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  1. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!!!
  2. Just blew a head gasket on my car and now have to sell some shares to pay for it... :-(
  3. You're right - it is high. It's the same TER as the low volatility, which re-balances quarterly, so it doesn't make sense, although in the video, they say the TER will be reassessed and adjusted after a year once the actual costs are known.
  4. Thanks Simon. That video was extremely instructive. Much appreciated!
  5. To me it makes sense that it re-balances only twice a year. The ETF is made up of "undervalued" shares weighted by how much they are undervalued. As they start growing and becoming less undervalued, the weighting becomes less. As soon as they reach "fair" value, they no longer qualify to be in the ETF and get kicked off. At least in an extended growth run, the six months will give the ETF the benefit of reaping the growth of that share, ratrher than kicking it off immediately as it reaches "fair value", as would be the case with frequent re-balancing. My problem with this methodology is t
  6. Oooh, the value one looks attractive! :-) How does it work though - if it's made up of undervalued shares, as soon a component share recovers to a calculated "fair" value (for want of a better word), then it gets kicked off the ETF? And how is "fair value" decided? Especially since 28% of the ETF is commodity shares, which are cyclic? It sounds really good, but I'm struggling to get around the technicalities.
  7. For the first time ever, hodling my crypto's is starting to make me nervous. Normally, at this price, I'd by a few extra Rands worth, but this time around, I don't feel I should... :-(
  8. I think the performance of the fund is important. But remember that performance now does not mean performance in the future. Several years ago, when I had my own business, I put all my RA contributions into a Liberty RA, because they were the best then. Now I regret not diversifying. On the other hand, if you're with a fund manager like Alexander Forbes or Allen Grey or Coronation, they will spread the risk for you, so in this case, adding more to your existing RA is fine. I'd rather pay 1% for a fund manager rather than drop to 0.7% for a single SP exposure.
  9. I agree with LentilSoup - Nerina Visser gets my vote too.
  10. This is the performance since 20 December when I sold everything else and bought these four: For 2 months returns, especially considering the crash, I think it's not bad! ;-)
  11. I agree with Noobly about Long4Life and PSG for long term growth. I own L4L and very happy with it. I don't own PSG yet, but am considering it as a possible purchase for later this year now that my Capitec is gone (that fateful morning I woke up and my 18% trailing stop-loss triggered all my Capitec to sell after the Viceroy report.) I'm also thinking long term and I own four stocks at the the moment: Naspers (NPN) Dis-Chem (DCP) Long4Life (L4L) Ellies (ELI) I sold everything else and put it into these four. The stocks that I don't own at the moment that I'm watch
  12. That is true. But commodities are not buy-and-hold stocks because their price fluctuates wildly. They are cyclical and their behaviour looks like a cosine wave or an oscilloscope. Their average price over 10 years may be flat or even down. A lot of money can be made with commodities in a market like ours is at the moment, but it requires hands-on active management. Go away from your screen for a few days and you may find the price has changed by 20%. Have a look at the two graphs below. One is commodities price over 25 years, the other over 200 years. Commodities are for tradi
  13. Hard to say. Commodities bounce up and down like a rubber ball, and predictions are more like a gamble. However, if last year is anything to go by, I'd look at rhodium and paladium. (ETFRHO and SBAPD1) In fact, ETFRHO was the top ETF in South Africa last year with over 100% returns (https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-12-12/top-performing-commodity-etf-rides-wave-of-strong-auto-demand) The reason for this upswing is the change from platinum catalysts to rhodium and paladium in the auto industry, which also explains the dismal performance of platinum.
  14. I've just had a look how my ETFs fared during the market crash of the past two weeks. We have been on an extended bull run for quite some time now and this sudden volatility and crash has made me re-assess my portfolio, as I now have some evidence of what happens in down market as well as an up market. My ETF portfolio from best to worst performance: Satrix Quality SA Port (STXQUA) + 2.11 % CORESHARESTOP50 (CTOP50) - 4.05 % Satrix MSCI EMG Markets (STXEMG) - 4.12 % Ashburton Gbl 1200Eq (ASHGEQ) - 6.43 % Satrix INDI Portfolio (STXIND
  15. https://za.investing.com/equities/south-africa
  16. Have you ever seen this before? Every single stock on the top 40 is down today. Not even one exception!
  17. I do. In fact I have a large chunk of my ETF portfolio in ASHGEQ. As far as global ETFs go, I think it's the global ETF of choice. If I had to invest in only one global ETF, it would be this one. I'm 100% with you. Excellent choice in my opinion.
  18. I've attached a comparison graph to illustrate my last post This is the performance over the past month following the dismal performance of the JSE. As expected, the pure DIV fund dropped least, followed by STXQUA, which is a hybrid, and the Top40 performed the worst. This is typical of dividend fund behaviour, and it's important to have in flat and bear markets, but the obvious downside it that lags in bull markets. I feel it's important in a diversified portfolio though. So GLODIV is basically the global version of the local STXDIV.
  19. It's the global equivalent of STXDIV. I'm quite keen on the ETF because of the nature of dividend indices, and the fact that they behave differently to other indices, which is really good for diversification. Basically, in a bull market, div ETFs tends to underperform. However, in a fluctuating market, they typically outperforms the Top40, and in a bear market, its losses are less than other indices. The current JSE crash over the last two weeks is a perfect example, as the two dividend indices STXQUA and STXDIV, for example, have been hit much less than the other indices, and are actual
  20. Coreshares website confirms that the Coreshares Global Dividend Aristocrats ETF will be launched on 22 February and will also be available in TFIA: https://coreshares.co.za/products/coreshares-global-dividend/ Ticker: GLODIV
  21. I'm getting nervous of banks now, as I haven't been very lucky with them. I'm considering just buying some STXFIN instead.
  22. Well, I'm quite happy with Standard Bank Online Share Trading. They're a little bit heavy on fees, but they have all the tools, resources and frills any trader could wish for.
  23. There's already massive stop loss hunting going on. My stop loss triggered at 79000c but sold at 89500c. For a few moments, Capitec traded at 75000c but bounced back seconds later. Hence the sudden drop to 83000c.
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