. In South Africa and around the world, we have made the decision to protect each other. We have quickly adapted. We all now wear masks. We wash our hands more often. We maintain a safe s
  19. The good news for capitec users is that my app is free and does not overcharge. https://simcloud.co.za/ simcloud_presentation.pdf
  20. Covid-19 impact on car rental business is brutal. Motus is reducing car rental fleet by 40%, reducing workforce by 50%-60% and closing 20 branches.
  21. I suppose that plays a role hey, it's airtime. So main business is the Airtime API (more a B2B use case) and then secondary is the bulk list and automated recharges so also B2B, but I can imagine schools, churches etc will be the large users of this service. Basically trying to figure out if Gumtree is useful for targeting people and businesses that has prepaid airtime requirements. Also just made me think in general if gumtree advertising has a good ROI, because the platform feels cheaper to get your product accross than say Google Adwords or Twitter/Facebook Ads.
  22. I've mainly been advertising our business on Google Ads and Facebook Ads which is quite expensive, I understand the enhance targeting and I am sure if I spend more time to learn more about it I would get better value out of my money, but I'm just thinking of what other platforms there might be for a SA based business. Gumtree seems to do advertising and R250 to be on their home page sounds like a bargain. I wonder if they cap the impressions an advertiser can get, I mean there is only so much space on the home page and they have 10s of thousands of advertisers - so tyi
  23. What issues do you currently have with FNB? Thanks for the deposit lesson, I am tempted to just go for the 100% now with how the economy is, but putting up a deposit might be safer I suppose. How exactly does a deposit work, in other words lets say I want to get a bond for R1 000 000 what difference does it make if I put down R200 000 as a deposit VS asking for a loan of R800 000 instead?
  24. I think the bond originator gets paid by the bank so there should not be any costs to the seller, which is good - I just want to make sure that free service is not at my expense in terms of getting the best interest rate. IE, would a bond originator really be able to negotiate better than me, I mean I can sit with the banker and tell him if you give me a better rate I will swing my bank account or car loan over to you as well - I am assuming that is how negotiations with a bank works, and working on that assumption the question becomes; What leverage does the bond originator have
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