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  1. If local - would consider Storage - SSS - storage units Hyprop - HYP - pretty much top end retail - always grows dividends - although forecast to slow down slightly. Has (I think 20%) overseas exp Fairvest - small urban, often township centers. Seems they have found a gap and execute really well. Always grow yields. Overseas - Ecko Polska - polish retail - sure, you pay 20% tax but you do get euros.
  2. It's one of the way these very low TER ETF's make a bit of extra cash - lending out a portion of their book to for a fee.
  3. Anyone else having issues trying to reserve this through EE TFSA? Tried friday and today, click email - takes me to my account, enter amount, click apply, and, and, and, nothing...?
  4. Just be aware there are some issues using GT247 MT5 - mainly because MT5 was designed for FX/ futures - which get traded more or less 24/5 with pretty low spreads. 1) You cannot place OR modify OR cancel orders when the market is closed - can be a huge issue when you have a buy order about to be hit and some nasty news comes out after hours... 2)The do not action stops on last traded price (like every other broker!!) - but on the buy or sell price. This can make a huge difference (especial on thinly trade counters) and actually makes a mockery of thier charts which operate on last trade p
  5. ABSA (all) have shockingly bad charting software - might as well not have it it's so bad. BUT the best for TFSA and for their ETF only offering. EE depends on how much you are investing and duration. If your min trade is going to be R20K+ might be worth looking elsewhere. You can use it for swing trading liquid counters. Have check prices with my other accounts numerous times and they do give the best offer price at time of purchase. Guys that don't understand bid/offer should stay away - maybe let an adult do their investing for them. GT247 (MT5) - CFDs - so for day/swing trading.
  6. Hold till close on LDT (last day to trade) Div is already "priced in" - in will fall +_ around the value of the div the next day - maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less. Obviously they have sold a huge chunk of their business, and this will be reflected in the shares price the next day. I have LDT listed as the 9/1/2018 - could be wrong - but check. BTW remember 20% div tax.
  7. Not being able to modify/place orders after market closes is really starting to irritate me...
  8. Maybe - but then why not just 1? The more diverse in companies/sectors and geographic areas, the less risk. Also, most stocks are cyclical to a certain degree - so would the holder be prepared to be rotating stocks? No one size fits all - thank goodness otherwise we would all be buying the same few stocks - and we will have 5 NPNs and the rest would be on a pe of 2.
  9. Two others that needs consideration would be Aspen and ABinbev - might have a bit too much local bias with those ten.
  10. just tried with clearscore.co.za - I have never done one before. Got 680/705. Probably worth doing once in a while to make sure there are no issues with ID theft ect.
  11. Firstly, my portfolio is so in the red this year, I don't think I believe myself anymore... That said - to me this looks like an over reaction. Looks like some creative accounting was used - could be even on the criminal side. Debt seems to be the issue -but as is, the business seems to me cash positive. So once everything get out in the open ( and they will clean house and declare everything!) - I expect a rights issue to clear some of the debt.. Personally, do not put this is the same group as Africa Bank which was run by idiots. These guys are smart but have way to much debt and need
  12. Got some @ 2720 - pretty happy with that, but my avg cost is still R75 on that account. On my other account avg is R111.50 - ouch.
  13. The five picks I sent to FM for 2018 Aspen EOH Lewis Finbond Ecko Polska To be fair did not put too much thought into it.
  14. dieWerner - move to another broker then - not hard.
  15. Think it would worth trying - there is usually an increase on the day, and decrease the next day - so maybe buy 2 days before/ sell 2 days after. Do that 30 - 40 times and get 2 - 5% compounded every time. Even if only half worked out that would be a pretty good year.
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