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How do I find out my credit score for free?

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In South Africa you can get a free credit score from the following websites:


Free Credit Report and Credit Score

XDS (The free report has scoring included):



Experian (The free report has scoring included as well.):



Free credit report excluding scoring

Transunion (The report is free, but you have to pay for scoring.):



Compuscan (The free report does not include scoring):



Paid Credit Checks

You can go to any Checkers or Shoprite MoneyMarket counter or you can do it online:

http://www.kudough.co.za/shoprite_partner.aspx (This credit report checks XDS, Transunion and Experian and will cost R79)


For a paid credit report that uses all 4 the credit bureaus mentioned you can use the below link to buy it online for R99:



Your credit score is an amount that can range between 330 and 850, the higher the score, the less risk you represent to creditors. With an excellent score, there is more chance you will receive lower rates and special deals, while with a poor score there is a much greater chance that you will not qualify for credit or loans.


What is a good credit score in South Africa?

In South Africa, an ideal credit score is anything above 645.


500 - 594 (NOT GOOD)

Most lenders will see you as very high risk and are unlikely to lend you money

595 - 610 (NEEDS WORK)

Most lenders will see you as a High risk, and are likely to offer you a loan at high interest rates, if at all.
611 - 628 (OKAY)

Most lenders will see you as an Average risk and may offer you a loan at high interest rates.
629 - 659 (GOOD)
Most lenders will see you as a Low risk, and are likely to offer you a loan at decent interest rates
660 - 730 (Excellent)
Most lenders will see you as a very low risk, and are likely to offer you a loan with a good interest rate


Reasons for having a low score:
You have paid late on one or more credit accounts

  • You have unpaid accounts
  • You are up to date with your payments, but have missed payments in the past that still reflect on your credit file
  • You have a judgment on your credit report
  • You are under administration
  • A form of legal action has been taken against you because of your payment history
  • You do not have enough credit history to create a score.


You can also use https://www.tymecoach.co.za to get your credit score for free.

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just tried with clearscore.co.za - I have never done one before. Got  680/705. Probably worth doing once in a while to make sure there are no issues with ID theft ect.


I like ClearScore. It's free and you get your credit record/score every month - not once a year like the others.

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