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  1. The info is quite easy to get with Standard Bank OST. You can also choose to have the announcements for the securities on your watchlist e-mailed to you as an alert for free. I guess we have to get something back for the crazy prices they charge!
  2. Oh my goodness - I think I was looking at the wrong SENS announcement. Satrix Indi only pays out on 18 July. That's what happens when you're working at 2:00 am!
  3. Satrix Indi paid out today (9 July). :-) Which MSCI World do you have?
  4. Yes. Dis-Chem is one of my big five. It's had a dismal year but I'm still very positive about its long term potential. I still believe it will match Clicks' past performance in the long run.
  5. SaurusDNA


    What happened to the Standard Bank Deposits on ICE 3x? Previously, when you clicked on "Deposit ZAR" it gave you an option to deposit via an FNB or a Standard Bank account. Now it only has the option of FNB, and Standard Bank is no longer an option? So now I can't do an EFT from Standard Bank any more. It's been this way for a few weeks now. Does anyone know about this problem and why it isn't being fixed?
  6. The volumes are fairly small though - would have been great for a trade, but I'm not sure if it will maintain those levels.
  7. I read this article yesterday... https://mybroadband.co.za/news/technology/266609-i-bought-5000-steinhoff-shares-at-r4-24-i-should-have-stuck-to-tech.html I'm also in two minds about Steinhoff. I guess one should treat it like Crypto's - only buy Steinhoff with money that you're prepared to lose, and then lose it all or become very rich.
  8. I've been following the recent JSE listing of two companies in the last month of two. The first is the re-listing of Distell and the second is the new listing of Vivo energy in South Africa. The first is Vivo Energy (VVO) who will be responsible for the re-marketing and distribution of Shell fuels and lubricants in South Africa. If they succeed in bringing shell back to its former glory in South Africa, this mid-cap company could become massive. Secondly, Distell has re-listed as DGH after getting their act together and is now quite a profitable company. Any thoughts on these tw
  9. I think the thing about Naspers is that one should actually call it "TenCent" and think about it that way. They bought the rest of takealot last month and even with a fantastic acquisition like that, the Naspers share price went up just a few cents. So the question is whether or not one has faith in the future of TenCent. On the plus side, it's offshore, so a good Rand hedge. Also, most index funds are US and Europe based with vary little Asian exposure, so it's great for offshore diversification. Finally, as far as Tech goes, I trust the Chinese to keep up with the times and adapt to the
  10. The Shoprite share price story is in the news today: https://www.iol.co.za/business-report/companies/christo-wiese-dumps-r36-billion-worth-of-shares-in-shoprite-15722639
  11. Yes, it's due to Christo Wiese placing 17 million Shoprite shares at 210c a piece to create liquidity for himself. It should be temporary though and will probably return to normal once the cheap shares are all sold.
  12. Overall, Long4Life was the best stock pick by far. And it's the one I think we all have in common!
  13. Oh, I did comparative graphs rather than percentage graphs (against DCP and L4L respectively). Anyway, at least they show how they did against each other!
  14. And our Community Stock Picks: For the Community Stock picks, L4L is the clear leader at +20.8% with Steinhoff as the obvious loser at -73%
  15. I'll volunteer! :-) Mondi and Shoprite take the cake with +12.3% and +11.8% respectively. Curro totally bombed at -33.7% and Tongaat-Hullett next with -29.2%. Summary:
  16. I've had my eye on Old Mutual, and I bought a fair amount last week. The 1 year chart shown below looks quite promising for long term growth and the current price is right on the support line so it might be good for trading too:
  17. Oh, I get what you are asking: The tax free investment is different to a retirement annuity. In an annuity, you buy the product now and claim the tax now. When you draw the money during retirement, you then pay tax. Tax free investment accounts are the opposite. You buy the EFTs now, but you can't claim the money you spend on them back on your tax return now. But 20 years from now, when they are producing several thousand Rands of dividends per month, you can draw those dividends tax free. Also, if one of the ETFs in those accounts escalate exponentially and becomes worth billio
  18. You need to first enable your tax-free account inside the Online Share Trading account (at no extra cost). Inside your Online Share trading account, go to: Instruments > TFIA Enabled Instruments Then at the top of the screen you will see this: This will give you a tax free "area" within your online share trading account and anything you do inside that area will be tax free, subject to the annual limits. In other words, all dividends paid are tax free, all capital gains are tax free, you can sell and buy inside the "area" as you wish without losing benefits. In other word
  19. You might also want to have a look at the ETFSA global basket: http://www.etfsa.co.za/Factsheets/taxfree/ETFIA-Factsheet%20International-Mar18.pdf Their ideal split for a global portfolio is: STXWDM: 30% STXEMG: 30% GLODIV: 20% GLPROP: 20% I personally also prefer income to growth so my personal current global portfolio has 33% GLODIV. I do believe as far as income goes it will outperform other global ETFs. I agree with Bandit that ASHGEQ is all about growth rather than income. For long term income, GLODIV is almost certainly better.
  20. The following discussion is for a TFIA ETF portfolio that I expect to grow for the next 20 years at least. I'm finding it very difficult to decide what percentage of my ETF TFIA portfolio to put in global ETFs and what percentage in local ETFs. Most people I ask immediately say 50/50, because whichever way the Rand goes, you're covered. However, this is not the case, as much of our "local" companies derive much of their profit from offshore branches. Thus, a 50/50 portfolio is heavily weighted in offshore exposure. ETFSA suggests that 30% of one's exposure should be offshore bu
  21. Hahaha... Yes, I don't know what's going on with standard bank lately. They haven't even added NFEVAL and NFEVOL to their TFIA purchase list yet three weeks later (you can trade them on OST, but you can't buy them on their main site yet).
  22. Mine's down 4.36%. The plus side is that I'm not planning to sell any time soon, so I consider this a plus in the long run as I can buy cheaply now. I'm trying to buy as much as I can while the price is rock bottom.
  23. That is so true, not only because of the risk, but also because a "prepared to lose it" attitude is required before one is psychologically capable of hodling forever. I knew when I put in my money that it might disappear, so I've not sold my cryptos despite the crash. I've simply left everything where it is and deleted the investment from my spreadsheet as if it never existed. If it never recovers, so be it. If it does, I'm in for a lovely bonus. I guess it is, and always has been, gambling. That being said, whether you're prepared to lose it or not, it still hurts.
  24. My biggest critique is that you're only looking at developed markets and not emerging markets, which have been outperforming developed market for years in terms of growth. I'd want to add at least 15% emerging markets on the offshore mix. So maybe: GLPROP about 15% NFEMOM about 35% (Although I personally prefer CTOP50) SYGWD about 35% STXEMG 15% (May boost your offshore growth a little) Otherwise, it's a good mix!
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