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  1. Hi Does anyone know where I can find daily Open, High, Low, Closing data for 2019 for JSE Top 40?
  2. Hi All A general question to the forum. Which platform/broker do you use when trading ALSI/ALMI futures? My preferred one changed their cost structure and it is no longer feasible for me to use them.
  3. Hi I have a TFSA account with ABSA stockbrokers and would like to buy a REITS ETF. My primary objective is the income stream. Capital growth would be nice but secondary. I have 2 questions: 1. Do you feel it is a good time to buy into REITS given the following: Too many malls in South Africa. Malls struggling with full occupancy because of the consumer being under pressure. An increase (albeit slow) in online shopping. Slowdown in local manufacturing output which might lead to industrial parks coming under pressure as well. People being jittery about property in general because of EWC. 2. Which REITS ETF do you feel offers value at the moment? If anyone feels it is better to buy a specific REIT like Growthpoint or Redefine then please recommend. I am not hung up that it has to go into a TFSA.
  4. Thanks SaurusDNA I will definitely have a look.
  5. Thanks Bandit I am going to get some GLODIV now and perhaps stock up on ASHGEQ during the second half of the year.
  6. Thanks Bandit My departure point is to establish some form of income flow from international companies and that is why I focused on GLODIV. I do not know however if the dividends declared by GLODIV will necessarily be higher than ASHGEQ. I also don't know if GLODIV will change companies if different ones come along who pay better dividends or how regularly they will do that. Capital growth is obviously also a consideration but my primary consideration is income flow.
  7. I want to make a long term investment with international exposure. The CoreShares Global Dividend ETF looks attractive to me. Is this a good time to enter or has it run too hard already? Any views, opinions will be appreciated.
  8. Pizza

    Online Broker

    Thanks Bandit. Appreciate your input.
  9. Pizza

    Online Broker

    Hi all I would like some suggestions choosing an online broker for buying shares to hold and not for trading. I am not really interested in services like technical and fundamental analysis; rather low fees. A lot of people are punting Easy Equities. There are also some who don't like the site because it is apparently impossible to get live prices. Some also complain about the bid/offer spread on Easy Equities although that should be an issue with the market/market maker and not the broker. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Regards Pizza
  10. Pizza

    Trading group

    Hi Is there any trading group in Cape Town that meets on a regular basis? Not interested in other people's systems. I am looking for a person/persons that can keep me honest and learn a bit more about trading on Swordfish. Thanks Pizza
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