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  1. President Cyril Ramaphosa wants to cross-examine DA leader Mmusi Maimane and other witnesses interviewed by Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane as part of her investigation into the Bosasa donation saga. Maimane laid a complaint with the Public Protector in November last year, alleging the president had misled the National Assembly when he responded to a follow-up question by Maimane over a R500 000 payment from Bosasa, incorrectly believed to have been to Ramaphosa's son, Andile. On Tuesday, Mkhwebane - in response to a demand by Maimane that she release the "full and unredacted" investigation report into the Ramaphosa/Bosasa debacle - confirmed that Ramaphosa wanted to cross-examine witnesses she had interviewed. This includes Maimane. "Using my discretion in terms of Section 7 (9) of the Public Protector Act, I have requested President Ramaphosa to provide the questions they would want to ask, so that I can determine whether it is justifiable to allow that," Mkhwebane's letter reads. Adverse findings She also confirms she had issued Ramaphosa with a notice in terms of Section 7 (9) on May 30, 2019, giving him 10 days to respond to what are believed to be adverse findings against him. Ramaphosa requested an extension to June 28, the letter states. Mkhwebane said she had granted Ramaphosa an extension to June 21 to respond to the notice, "subsequent to which I can finalise my investigation and issue the report". A spokesperson for Maimane, Azola Mboniswa, on Wednesday said it was clear Ramaphosa was embroiled in a corruption scandal, and was employing Jacob Zuma-style tactics of questioning the complainants and whistleblowers, instead of dealing with the issues. "We would, however, be jumping the gun if we spoke about whether Mr Maimane will submit himself for cross-examination or not. We have received no formal communication requesting this - all we have is an update from the Public Protector. When that finally comes, Mr Maimane will seek legal advice," Mboniswa said. A brief history of how the Bosasa/Ramaphosa saga unfolded: Maimane confronted Ramaphosa with a signed affidavit by Peet Venter, a former auditor of now well-known and corruption-accused facilities management company, Bosasa during a question-and-answer session in Parliament in November 2018. Venter alleged in the affidavit that he paid R500 000 to the "Andile Ramaphosa Foundation", on the instruction of Bosasa CEO Gavin Watson, in October 2017, an attached a proof of payment. Ramaphosa responded that he was made aware of this issue, and had questioned his son Andile "at close range" over the contract he had with Bosasa. That same afternoon, Andile Ramaphosa told News24 he had never seen a cent of the R500 000, revealing crucially that his father had responded incorrectly to the National Assembly. Days later, after News24 discovered the true owner of the bank account on the proof of payment (Sandton law firm, Edelstein Farber Grobler), and sent questions to the law firm in question, Ramaphosa sent a letter to the speaker of Parliament, correcting his oral reply. The manner in which the donation was made, through a Bosasa front company named Miotto Trading and Advisory Services (owned by Venter's sister, Margaret Longworth) was also highlighted by News24. Ramaphosa explained that he had got it wrong. The R500 000 in question was never for his son, but a donation toward his CR17 ANC presidential campaign. The EFG account was used to house his campaign donations, and he had only become aware of this when his campaign managers pointed this out to him. The Sunday Independent reported over the weekend that a preliminary version of Mkhwebane's report found Ramaphosa had "inadvertently" misled Parliament and had failed to declare the R500 000 donation to his CR17 campaign by Watson. According to the report, Mkhwebane had found Ramaphosa violated the Constitution and the Executive Ethics Act. Update, 12:45pm: The Presidency issued a statement following the publication of this story, wherein President Ramaphosa confirmed receipt of the section 7 (9) notice from the Public Protector. He further confirmed his request to "exercise his entitlement" to question the complainant, Maimane, and other witnesses that appeared before Mkhwebane. Ramaphosa also reiterated his continued cooperation with the investigation. Source: News24
  2. Crime is completely out of control in the Western Cape. In the last six months 1875 people were murdered in the province, and in the past week alone 14 cases of murder were reported. This shocking statistic has spurred on the Western Cape Minister of Community Safety, Albert Fritz, to reach out to National Police Commissioner Bheki Cele to intervene. In a press statement Fritz said, “War is commonly defined by the UN and other such institutions as an act of conflict that has claimed more than 1000 lives. In the Western Cape, 1875 people were murdered in the past six months alone. This means that many of our most vulnerable residents in the province are living in a war zone.” Fritz will reach out to Cele to host an urgent meeting to address these senseless killings. Further to this, he will attend the Provincial Courts Efficiency Committee Meeting on Wednesday, June 12 chaired by Judge President Hlope where he will again call for the police to act. “As the Western Cape Government we will continue to do everything within our power to prevent crime through our programmes whilst working with our communities. Amongst others, these programmes prioritise the development of youth and drive job creation to ensure that individuals do not have to resort to a life of crime,” said Fritz. Source: https://www.westerncape.gov.za/news/police-mismanagement-crime-almost-2000-people-murdered-six-months-wc
  3. We actually wrote an article about this a few months ago. https://platinumwealth.co.za/insights/finance/building-an-emergency-fund/ One thing I would add is to look at Tymebank (we have them online if you have questions @TymeBank Team) If you use them as an emergency fund you will be earning more interest than any other bank in South Africa. With that said, personally, I do a 32-day notice account + credit card (if the funds need to be accessed right now) and then can be paid back from the notice account.
  4. Theresa May has bowed to intense pressure from her own party and named 7 June as the day she will step aside as Conservative leader, drawing her turbulent three-year premiership to a close. Speaking in Downing Street, May said it had been “the honour of my life” to serve as Britain’s second prime minister. Her voice breaking, she said she would leave “with no ill will, but with enormous and enduring gratitude”. The prime minister listed a series of what she said were her government’s achievements, including tackling the deficit, reducing unemployment and boosting funding for mental health. But she admitted: “It is and will alway remain a matter of deep regret to me that I have not been able to deliver Brexit.” Source: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/may/24/theresa-may-steps-down-resigns-tory-leader-conservative-brexit
  5. EU citizens will elect a new European Parliament between May 23 and 26. Voters in each of the bloc's 28 member states vote for their national parties, whose MEPs then form pan-European groups along rough ideological lines to work together in the parliament. With voting underway, polls suggest the centre-right European People's party and centre-left Socialists & Democrats are likely to remain the largest groups in parliament, but are likely to lose their combined majority for the first time. Financial Times have a poll tracker Election Results website also have a tracker Politico Election Tracker Europe Elects Tracker
  6. This article is 2 years old, I wonder if Cyril will push for this now, since he is president now. Link to article: https://city-press.news24.com/News/ramaphosa-wants-entrepreneurship-to-be-a-school-subject-20170317 Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa this week called for entrepreneurship to be included in the basic education school curriculum in order to create greater prosperity. Delivering the opening address of the Global Entrepreneurship Congress at Sandton Convention Centre, Ramaphosa, who made a fortune as a businessman, said the inclusion into the curriculum would ensure success stories such as Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba. Mashaba also got rich from business before turning to politics. “There is much more we can do, entrepreneurship must be part of the school curriculum ... So that young people must from an early age be encouraged to be problem solvers,” Ramaphosa said, adding that the inclusion would also ensure more job creators, rather than job seekers, were developed and that entrepreneurship would be seen a viable career option. Addressing an audience that included delegates from over 170 countries, several countries’ ministers, Small Business Development Minister Lindiwe Zulu, Mashaba and Telkom chairperson Jabu Mabuza as well as hundreds of investors and entrepreneurs, Ramaphosa said even though there wasn’t such a thing as an ideal entrepreneur, all of them still needed the basics to thrive. During the address, Ramaphosa told young entrepreneurs that the event should assist them in eventually signing business contracts with contacts made during the four-day conference. He said digital disruption was the ideal theme because the concept had become the cornerstone of economies worldwide. Jonathan Ortman, president of the Global Entrepreneurship Network and Chairperson of GEC, said the event being hosted in Africa for the first was an overdue development. “It is Africa’s time, one can’t avoid that. Even throughout the world this event has always had a strong participation from Africa especially in the last one held in Moscow in 2012,” Ortman said. The conference included numerous discussions on various aspects on businesses, digital revolution, the lagging behind of laws after technology and accessing “Angel Investors”.
  7. If you would like to send a tip-off anonymously, please direct message the admin account or email admin @ platinumwealth.co.za
  8. Any business with a concern about efficient and costs effective telecommunications should investigate porting over to a VOIP solution. If you have a reliable internet connection such as ADSL/VDSL, 3G/4G or Fibre, you can get a phone service delivered through your internet connection at a fraction of the cost compared to using a traditional Telkom landline. The most important takeaway from this article is that a VoIP system reduce costs, dramatically. Why will a VoIP system reduce my costs of my Telkom bill? A VoIP service provider does not require its own separate infrastructure like the PSTN of Telkom. Voice calls are simply transmitted over the same networks that power the Internet. This means that the ISP does not have to invest significant capital in laying phone lines to each and every house and business. VoIP is essentially piggybacking on the existing broadband network throughout South Africa. So, voice is treated exactly the same as normal data and media such as text and images on the Internet (like a Whatsapp). Just like sending email and pictures is practically free, voice calls also become extremely cheap. Can I move my telephone number if we change offices? Anyone who has moved a landline from one home to another knows the pain of dealing with Telkom. With VoIP, the phone number is no longer associated with a single device, residence or physical line, instead the VoIP phone number is associated with you and your account. This enables you to take the number with anywhere you go, and you can even use it to link your cell phone to your business or office – it’s a virtual number. Who is the cheapest VoIP provider in South Africa for my business? Skype has three packages For R57 per month you get 100 minutes to any South African mobile or landline number (effectively R 0.57 per minute) For R99 per month you get 400 minutes to any South African mobile or landline number (effectively R 0.24 per minute.) Then for R285 per month you get unlimited calls to any network and landline. Vox Telecom Costs between R234 and R762 per month and calls are charged at R0.46 per minute. (The monthly payment includes money for the calls.) FreshPHONE Zero sign up costs, Zero monthly costs, Zero cancellation costs. The call rates for FreshPHONE is R0.39 per min to Telkom local and national numbers and R0.69 per min to all cellular networks. MWEB Mweb have two VOIP packages a Starter package with 100 minutes at R59 per month, and a Lite package with 250 minutes at R99 per month. (59c per minute and 39.6c per minute respectively) Assuming you want a more business specific setup (multiple staff members or a call center) then a PBX system will be required. The cheapest hosted PBX solutions in South Africa IS (Internet Solutions) Ignite have a hosted PBX solution for R111 per extension (month to month) or R90 per extension (24 month contract) this gives you Ring groups, Voicemail to email, Call waiting (press 1 for sales) the full monty) and then you have to pay the per minute rates for calls you make which is R0.30 to Telkom landline calls and R0.74 to mobile numbers. Euphoria Telecom is R65 – R125 per user(extension) per month depending on features. Then their call rates are R0.34 per min to Telkom landlines and R0.79 per min to all South African mobile networks. Use VoIP for your startup business Launching your own business is not an easy task. Entrepreneurs soon find that their landline is not enough to handle the needs of the business, no matter how small. This is where VoIP comes in handy. VoIP service can provide much-needed features like auto attendant, group voicemail, multi device ring, automatic call routing etc. which normally requires an expensive building specific business line(s) setup with golden numbers and special hunting group landlines.
  9. We want to do some research into the consumer behavior of prepaid users. Where do you buy airtime? Do airtime discounts play a role, would you change providers if they offered a discount?
  10. I am busy looking at something @PDSNET have build which I think will fit perfectly - I'll provide feedback hopefully today.
  11. Their debt is now more than their market cap. https://www.bloomberg.com/quote/APN:SJ
  12. I will have the sub-forum setup for you before the end of the day (I was offline for a while after the email I sent to you.)
  13. From Twitter: Thanks for reaching out. We currently don't do international payments, feel free to ask us more questions. The TymeBank Team
  14. For the first time ever, Cell Cs financials: https://www.bluelabeltelecoms.co.za/online_results/interim-results-2019/pdf/cell-c-booklet.pdf
  15. I got some, thanks to my Naspers shares.
  16. Hey, @jonobruton can you assist?
  17. Decided to test out the new air fryer. So I air fried some chicken breasts stuffed with piquante peppers, feta and cheddar cheese wrapped in good ol' bacon. 40 minutes later (I will have to play with the temperature settings to see if I can decrease the cooking time.)
  18. President Cyril Ramaphosa will give the State of the Nation Address in Parliament on 7 February. For those living in Cape Town, getting around may be more difficult during the day’s festivities due to road closures. Below is a list of all road closures and the times they will be closed, to help you plan routes: 18h00 to 19h00 Roeland Street: between Buitenkant and Brandweer Streets 17h45 to 19h00 (Temporary Closure ±35 minutes) Klipper Road, Newlands: from Main Road (M4) to Newlands Avenue Princess Anne Avenue, Newlands: from Newlands Avenue to Union Avenue Newlands Avenue, Newlands: from Dean Street to Princess Anne Avenue Dean Street, Newlands, westbound: from Main Road (M4) to Newlands Avenue M3, Union Avenue, Rhodes Drive, Philip Kgosana Drive (De Waal Drive), Roeland Street, City-bound carriageway: from Newlands Avenue to city centre Woolsack Drive, Rondebosch, westbound: between Main Road (M4) and Rhodes Drive (M3) Anzio Road, Observatory: from Main Road (M4) to Philip Kgosana Drive (De Waal Drive) (M3) N2, Settlers Way City-bound carriageway: from Main Road (M4) to city centre 17h00 to 20h00 Buitenkant Street: between Darling and Strand Streets Darling Street: between Buitenkant and Canterbury Streets Harrington Street: between Darling and Roeland Streets 06h00 to 23h45 Church Sqaure Roeland Street: between Plein and Buitenkant Streets Closure of Company Gardens Government Avenue from Orange Street to Wale Street Plein Street from Longmarket Street to Roeland Street St John’s Street from Roeland Street to Vrede Street Gallery Lane Bouquet Street Hope Street: between Roeland and Glynn Streets Wesley Street: between Buitenkant and Hope Streets Glynn Street: between Buitenkant and Hope Streets Wale Street: between Queen Victoria and Adderley Streets Bureau Street: between Adderley and Parliament Streets Spin and Mostert Streets: between Corporation and Parliament Streets Parliament Street from the gates of Parliament to Longmarket Street Commercial Street: between Plein and Buitenkant Streets – becomes bi-directional Wesley and Glynn Streets: between Hope and Buitenkant Streets – becomes bi-directional President Cyril Ramaphosa will deliver his second state of the nation address (SONA) on Thursday at 19h00 in Cape Town. During an election year, two SONAs are held – one in February (to mark the final session of the outgoing parliament) and another after the new parliament has been constituted. The purpose of the address is to highlight the achievements and challenges experienced over the past year and presents the executive’s programme for the year ahead. It covers political, economic and social matters, and considers the general state of the country. It also reflects on South Africa’s domestic affairs as well as its relations in Africa and abroad. Ramaphosa is expected to address many of the lingering concerns at present – around land reform, state-owned enterprises, the creeping economy and unemployment – and will have to face debate on his speech in the week that follows. Many are expecting decisive action on Eskom, where Ramaphosa has promised to detail plans to split the struggling power utility. The 2019 SONA marks Ramaphosa’s first ‘real’ address, away from the infighting and political maneuvering that marred the 2018 speech, which was delayed as the ANC fought to get former president Jacob Zuma to resign. SONAs in the past, particularly under Zuma, often devolved into shouting matches and even violence, with disruptions from the EFF, and private security on the floor – a stark contrast to the air of elegance portrayed by politicians on the red carpet outside. Analysts expect a quieter, more dignified address under Ramaphosa – but the EFF has threatened to again disrupt proceedings unless the president addresses his links to Bosasa.
  19. Cape Town - Thirty-one residential properties have been completely destroyed and 28 properties sustained partial to major damage in the raging fires in the Betty's Bay area, east of Cape Town, the city's fire chief Theo Lane said on Saturday. A final inspection of all residential properties to ensure that every person was evacuated was done overnight, while "complete extinguishment of affected properties were being done", he said. "Thirty-one residential properties completely destroyed. Twenty-eight properties sustained partial to major damage. It is estimated that more than 12 800 hectares of vegetation was destroyed. "A full impact study will carried out to determine how much of the rare and endangered species of flora has been affected. Crews will remain on [the] scene for some considerable time to ensure that the fire is completely extinguished. The overnight rain has allowed for rapid cooling of the burn area," Lane said. Clarence Drive (R44 ) was reopened during the early hours of Saturday morning and no further road closures were in place, he said. On Friday night, residents of Franskraal near Gansbaai on the Southern Cape coastline were ordered to evacuate after the wildfire roared out of control, fanned by gusting wind. The Overstrand Municipality issued an emergency evacuation order as the fire raged, with authorities designating the Gansbaai Tourism Office Hall the emergency evacuation point. The order by the municipality's fire and disaster management department declared, "This message is for your safety, you are to immediately evacuate your home." A wildfire in the Karwyderskraal area also saw evacuation ordered for farms in the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley area. The areas evacuated by the Joint Operations Centre (JOC) at Hermanus Municipality Disaster Management are sections of Betty’s Bay; Gansbaai - Franskraal has been evacuated; and Karwyderskraal - Camphill, Bona Dea, Farms at the bottom end of Hemel-en-Aarde, and sections of Northcliff, Eastcliff, Fernkloof, Hermanus Heights, have been evacuated. Source: IOL
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