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    ETF Portfolio advice

    I would wait. The market is at a 52 week low and INDI, for example, is down 25%. I'd hang on to what I have for now, and start balancing it out by only buying those that you have too little of.
  2. SaurusDNA

    ETF Portfolio advice

    Hi Taurus and welcome to the forum. Disclaimer - I'm not a financial adviser - just a forum member with a few years of self-study and experience who invests and trades on the JSE, and the following discussion is based merely on my own observations and opinions. Yes, you have too many ETFs. It's not so much the number though, but rather that you have some that track exactly the same index/companies which duplicates your costs and skews your perceived exposure. A few observations: 1. A massive chunk of your investment is indirectly invested in a single company - namely Naspers. The Satrix Indi, Top 40 and RAFI are basically all investing in exactly the same few companies, but in differing percentages. The Indi is largely Naspers, which has historically performed exceptionally well, but now that the fundamentals of TenCent (of which Naspers owns 30%) has changed, the future may not be anywhere as near as attractive. I'd definitely be nervous with such a big percentage of my portfolio in Indi (plus, it's never a good idea to have such a big chunk of a portfolio in a single sector). If it were me, I'd combine all three of these into Satrix 40. 2. The Satrix S&P 500 and the Sygnia Itrix MSCI World are pretty much the same thing with a tiny bit of extra emerging market exposure in the MSCI world ETF. This is duplication and skews your exposure. 3. If you're looking for diversification in property, I'd go at least 20% property (10% local property (PTXTEN) and 10% offshore property (GLPROP)), since it's a different asset class and doesn't necessarily correlate to stocks. If the stock market crashes, these may very well shine. In fact, in the long term, property has always done well. 4. Ashburton Government bonds - a different asset class which is good for diversification but in the long run doesn't do as well as equities. Having these in your portfolio depends on your risk tolerance - these are much safer than stocks, but underperform in the long run (longer than 10 years). If you want diversification with bonds, go at least 10% bonds. Otherwise, it just doesn't add any value to your portfolio, because at 2% of your portfolio, the purpose of this asset class (risk reduction) simply isn't significant and you may as well put it in something higher risk with better potential returns. 5. Sygnia Japan and Eurostoxx: These are already covered in MSCI world. The combination of S&P500, Japan and Euro is pretty much what MSCI world has done for you anyway - you're just duplicating the Sygnia MSCI world ETF and splitting it up into it's components. All you get by having all of these is more costs and a skewed sense of diversification. Why not just combine all of these into MSCI world? 6. Nasdaq and Sygnia 4IR: I personally like tech shares and I think these will do well. Personally, I'd buy more than your 2% in tech - maybe 5-10%. 7. Satrix Quality: I love this ETF. The companies in this portfolio are fantastic with amazing fundamentals. The dividends from this ETF are also extremely attractive. 8. Satrix Fini: This sector is already very well represented in the top 40. Just more exposure to the same thing. NB: Your current exposure to the local Top 40 is 68% of your portfolio (26.14% Indi + 20.32% T40 + 12.03% RAFI + 9.07% Fini, which all have the same companies, especially Naspers, which is more than 20% in your case) This is the whole point - you think you're diversifying, but you're not! If it were up to me, and you asked me to re-balance your portfolio using your selection of ETFs, I'd sell INDI, RAFI, FINI, S&P500, Japan, EuroStox, and combine a whole lot of your ETFs to buy: 60 % Core Shares (Local and Global): STX40 - 20% STXQUA - 10% SYGWD - 20% GLODIV - 10% 20% Property (Local and Global): PTXTEN - 10% GLPROP - 10% 10% High-risk but high potential tech shares: STXNDQ and/or SYG4IR - 10% 10% bonds (If your proposed investment period is less than 10 years) or better still, buy 10% in emerging markets (STXEMG) instead. ASHWGB - 10% (Alternatively, rather than bonds, I'd use this 10% to buy emerging markets in the form of STXEMG, which has exposure to China, Brics countries etc. - lots and lots of long term potential).
  3. SaurusDNA

    Discovery Bank Account

    Will it be listed separately or does it fall under DSY?
  4. SaurusDNA

    XBOX One vs Nintendo Switch

    My boys want to ask Santa for a gaming console for Christmas. One says they should ask for a Nintendo switch, but the other says they should ask for an XBOX one. They are currently 8 and 5 years old. Which is better and why?
  5. SaurusDNA

    Satrix Momentum ETF

    Yes, with stop losses and take profit, you can choose fixed or trailing, and set your limits as the stop losses/take profits trigger. You can also do a partial sell/buy if the trigger is hit. You can also choose between an alert or an action on a trigger. Here's the interface for a fixed stop. The trailing stop is similar, and also allows partial sales.
  6. SaurusDNA

    Satrix Momentum ETF

    I use Standard Bank Online Share Trading. It's a bit expensive but the resources and graphing software is second to none. I'm very happy with it. Some features of the R160 per month Viewpoint package: Live prices (no delay) always. Specialist graphing software with all the indicators built in (see an example screen capture below) Instant one-click buy and sell. Research, fundamental analysis and professional opinions. Live SENS news feed. And that's just the beginning!
  7. SaurusDNA

    Global ETF

    Yes, there's a problem with the website. Only the "Quick Reply" box works. If you reply to a post, it just deletes your text and only posts the original post you are replying two. It's been this way for a few weeks now, but I had no idea how to report it.
  8. SaurusDNA

    Global ETF

    STXWDM is basically ASHGEQ without the emerging markets part. So yes, I wouldn't do both. STXNDQ is sector-specific which means it has much greater risk (and of course potential reward) than your core shares. However, depending how much tolerance you have for risk, you may want to buy a slightly lower fraction of these than the core shares. I actually decided to do SYG4IR (Asian tech stocks) instead of STXNDQ because I don't want too much of my portfolio in US tech shares (many of these are already in the other ETFs that I have). But it's a toss-up between the two - I can't say that one is better than the other - it all depends if you have greater faith in American or Asian markets in the long run. Something else you may consider is a consistent high-dividend stocks ETF as well (such as GLODIV), because these are the ones that thrive in a bear market (have a look at the performance of GLODIV this year, for example - up 25% or so), and maybe even some property to be really well diversified. The global ETF part of my own portfolio is as follows: ASHGEQ: 22% GLODIV: 22% GLPROP: 22% STXEMG: 22% SYG4IR: 12%
  9. SaurusDNA

    Global ETF

    If I had to buy only one global ETF, it would be ASHGEQ. I like that it has a little more emerging market exposure than the others, which in the long term has more potential for growth, in my opinion.
  10. SaurusDNA

    Critique my ETF portfolio

    This is my ETF portfolio. I'm interested to hear any thoughts on how you might tweak it and why... SYGWD 15% STXEMG 15% STXIND 15% SYGUS 14% GLPROP 7% SYGJP 7% STXQUA 7% ASHT40 7% STXRAF 7% ASHMID 6%
  11. SaurusDNA

    Critique my ETF portfolio

    I'd definitely add some STXQUA. It's had a bit of a rough year, particularly because of TBS and AVI, but the plus side is that it's cheap at the moment. In a bearish market, high dividend stocks almost always outperform momentum stocks, and STXQUA is full of high dividend companies, so if the fears of recession come true, the STXQUA should shine. Plus, it's got SLM, TRU and CML as major components, and these three are set to skyrocket, in my opinion. I've got 11% of my ETF portfolio in STXQUA, and despite its recent slide, it's still my favourite ETF due to its amazing fundamentals. If I were you, I'd definitely go 10% STXQUA, and take that percentage from STXWDM or CTOP50 depending on how much local/offshore exposure you want. I'd keep your GLPROP, PTXTEM and STXEMG percentages exactly as is for now. These are being slaughtered at the moment, but if you're in it for the long haul, these should outperform the market average substantially. The only other change I might suggest is buying some GLODIV (take the percentage from STXWDM) to balance the global quality/value ETF (GLODIV) against your momentum ETF (STXWDM). In a bullish global market, STXWDM should excel, but if the market goes bearish, GLODIV should do much better.
  12. SaurusDNA

    Hello everyone

    Hi Kim Welcome to the forum. There are a lot of knowledgeable people on this site and I'm sure you'll have many fruitful discussions here. Mark
  13. SaurusDNA

    To REITS or not to REITS

    Question 1: Until 31 December 2017, the Coreshares PropTrax 10 ETF (PTXTEN) was (as far as I can recall) the second best performing ETF in South Africa over the 10 year period, second only to STXIND. Come 1 January 2018, within a few weeks, the ETF promptly lost 30% of its value. This means the ETF is probably the cheapest it has ever been and in the long run, I think it is probably the best buy as far as local property ETFs go at the moment. That being said, I don't see it gaining much in the short term, especially with the uncertainty over the land issue. However, long-term, I still consider it to be an excellent buy. At the moment I have 11% of my TFIA in PTXTEN and still buying my R300 of PTXTEN every month (Rand-cost averaging this ETF). Also, because it's so cheap, yields are very high at the moment making it an excellent choice for income. Question 2: I wouldn't do a specific REIT, reason being that the property recovery may take several years, and the risk of owning one company for that long becomes huge. I'd much rather buy the index, as there is no way of knowing if any one company will outperform the index or not in the long term. PTXTEN is an equal-weighted ETF holding 10% of each of the listed property Top 10 with an average annual yield of between 7% and 8% over the past 10 years. This would certainly be my choice as far as property investments go.
  14. SaurusDNA

    Stock Watch Thread

    I've changed my investments quite a bit since the beginning of the year because of the poor performance of the JSE - I've focused more on small cap since these seem to be less battered by news and market sentiment than large and mid-cap shares and more about fundamentals. So my new investment portfolio has four small cap, two mid-cap and two Top-40 stocks at equal weights: CLS Clicks CPI Capitec DCP Dis-Chem DSY Discovery ELI Ellies L4L Long 4 Life PPC PPC Cement SRE Sirius Still not doing great though. My ETFs are doing much better.
  15. SaurusDNA

    Mondi Plc and Ltd

    "plc" stands for "public listed company" which is the British equivalent of our "pty ltd" company. Mondi plc (MNP) is listed on the London stock exchange with a secondary listing in South Africa. Mondi Limited (MND) is listed on the JSE only. The two are basically identical and the dividend payout of the two is identical. However, the dividend yield of MND is slightly higher than MNP because of its marginally cheaper share price. Thus, MND is the better buy of the two. An excellent company, by the way - It's in my top 10 long term investment companies - one of those "hold for life" type companies. Excellent choice, in my opinion.
  16. SaurusDNA

    Netflix vs DSTV (Pricing)

    Netfix is so much better than DSTV, at 10% of the cost! I don't see DSTV surviving another 5 years.
  17. SaurusDNA

    Personal Expense Trimming

    I'm with SA Home Loans. Paying 10.1% at the moment. I tried ABSA and Standard Bank (my own bank) but neither were interested in giving me a home loan since my wife has her own business and is not salaried. FNB refused as well saying they only do home loans for clients. Nedbank and SA Home Loans made me an offer but SA Home loans had the better interest rate, so I went with them.
  18. SaurusDNA

    JSE Stock picks for 2018

    Yes, in fact, the worse the economy gets, the more people drink. Distell should be called a hedge fund! :-)
  19. SaurusDNA

    JSE Stock picks for 2018

    What a month - I don't think my stocks portfolio has ever been worse! I guess I should keep telling myself to keep buying because these shares are now on sale, but it takes so much strength to hold on and not panic sell, knowing that these are good stocks and will pay off in the long run!
  20. SaurusDNA

    Stock Watch Thread

    Yeah, but it costs an arm and a leg - R109 per month and roughly R135 per transaction. The fees statement each month is like reading a horror novel. That being said, they do have everything a trader/investor could ever want in terms of resources.
  21. SaurusDNA

    Stock Watch Thread

    The info is quite easy to get with Standard Bank OST. You can also choose to have the announcements for the securities on your watchlist e-mailed to you as an alert for free. I guess we have to get something back for the crazy prices they charge!
  22. SaurusDNA

    Stock Watch Thread

    Oh my goodness - I think I was looking at the wrong SENS announcement. Satrix Indi only pays out on 18 July. That's what happens when you're working at 2:00 am!
  23. SaurusDNA

    Stock Watch Thread

    Satrix Indi paid out today (9 July). :-) Which MSCI World do you have?
  24. SaurusDNA

    Dischem share price

    Yes. Dis-Chem is one of my big five. It's had a dismal year but I'm still very positive about its long term potential. I still believe it will match Clicks' past performance in the long run.
  25. SaurusDNA


    What happened to the Standard Bank Deposits on ICE 3x? Previously, when you clicked on "Deposit ZAR" it gave you an option to deposit via an FNB or a Standard Bank account. Now it only has the option of FNB, and Standard Bank is no longer an option? So now I can't do an EFT from Standard Bank any more. It's been this way for a few weeks now. Does anyone know about this problem and why it isn't being fixed?