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  1. A friend of mine drives a Hyundai i10, but I can't seem to find info on Motus since it's so young and the analysts are not all over it. Where do the sales of a Hyundai or a Kia then fit into the profits of the company?
  2. Bird Box 6/10 Nothing particularly wrong, but they could have done so much more. The trailer is somewhat misleading with regards to time line.
  3. I do freelance writing and I'm looking to expand into the web content space, if you need a creative writer to put your company image into words, then you should send me a message. Job description: Freelance Content Writer Location: Telecommuting Permanent or part-time: Freelance About me: I'm an aspiring CSU technician studying via UNISA, also an avid reader and writer who decided to start a business using my passion for writing. What am I looking for: I want to work on content in various industries, write landing pages, newsletters and also company profiles. (Sidenote) I also do guest blo
  4. Well I also track my workouts obviously but I think I check the time much less than you arm flipping maniac. Mine easily lasts 7 days.
  5. A Star is Born 8.5/10 I might be biased as I adore Lady Gaga, however I have spoken to three other people who also concur it's an Oscar worthy movie. It's been done and redone but this modern twist doesn't take away anything from the soundness or entirety of the film. It's a goosebump giving, hard punching story addressing relevant issues. A beautiful story, I loved it.
  6. It's no news anymore that Henri van Breda has been found guilty on three counts of murder, attempted murder and obstruction of justice. Until the 5th of June when sentencing is to be handed down, Henri is in Pollsmoor prison. The state will push for the maximum sentence and I doubt Desai will deny it. Henri will probably not see the free world again in his lifetime. 23 years old and a life of incarceration ahead. Which is only fair considering the heinous crimes.
  7. Desai temporarily decided to remove himself from the trial after the death of his wife who struggled with a rare type of lymphoma.
  8. Answers have not been given for the temporary removal, he will still be presiding over the judgment which will now be handed down the 21st of May.
  9. It seems that Desai has temporarily been removed from the case. This may affect the date of the sentencing. It is speculated that Henri will be in court tomorrow for this to be clarified.
  10. The killing of a sacred deer 2017 0/10 Unrelatable characters, abrupt conversations, and scenes that are incomprehensible. Still have no idea what I have just seen. Collin Farrel and Nicole Kidman doesn't make it better.
  11. The Big Sick 2017 6/10 It's a cute story, has a few really funny moments. Good character development and story for that matter. Not the usual romcom you expect.
  12. [emoji2] Gorillaz - Doncomatic Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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