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  • The JSE Investment and Finance Forum

    Platinum Wealth is the soon-to-be-leading financial forum with an eye on the future of our country and the citizens of South Africa. No matter if the years of trading with just goods have gone by, us as a civilization have always looked towards how to get a better deal, how to have more – essentially to prosper. We have created a bigger platform for you to do so. A connection of your peers giving their tips and tricks for what has helped them reach their finance and investment goals.

    From personal finance and making money, to financial news and small business, we cover it all at Platinum Wealth. Pose your money and investment questions in our money and investment forums, we'll make sure they get answered. We want to guide a new generation of money-conscious readers. We are here to share tips that will help you live large without sacrificing your financial independence.

Finance forums


  1. Investments

    Discussions and questions about stock market investments, tax free savings, and high interest savings accounts.

  2. General Finance

    Discuss general personal finance issues and home accounting not covered on the other finance boards.

  3. Business Finance

    Discussions about business finance, such as accounts and accounting, business loans, taxes, and related business issues.

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